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Rose parked in YY … Got this pretty angel at Unique Finds Antiques and Vintage store …

… open TODAY and every day!

Until 7 p.m.

Unique Finds Antiques and Vintage gift shop – 1329 Main St. – Worcester!


If you’re looking for anything critter-centered and want to HELP WORCESTER’S HOMELESS DOGS AND CATS, buy your NEW collars, leads, tags, cards, toys, refrigerator magnets, calendars at the WORCESTER ANIMAL RESCUE LEAGUE, Holden Street, Worcester!

They’re open 7 days a week!

Call them at (508) 853-0030 for more info!

Visit their website, where you can see pups and kitties up for adoption: worcester-arl.org

Just a sampling of what you’ll find at WARL!

Beautiful city cat#1

Beautiful city cat #2

Go, beautiful Worcester, go!!!


Unique Father’s Day gifts for Pops at Unique Finds antiques and vintage gifts shop …

1329 Main St., Webster Square area, Worcester.

Open 7 days a week, until 8 pm, except Sundays (’til 6 pm).

Only 10 bucks for the picnic basket – pelican not included! … and I betcha lots of dads have the iconic Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols ! (or you can just buy the frame and spray paint it gaudy gold!)

Text/pics – R.T.






New goodies just in! At Unique Finds antiques and vintage gift shop …

… 1329 Main St., Worcester ( Webster Square). I stopped by the shop yesterday to do a little exploring and took these pics. I love this place! Check out the Liz Taylor candy advert! I am such a LIZ TAYLOR groupie! GIANT! Gigantic! Anyways … Unique Finds is open tonight, and every night, until 8 p.m. (they close at 6 pm, on Sundays)

Truly UNIQUE finds!   – R. Tirella



















Oops! Forgot to add vintage vinyl …

… to the list of cool Mother’s Day gifts at Unique Finds antiques and vintage gift shop, 1329 Main St., Worcester. Soap, soap dishes, hand lotion, etc – the usual boring crap given to mom. Why not an electric guitar? Unique Finds has several – one in red. If I were a mom, this is the gift I’d want my family to plunk into my lap this Sunday. Why turn mothers and older women into cliches? (P.S. This Chicago album, one of my faves, is mine! Along with the beautiful Billie Holiday print I’ll hang tonight!)   – R.T.


New treasures at Unique Finds, 1329 Main St., Worcester!

I popped into this Webster Square antique and vintage goodies shop this afternoon and took these pics! Great prices!! Great people!!! Open 7 days a week. Open until 8 p.m., Monday thru Saturday.

These items for sale! I want an electric guitar so I can howl at the moon with Jett (below and NOT FOR SALE cuz he’s PRICELESS)!

– R.T.