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Political rallies!

TOMORROW, Saturday, Nov. 1

HRC President Chad Griffin Joins Shaheen, Hassan & Shea-Porter in New Hampshire to Mobilize LGBT and Ally Voters

Approaching a critical election, Chad Griffin, President of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) civil rights organization, will participate in high-profile events with New Hampshire U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Governor Maggie Hassan, Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter, and other elected officials tomorrow, Saturday, November 1, as part of an ongoing effort to fire up LGBT voters and their allies in the Granite State.

When:  Saturday, November 1, at 12:15 PM

Who:    HRC President Chad Griffin

U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen

What:   Canvass Kick-off with Senator Shaheen

Where: 125 Brewery Lane, Portsmouth, NH

Joined by Governor Hassan, Congresswoman Shea-Porter, and other officials, Griffin will also join one of the ongoing HRC phone banks in the state to get out the vote for Senator Shaheen, Governor Hassan, and Congresswoman Shea-Porter.  Griffin and local volunteers will call HRC members across the state to emphasize what’s at stake for LGBT equality in this election.

When:  Saturday, November 1, at 3:30 PM

Who:    HRC President Chad Griffin

Governor Maggie Hassan

Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter

What:   Phone bank to get out the vote for LGBT equality

Where: 228 Maple Street 4th Floor, Manchester NH

Vote Ed Markey, US Senator, June 25!

We likey Markey!

The guy is so fantastic on ALL environmental issues! Reason enough to vote for him on special election day – Tuesday, JUNE 25.

But he’s great on women’s issues, too. And working families. And the minimum wage. And gun control.

He’ll be great for Massachusetts and the country!

To learn more about Markey, please check out his website,  http://www.edmarkey.com/.   Thanks!  – R. Tirella

Elizabeth Warren at The Broadway in Green Island this afternoon! HOORAY! Tomorrow please vote for Elizabeth Warren, US Senate (MA)

By Rosalie Tirella

Elizabeth Warren

Hooray! Elizabeth Warren, US Senate hopeful, comes to Green Island this afternoon! This daughter of a janitor knows what it’s like to grow up blue collar! Cool to see her in blue collar environs … .

Please VOTE FOR WARREN tomorrow because she has the balls to take on all the big banks and financial institutions that screwed the taxpayers and created the Great Recession. We gave them billions of dollars via the bailout, and they have still not been made accountable! They can pull the same crap – create another Great Recession.


Because when Elizabeth Warren, as the president’s top consumer advocate, came up with the new national laws to protect the little guy and middle class, the Republicans in Congress BLOCKED ALL THE INITIATIVES. Put the kibosh on policies that would have helped most Americans.


Because the Republicans are beholden to all these institutions. Why?  Because these institutions finance their campaigns, give them billions of dollars. The Republicans are bought and paid for by these behemoths.  So of course, they will do their bidding.

Warren is a woman, which makes it tough. Scott Brown, an unimpressive former Franklin County selectman, does not have her brain power, passion and guts. But he is a guy. Instant validation! If you are a grrrl with ideas, you are judged by your smile, your tone of voice, your butt … everything but your brain power and ability to get the job done beautifully.

Massachusetts needs more women in public office. Very tough climate for the gals – even as one as qualified as Elizabeth Warren.

She is for equal pay for equal work (Scott Brown is not), she is pro-choice, she will help nominate Supreme Court Justices who will keep Roe v Wade the law of the land. She is for working families, small biz folks, and the environment.

Brown voted against all of the above.

To learn more about Elizabeth Warren, please visit her website. Click on the link below:





Scott Brown – no “Mr. Smith” Goes to Washington! More like: American Idol comes to Massachusetts

By Rosalie Tirella

Scott Brown, our new US senator, is being touted by some as a Capra-esque figure. That he, like Jimmy Stewart, in Frank Capra’s classic movie “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” is some naive, small-town bumpkin with sky-high ideals and an undying love for the little guy/gal. Someone who, like Jimmy Stewart, will go down fighting for the common man.

Bull shit.

I’ve listened to and watched Scott Brown. He is no innocent idealist – he is a wily politician who has played this great state for a sucker. He has turned my beloved state into a stage for him to play out his twisted political version of “American Idol” – starring Mass politicians. Starring Scott Brown! After all, only one contestant – I mean politician – can win! Only (Brown) can pull at the voters’ heart strings! Only one can just pour his soul out to the voters – who love him, love him, love him! Only Scott Brown can sing voters a loud, sappy version of “This Land is Your Land.”

But Woody Gutherie, upon hearing Brown desecrate his holy lyrics, would have driven a pitch fork through his phony heart Continue reading Scott Brown – no “Mr. Smith” Goes to Washington! More like: American Idol comes to Massachusetts