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Elizabeth Warren at The Broadway in Green Island this afternoon! HOORAY! Tomorrow please vote for Elizabeth Warren, US Senate (MA)

By Rosalie Tirella

Elizabeth Warren

Hooray! Elizabeth Warren, US Senate hopeful, comes to Green Island this afternoon! This daughter of a janitor knows what it’s like to grow up blue collar! Cool to see her in blue collar environs … .

Please VOTE FOR WARREN tomorrow because she has the balls to take on all the big banks and financial institutions that screwed the taxpayers and created the Great Recession. We gave them billions of dollars via the bailout, and they have still not been made accountable! They can pull the same crap – create another Great Recession.


Because when Elizabeth Warren, as the president’s top consumer advocate, came up with the new national laws to protect the little guy and middle class, the Republicans in Congress BLOCKED ALL THE INITIATIVES. Put the kibosh on policies that would have helped most Americans.


Because the Republicans are beholden to all these institutions. Why?  Because these institutions finance their campaigns, give them billions of dollars. The Republicans are bought and paid for by these behemoths.  So of course, they will do their bidding.

Warren is a woman, which makes it tough. Scott Brown, an unimpressive former Franklin County selectman, does not have her brain power, passion and guts. But he is a guy. Instant validation! If you are a grrrl with ideas, you are judged by your smile, your tone of voice, your butt … everything but your brain power and ability to get the job done beautifully.

Massachusetts needs more women in public office. Very tough climate for the gals – even as one as qualified as Elizabeth Warren.

She is for equal pay for equal work (Scott Brown is not), she is pro-choice, she will help nominate Supreme Court Justices who will keep Roe v Wade the law of the land. She is for working families, small biz folks, and the environment.

Brown voted against all of the above.

To learn more about Elizabeth Warren, please visit her website. Click on the link below: