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Letter to the Attorney General re: the demented Worcester Wonderland blogger Claude Dorman (aka Will W. W.)

editor’s note: How sick is Claude Dorman, the author of the Worcester Wonderland blog? Pretty sick. Dorman, who lives at 38 Sever St., Worcester, with his wife Kunigunde, didn’t like Steve visiting his website. So he went to the police and filed two police reports on Steve. Then he sent spread sheets, paper work galore re: Steve, trumped up charges, to Steve’s employer. Lies, lies, lies. Readers of Worcester Wonderland blog, where Dorman writes as the “anonymous” blogger Will W. W.,  PLEASE beware! You could be Dorman’s next victim! He wants to ruin people’s lives.

Here is a portion of the letter Steve sent to the attroney general’s office, re: Claude Dorman/Will W. W.. I have deleted his employer’s name and its attorney’s name, also the attorney general contact person’s name.  I have made some sentences bold. – R. Tirella 


Dear XXXX:

I received last night the response from XXXX Counsel XXXX. I am not wholly satisfied with the response. I received the following:

A letter dated January 9, 20013 from the “blogmaster” of the Worcester Wonderland website. (See M-135 attached.) I understand the blogmaster is Claude Dorman. I will presume it was his name that was redacted, and will reference him below.

Two sheets containing threats against Claude Dorman. These sheets do not contain any information linking me (such as an IP address) to these threats. (See attached M-136 and M-137.) XXX stated XXXX could not substantiate these threats.

What looks like a one page summary of five days in December 2013 (See M-138). Why this appears in a different format from the rest of the documents provided was not explained. I will state below why I believed this is a falsified document.

A thirteen page report on my access to the Worcester Wonderland website for December 2012. This does not look like a report generated from a reporting package. It looks like a spreadsheet printout. I believe it is possible Mr. Dorman downloaded this information and then falsified the spreadsheet by copying entries to other lines. (See M-139 through M-150).

Two pages of handwritten notes from an unidentified XXXX  person. (See M-151-M-152).

These documents raise a number of questions:

The complaint by Mr. Dorman dated January 9, 2013 references the report attached at M-139 through M-150. Yet if you look at M-148 through M-150 you see almost three pages of data dated after January 9, 2013. This is evidence that Mr. Dorman in fact fabricated this report, unless he has a time travel machine allowing him to go weeks ahead into the future to bring back to the past documents for his January 9, 2013 complaint.

This reports shows that much of the time I spent on this website were before the workday began, during my lunch period, or after work. This was not in violation of XXXX policy. To a large degree, this is exculpatory evidence for me, not XXXX. Additionally, most of the Internet visits were doing non-peak days of the month …

Mr. Dorman claims receiving threats from me on December 27, 2012 and December 31, 2012. (See M-136d M-137 Yet if you look at the report on pages M-139 through M-150 I was not logged on to the website at the time the alleged threats were made. The only record of my being on the system is the one page summary on Page M-138. This is the page that I have asserted Mr. Dorman fabricated.

Mr. Dorman said on M-138 that I that I had visited his website 539 occasions for a total of 248 hours, 48 minutes, and some 4 seconds. The XXX  HR person wrote the following: “In the last six months Steve has been on the website 560+ hours.” This is a lie  …

The evil “anonymous” blogger Claude Dorman who writes as Will W. W. on his toxic blog, Worcester Wonderland,  and his wife Kunigunde.

Wondershit, see you in court …

To Wondershit,

We must be getting close because you sound CRAZY!

FYI: I called my lawyer.  I publish thousands of InCity Times – I told my lawyer you were misrepresenting my business.  What you’ve written about me and my business is false – deliberately so (and malicious).

We’ll track you down … .

Hope to see you in court real soon.

– Rosalie Tirella

p.s. For the moment, at least, you won’t get too personal,  as I am scouring your entire batch of “crap” for info re: YOU

I bet you’re some pussy-whipped IT nerd, Wondershit.

This is Wondershit?

So Wondershit likes the blues …  is a musician in town? (Is that why he is tres jealous of Paulie C. and his NOLA festival?) Obviously, upper-midle class. Maybe pretentious. Maybe a laid-off-writer at some local rag? Everyone to their GPS (it takes you to DCU Center, Foster Street arts/music scene)!

Here it is … Wondershit  …. He wrote this a couple of years ago ….

R. Tirella


Dear Mr. Claus,

By Wondershit

“I’m putting together my Christmas wish list; hoping you can help me out.

“I’ve been a very good boy this year, as I have every year, and I’d like to use all those brownie points I’ve earned to wish for a couple CDs. I’ve got my heart set on these two: Yule Struttin’ and Blue Yule.


Best wishes to you and Mrs. Claus and have a nice day!

Yours truly,

William W. W.

PS. If you need directions? Let me know. Hey you gotta GPS?

Plug these in: N42°15.87378. W071°47.96424.

PPS. Mrs. Will’s Eggnog is really kick-ass this year. So ya better hurry up before its all gone!