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Preservation Worcester’s Holiday Stroll!

Start the holiday season off “on the right foot” by partaking in Preservation Worcester’s Holiday Stroll!

The Stroll is a seasonal favorite for those who enjoy fine architecture, who relish the opportunity to enter some of Worcester’s architectural gems and who are enthusiastic to experience grand homes decorated for the season.

Whether you are looking for ideas for your own home or are interested in having the rare opportunity to view exceptional design and architecture, we know that our Stroll will provide a wonderful kick-off to a busy holiday season!

The Holiday Stroll will be held on Sunday, December 7, from noon to 5 PM in the Hammond Heights National Register District Neighborhood.

Hammond Heights is a handsome, well-preserved, suburban neighborhood established about 1890 covering three blocks of a hillside site between Highland Street and Institute Road. Prior to 1890, the area was part of the John Hammond Farm.  The area’s architecture offers a range of styles and house types which were popular in the middle and upper-middle-class suburbanization of Worcester’s west side at the turn of the century.  Most of the homes are architect designed.

Tour goers will be able to walk from home to home.  Roving carolers will add to the festivities.  A small gift shop will be set up in one of the homes.  We will be auctioning wreathes decorated by local celebrities.

The Stroll, together with a fundraiser Holiday Reception scheduled to follow the event in another historic home, will benefit the work of Presentation Worcester.

For advance reservations, checks made payable to Preservation Worcester can be mailed to Preservation Worcester at 10 Cedar Street, Worcester, MA 01609 or reservations can be made via phone charged to Visa, MasterCard or American Express by calling PW at 508-754-8760 or though our website at www.preservationworcester.org.

Tickets for the day of the event will be available at Preservation Worcester at 10 Cedar Street for the Stroll only as the Party requires advance reservations.

In summary, Preservation Worcester Holiday Stroll will be held on December 7, 2014 from noon to 5PM, with optional Holiday Reception (at an additional expense) at an additional home from 5-7 PM.

Advance reservations for the Holiday Stroll – $28

Advance reservations for the Holiday Stroll – PW Members – $25

Day of the event Holiday Stroll tickets – $30

Holiday Reception – $40 – reservations required

Reserve early and at the latest by December 3 at 5PM for tour discount and/or party.


Preservation Worcester is a private, not-for-profit membership organization dedicated to the preservation of the buildings and sites that represent the culture, history and architecture of Worcester.  The organization, comprised of concerned citizens, believes that promoting the cause of preservation and good urban design will encourage community pride in our cultural and architectural heritage as well as continued use of Worcester’s valuable resources.  Preservation Worcester works with neighborhood groups, developers, city departments, schools and state and local historical commissions to support revitalization of unique and irreplaceable buildings and their neighborhoods.

Sept. 20 please vote for Virginia Ryan, District 1 City Council candidate

InCity Times candidate endorsement – Virginia W. Ryan – District 1
By Rosalie Tirella

InCity Times asks the voters of Worcester to
make their voices heard and get out
and vote September 20! These trying
times require bright, honest and com-mitted
commuity leaders For this pre-liminary
election, voters must narrow
the City Council at Large, District 1
and District 3 fields.

We are asking that you vote for:

District 1: Virginia W. Ryan

The readers of this column know
how pointless I believe incumbant
Joffrey Smith is – from his half heart-ed
attempt at serving his constituents
to his half-assed movie career as an
extra to his half-finished house in the
West Side. Yeah, it was once cool that
he was young and running for office
several election cycles ago, but now
Smith is not so young and has proved
himself to be just like every other
entrenched incumbent: doesn’t return
phone calls, doesn’t act on constitutent
requests, has no real ideas/passions
about anything and (as proven in last
election cycle) wanted to use his city
council seat as a catapault for new,
higher office Well, Smith ran for state
rep a few years ago and lost big time
He took a drubbing – finished way way
behind the two front runners. Which
means: Smith is most likely stuck in
his Worcester City Council District 1
seat and District 1 is stuck with this
totally lackluster character who thinks
because he is cute you should give him
your vote.

Don’t! He’s a cypher!

But at least he’s not a criminal the
way Tony J Economou is – the next
person running for District 1.

Economou, a real estate agent ILLEGALLY
tried to scare poor folks
out of their homes after they had been foreclosed
upon. Why? To get them out ASAP and turn around and sell the propeerty – to make a killing in the real
estate market.

What’s especially sleazy about Economou is when the bank fore-closed
on the home, Economou took it
upon himself to make out fake legal looking
documents and taping them to the
people’s homes – giving them a few
weeks to move out or else.

This is totally illegal! People do not
have to move out immediately when
the bank forecloses! They can spend
months in their home as their case
makes its way through the legal system.

If Tony Economou had had his (illegal) way,
these folkswould be living at the PIP homeless shelter – and
he would be stuffing his pockets with cash – thousands of dollars!

When InCity Times called him on
this and published a story, Economou
bull shitted – told the public that it wasn’t him making
notices – it was Freddie
mac/Fanny Mae, to which these non-profits
said NO WAY, we neverd o
that, we never gave Tony Economou
such forms to paste on doors.

