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Please vote for Ed Markey tomorrow!

I remember the BP spill – how thousands upon thousands of animal and fish suffered horrific deaths, how thousands of fishermen’s businesses and jobs were lost …. . I also remember Ed Markey, a congressman from Massachusetts, ripping into BP, willing to go toe to toe with these lying billionaires. He demanded the ‘oilcam’ be set up so people could monitor the millions of gallons of oil gushing into the ocean. That undersea camera, on 24/7, powerfully conveyed the deadly havoc humankind can wreak on the environment, all in the name of the all-mighty buck.

I was totally impressed with Markey and the way he dealt with BP. He wanted them to be fully responsible for the aquatic hell they unleashed. Tomorrow I will remember Markey’s stand for the environment when I go into the voting booth. I will vote for Ed Markey, who is also all too aware of the perils of global warming and the brash stupidity of the Keystone pipeline. America’s future, the world’s future, is inexorably tied to the health of our oceans, air, land and beautiful fauna and flora. Ed Markey gets this.

To learn more about Markey, and where he stands on other issues such as jobs, please visit his informational website www.edmarkey.com


He will make a great US senator. It is important to have another foward-leaning environmentalist in the senate.

Thank you!

Rosalie Tirella
InCity Times

Senator Scott Brown’s invite-only “jobs tour” can’t hide his anti-jobs voting record!

By Jason A Stephany

Since he took office February 4, 2010, US Senator Scott Brown has yet to host a public town hall or open forum. His schedule has included more than 250 stops for ribbon cuttings, groundbreaking ceremonies and photo opportunities – even a slew of book signings to market his autobiography. But Brown has yet to offer a single opportunity for Massachusetts taxpayers to gather in an open, public setting and ask questions of their senator.

So when aides to Brown announced he would tour the state to share his agenda and interact with constituents on job creation and economic development issues, it made headlines. After 18 months of private, scripted events, the commonwealth’s junior senator was finally coming out of his shell to discuss important issues at the forefront of everyone’s mind – or so we thought.

What Brown’s PR team actually meant was the senator would embark on yet another string of seemingly invitation-only private events, shaking hands with wealthy supporters and posing for photographs. Local residents hoping to discuss key issues with Brown were turned away by security at his first three “jobs tour” stops, after being told the events were closed to the public. Even reporters were barred from the actual tour portion of the day Friday, with staff citing “liability concerns.” Brown’s staff has refused to reveal key details about upcoming tour stops, and his spokesmen offered no comment when asked how constituents would be informed of future visits.

As it turns out, the statewide “jobs tour” isn’t really open to Brown’s constituents at all – not without a special invitation, at least. The events have been carefully scripted to allow Scott Brown to avoid serious questions on jobs, unemployment and the economy – whether from the media or the people who elected him. But why? What is Brown hiding from?

Perhaps Brown doesn’t want his constituents to know he voted eight times to end unemployment benefits for tens of thousands of Bay State residents who lost their jobs. Maybe he’s ashamed of his vote to give tax breaks to corporations that ship American jobs overseas, or his vote to cut more than 7,000 jobs for youth across the commonwealth. He might be wary of his support for budget plans that would cost us 17,000 new jobs and slash critical job training for 27,000 additional workers. It’s entirely possible Brown doesn’t want constituents to know he tried to filibuster his own bill to help Massachusetts small businesses create jobs in our growing tech sector.

With so many regrettable votes on the table, only Brown knows why he’s avoiding a true public conversation on jobs and the economy. But one thing is certain: Scott Brown has voted against the interests of Bay State workers time and time again, and this latest publicity stunt can’t hide his lengthy anti-jobs record from the people of Massachusetts.

Let’s go Dems! Let’s find a strong candidate who can whup Scott Brown’s butt!

By Rosalie Tirella

The big wig national Dems are getting nervous – they want MA dems to get serious and find someone – and seriously back someone – who can actually BEAT Scott Brown. They feel (and I do, too) that the mayor of Newton just ain’t gonna cut it.

They (and I) want a serious contender – someone like Governor Deval Patrick, let’s say. Someone who can match Brown’s campaign war chest of $8 million. Someone who can show voters that Brown has no real core values – Brown will say and vote whichever way he needs to in order to keep his Senate seat. Massachusetts and the country need a US Senator with more moral and intellectual heft than the guy who is presently parking his arse in cushy chairs all over washington D.C.

I still see “Senator” Brown as an opportunistic guy who posed nude for Cosmo and got on the national TV news show 60 Minutes simply because his new book contained salacious stuff (he had been sexually molested at a Cape Cod summer camp as a kid). He thinks 60 minutes and a flip flop on his Medicare stance are gonna keep him in office.

We don’t think so. We certainly hope not.

I wish Ted Kennedy’s widow, Vickie, would run for her late husband’s seat. Or even Joe Kennedy. We need someone with the moral courage of the late great Teddy. He was such a beacon of compassion when it came to this country’s poor or kids or seniors or immigrants or working class/middle class. He was always right about the environment, too. I miss that feeling: that feeling of knowing my senator would always vote his conscience – do the right thing every time.

Even though Teddy served for deades, Scott Brown is the real “politician,” in the word’s most cynical sense.

Scott Brown – no “Mr. Smith” Goes to Washington! More like: American Idol comes to Massachusetts

By Rosalie Tirella

Scott Brown, our new US senator, is being touted by some as a Capra-esque figure. That he, like Jimmy Stewart, in Frank Capra’s classic movie “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” is some naive, small-town bumpkin with sky-high ideals and an undying love for the little guy/gal. Someone who, like Jimmy Stewart, will go down fighting for the common man.

Bull shit.

I’ve listened to and watched Scott Brown. He is no innocent idealist – he is a wily politician who has played this great state for a sucker. He has turned my beloved state into a stage for him to play out his twisted political version of “American Idol” – starring Mass politicians. Starring Scott Brown! After all, only one contestant – I mean politician – can win! Only (Brown) can pull at the voters’ heart strings! Only one can just pour his soul out to the voters – who love him, love him, love him! Only Scott Brown can sing voters a loud, sappy version of “This Land is Your Land.”

But Woody Gutherie, upon hearing Brown desecrate his holy lyrics, would have driven a pitch fork through his phony heart Continue reading Scott Brown – no “Mr. Smith” Goes to Washington! More like: American Idol comes to Massachusetts