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Vagina Monologues auditions! This Thursday – Dec. 8


Hello beautiful people!!!

Can you believe we are just a few days away from our first meeting?

The response has been positive and vibrant, and we’re expecting a good amount of folks.

V-Day Requirements …

We felt it is important to let everyone know that Vagina Monologue production has very specific guidelines that we have to follow in order to be able to perform it royalty-free.

A particularly strict guideline is that the performers are required to have a female identity.

Eve Ensler created the monologues with the sole purpose of bringing to light interpersonal and systemic violence against women and girls.

There is lots of support needed from folks of all genders in production and development, but for this production only the performers must identify with being female.

This conversation does not end here, however. We know males are survivors, and we know males are also phenomenal allies and bystanders. Therefore, Kim Dawkins and I are working on a future event for the male experience. So please know that folks who identify as male will have an opportunity to perform. We promise! As a multicultural organization, we feel strongly about this. However, for the Vagina Monologues we must keep true to the mission and vision of Eve Ensler.

The audition…

We ask that you have a 2 to 3 minutes of something prepared, but please do not do a monologue. Do anything but a monologue. We want to hear your voice (English, ASL, Spanish, German, whatever language and in whatever format, singing, poetry, slam poetry, prose, etc.). The purpose is not to screen folks out; rather we want to experience your voice as a performer, so that the directors can meaningfully assign monologues.

Audition times…

When folks arrive on Thursday we will have a sign-up sheet for the auditions which will begin around 6 pm.

Once again I will try and convince folks to not be nervous about the auditions… this is just to help us assign a monologue, not to vote you off the island.

The Spotlight…

Every year Ensler does a “spotlight” in that it’s a particular type of violence the campaign will highlight. Below is info about this year’s spotlight:

The 2017 Spotlight: In 2017 we are shining the Spotlight on Violence Against Women In the Workplace.

Violence against women at work takes place every day, in every country, across socio-economic levels – from laborers to company executives, to waitresses and teachers, at-home mothers, nurses, farmworkers, factory workers, actors, and domestic workers. The additional layer of exploitation is that, in many cases, women facing workplace violence are vulnerable and impeded from speaking out or seeking justice for fear of losing their job. All of this is happening in the context of a global economic reality where it is increasingly difficult for women to even earn a livable wage.

This year, we are honoring the sacred and valuable work of women around the world, in all its forms, by demanding safe, violence-free workplaces. The money raised by the 2017 Spotlight Campaign will provide support to groups working to eradicate sexual and gender violence in places of work.

This is particularly meaningful we think and we’ll be thinking about how to work this theme into the production.

If you would like to learn more about VDAY and the Spotlight campaign, please visit…

To learn more about the VDAY: http://www.vday.org/organize-event.html#.WEW_H7IrKCg

To learn more about 2017’s VDAY spotlight: http://www.vday.org/spotlight2017.html#.WEW_YbIrKCg

If you haven’t rsvp’d yet, there is still time!

Very much I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at 588 Main St, Worcester 01608, on Thursday!

Until the violence stops!


Heidi Sue,

Heidi Sue LeBoeuf, LCSW
Counseling & Advocacy Director
My Pronouns: She, Her, They, Their