What a lying low-life, Economou is. No upstanding businessman from the community – no matter how hard he tries to pretend. This guy is simply greedy and will do anything for a buck – even if it is lying and breaking the law.

Do the people of Worcester’s District 1 really want a low-life
llike Tony Economou representing

D oes Worcester want this guy to voice the concerns of the people?


Which brings us to the person we want you to vote for: VIRGINA RYAN

Yeas ago, when I was a student at
Burncoat Senior High School, Virginia
Ryan was a biology teacher there. She
was tough and no-nonsense – and I
was a little afraid of her. The 15-year-old me was glad when I learned I got the sweet and brillliant
Mr. LaBelle as my 10th grade biology
teacher, But my good pal Paula T. had Miss Ryan
– and liked her.

The years have gone by and we (meaning I – Rosalie)
have toughened up. We have
learned to look beyound a person’s
exterior to find, in Miss Ryan’s case at
least, a very good, hardworking,
straigh-shooting person. And we like Ryan’s platform.

This is what District 1 and the Worcester
City Council needs: someone
(Virigina Ryan) who is going to fight
for home owners (Ryan’s for the lowest residential taxr ate), our schools (she was a WPSchool teacher for years and years, our students (she was committed to all her kids learning!). Plus she was a biology teacher – so she will/and has done her homework on the Asian Long-horned beetle and Worcester’s trees.

District 1, if you folks
elect Virginia Ryan, will be getting a person
with a ton of energy! I know she is
retired and I know that retirees’ contributions
and their premiums via City of Worcester was what put Ryan in the limelight, but she has many more interests/goals.

Ryan cares about being fair – and she
is not afraid to speak her mind. She has a ton of energy – has
been going door to door meeting a ton
of District 1 voters!

This is a good

But why do I like Virginia Ryan? It’s the personal stuff – the small stuff. The kind feelings she has shown me through her letters and even actions these last three years. For instance, over
these past few years Ryan has sent me leeters to the
editor. They have not been about her or the retirees of the City of Worcester. They have been about kids and poor
folks. For instance, one letter she wrote
us detailed how for years and years she
took the Worcester Public Schools students
to all kinds of cities and countries
via the Burncoats/WPS field-trip system.
And I remembered Miss Ryan did do that – every
year taking a bus -oad of Burncoat students
to Washington DC to learn about our Capitol and our government. She did this every year!
Would I, as a sanity-loving adult,
want to do the same? Take a bunch of teenagers to DC? Heck no! Well, Miss Ryan beleived in kids,
in history, in our nation’s history and DID IT!
Put it all together with her yearly
field trips to Washington. She did this for
years. The letters she wrote to me
talked of keeping the field trip system
alive and well in our public schools. Ryan knew that going
to DC or Canada or maybe even France was a
cool thing for kids – was yet another way for
students to learn. Learn other stuff
than what she was teaching them in bio

Finally, one of Virginia
Ryan’s last letters to the editor to me detailed this incident: Virginia was shopping at Wal Mart in
West Boylston – it was wintertime and
she was appalled, just appalled, that the
cashiers of Wal Mart had no real barriier
between their cashier stations and the cold/cold wind
– that is the cashiers were working
right in front of the automatic exit
door. She wrote the wind was cold and was
whipping in every time a customer paid the cashier and walked out of Wal Mart. And they didn’t even
have coats on! What a crumby way to
work for five or so hours! Where,
Virginia Ryan wanted to know, was
the barrier that protected these workers
from the elements? Why didn’t
Wal Mart errect some kind of partition?
Do the right thing? I think she even
complained to Wal Mart.

This impressed me the most! This made me
think: Virgina Ryan is sensitive and moral – she cares about
folks most people don’t think twice

So, based on my adult dealings
with Virgina Ryan, I say she is a biologist,
a champion of kids and public school education. She is someone who will always do
the right thing!

She is not a politician like Smith and, God forbid, the creep-meister Tony Ecomou – kicking folks like the Wal Mart cashiers Ryan defended out of their homes!

Please! No sleaze ball Tony Economou for District 1.

Vote for Virgina Ryan – District 1 City Councilor

The Toombs of 132 Institute Road hear the truth

By Rosalie Tirella

Finally! The Truth! The awful – but liberating – truth! “J.” had had enough this past Friday night! The Toombs of 132 Institute Road, Worcester, were put in their place by J., the Toombs’ next door neighbor! He finally got so disgusted and freaked and worn down by their weird, perverted, exhibitionist behavior, that he cracked. Had a mini-meltdown – right in the middle of the West Side. This past Friday night J. let go let the Toombs know that he was sick of living next door to them – perverts – perverts who molest each other, exhibit their breasts and genatalia to him, scream “cock sucker” in the middle of their back yard – and in general sexually assault him at every turn.

Truly a night mare.

“Naked! Naked! Naked!” J. screamed at the top of his lungs to his next door neighbors. I’M sick of it! Don’t show me your boobs and cocks – you do this so I see! No more! You disgust me! You do this for me – all your other shades are drawn.

J. was right – all the other blinds and shades of the Toombs’ house are closed/drawn. When they walk around naked in their house – the family on the other side of them can’t see. The same goes for the homeowners at the back of their home. But the huge picture window facing J.’s back door and the attic window that is across from his second floor always remain open. And at night, the lights are on – bright. So they can show J. their boobs and cocks.

All for J. The poor guy.

I have written about “The Boob “- Terry – Theresa – Toombs – and how she folds laundry in her picture window at night, the lights on bright, Terry buck naked. I have written about how Billy junior, their son, was sexually inappropriate with a developmentally disabled person – and got off the hook thanks to a smarty pant lawyer. And Billy senior was put a way for two years for his sexual misdeeds.

How did this clan ever get in the West Side?

Debasing themselves – debasing J.

This is America. People can do what they want to do, and do who they want to do, in the privacy of their homes – as long as it’s between two consenting adults. But people do not have the right to exhibit themselves to their neighbors. Shove their privates into their neighborhs’ faces. DRAW THE BLINDS, you perverts.

J. has been for the past year or so, I believe, showing symptoms of someone who has been sexually abused. By outing his anger, screaming for them to stop, he took control of the situation – the Toombs’ filthy secrets and ways were outed.

For a year or so now, the Toombs have foisted their sick behavior on J. J. gets up at 1:30 in the morning to go to the bathroom. What does he see? Billy senior buck naked in the window facing him, lights on, playing with himself. J. is repulsed.

J. is outside working on his truck, he lifts his head up to change the station on his truck radio and what does he see? Terry – Theresa – Toombs – 61 years old, overweight and with a mouth as big and dirty as her bottom – folding laundry buck naked in her big picture window, all the lights on – boobs a-bouncing – the window only yards away from J.’s truck/J.

J. cannot leave his house without being visually assaulted by these sickos.

Pull the blinds down, you pigs! J. screamed at them Friday night. You perverts! I am so sick of this! Then he added: I plow the driveway [it is a shared one] – you have never lifted a shovel or put down a grain of sand or snow melt! The roof is sagging [they have to share a garage, too], you need to pay for half of the roofing job! The driveway needs repairing!

J. was livid. He was beside himself. I have never seen him so enraged. He is a little guy – but big boned and strong because of his contracting work – so he has a great diaphram. He was bellowing the truth. BELLOWING HIS DISGUST. The entire neighborhood heard him railing against what they have probably only guessed at. But now everyone on Institute Road has been warned.

And as Terry Toombs and Billy senior and their loud mouthed new “boarder” a 30-something broad who leers at J. and who is contantly taking pictures of the driveway whenever I come by, saw and heard how upset J. was this Friday, what did they do? They all smiled, even laughed – and half heartedly denied the charges. Terry said that the last time we both saw her – she was wearing a little pink sports bra and that is OK.

Why are we even tallking about your bra??!!! J. screamed.

The Toombs had accomplished their goal – pulled J. into a sick intimate world. By screaming GO AWAY, J. pushed them back, pulled himself out of the muck that is the Toombs of 132 Institute Road.

When the police came, I asked the cop: What can we do about the boobs in the window, the penis in the window?

The cop said: CALL 911

And 911 will be called.

It will take the police some time to get to 132 Institute Road, and by then the Toombs will have put their boobs and their genetalia back into their sweat pants/shirts and maybe even drawn their blinds. But at least J. will have made the phone call. He will have empowered himself – and created a log – to use in court, if necessary – of the Toombs’ perverted/exhibisionis behavior.

And how they make us all sick.

The Montvale District’s “Histrionic” tennis court (or: Sometimes I just wanna box some ears)

By Rosalie Tirella

Sometimes it’s embarassing to live in Worcester. To see so many poor kids and adults wrapped in sweatshirts in the dead of winter, getting off and on our city buses … finessing the Worcester city snirt (snow mixed with dirt) … and then to have to tune into last night’s Worcester City Council meeting to watch and listen to the snobs of our Montvale Historic District throw a hissy fit over a crumby (unused) tennis court.

To have to listen to some West Side matron practically breakdown in tears as she stood up for the downtrodden folks of the Montvale Historic District! Oh, it is not easy to live in the wealthiest, most exclusive neighborhood in Worcester! she told the city council. To live in a historic district with other professionals and upper income folks who wear lovely coats and drive BMWs and never have to worry about riding our city buses means sacrafice! A historic district takes its toll on a person! A historic district can be so constricting! 

The Montvale matron gave some examples of the chaos that threatens to destroy the very soul of the Montvale Historic District: a neighbor of hers has put flower boxes on her windows! Another neighbor had the temerity to errect a little tool shed on a hill in his yard! She can see it from her home! Mon Dieu! Cover your eyes, my fair lady! (actually quite ugly – not half as attractive as the lovely Latinas who finnese Worcester snirt.) But there was more! The Montvale matron said she too has sinned! Why just this past election season, she had the gall to stick a couple of candidate lawn signs in her yard! How garish! Continue reading The Montvale District’s “Histrionic” tennis court (or: Sometimes I just wanna box some ears)