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Let Them Eat Cake, Tony Economou?

editor’s note: Before you read our little intern’s rants: fyi, we are getting to Wonderpoop. He has be calling me, un-id phone number and all, just dead air, too chicken-shit to say a word … . Pathetic. The situation is so silly! Here is Wondershit, Mr. IT, doing everything he can to technically thwart me, and yet I, just a poor gal from Green Island, have proven to be quite the bee in his tech-savvy bonnet! It really is all about ingenuity/street smarts/tenacity … .  

Let Them Eat Cake, Tony Economou?

By ICT website intern Wonderpoop

I for one have a mistrust of politicians. More so with wannabe politicians.

How does a voter judge a candidate’s character? Character is a relative term. What is good character? What is bad character? One’s deeds are often used as the measure of a man’s character. Does one deed make a man’s character?

For the last two years Worcester voters have had to reconcile themselves with Mayor Joseph O’Brien’s lack of integrity – recanting his 2009 election promise to support residential voters [editor’s note: Wondershit is an extreme tight-wad!]. District 1 voters dealt with 6 years of Joff Smith’s lack of credibility. What’s in store for District 1 this election season?

The people of District 1 [Wondershit’s district] need ask only one question, what’s the character of Anthony J. Economou like? Let’s be clear, it’s not about returning calls or fighting the ALB or mouthing the election paroles, it’s about honesty and credibility.

It’s alleged by the Worcester Foreclosure Team that he used unethical practices in an attempt to force out people living in a foreclosed home. As middleman maybe he just misinterpreted the law. That would be a surprising coincidence from an experienced and licensed Massachusetts real estate broker, certified in all aspects of real estate transactions. Just a simple misunderstanding? Your call.

Where does Tony Economou stand on property taxes [tight-ass/wad Wondershit needs to know]? Well, he maintains he’s undecided, but that depends on who he talks to. Political office candidates allow themselves a lot of flexibility in their positions – like Mayor Joseph O’Brien for example. Regardless of whether Tony Economu is playing the voters, the fact is everything about Tony Economou implies that there is little likelihood that he has the homeowner’s interest in mind.

As a businessman, he has extensive vested interests in Worcester real estate, as manager and agent of the CEO Group LLC, as vice-president of North Worcester Business Association, president and treasurer of Donuts + More, signatory of Erdka LLC, and executor of the Economou family trust, and his affiliation with the nefarious Worcester Citizens for Business as charter member, reknown for its anti-homeowner stance – an array of personal and business relations implying, at least to me, that Tony Economou is not impartial on the question of residential property taxation.

For a district that had to deal with the antics of Joff Smith, Economou portends another bigger nightmare for the voters in District 1.

Nay, for all the homeowners of Worcester.

Let them eat cake Tony?

Wonderpoop on Kate Toomey, District 15 state rep. candidate

Again, Wonderpoop libels/loathes everyone in Worcester! From our city leaders, to our schools, our kids, our parents, our businesses, our downtown, our media – everyone!

He needs to move far, far away …

Here he is (a few years back) on City Councilor at Large Kate Toomey, who has just announced she’s running for the District 15 state representative seat.

R. T.
Blogging Fool Award – Councilor Kate Toomey

By Wonderpoop

A City Councilor who knows technology rules. Still want to stand by that statement Councilor Kate?

After weeks of searching, WWW’s editorial board finally found the perfect candidate for Wusta’s Blogging Fool Award. Not that there ain’t enough blogging fools in Wusta mind you. So garnering the unanimous vote of the editorial board, Worcester City Councilor Kate Toomey the indefatigable defender of the status quo.

This week’s inept handling of a citizen’s banal inquiry [Wonderpoop’s, perhaps?] – a meatball pitch if ever there was one – turned into a comedy of errors.

As many of you know if you’ve ever tried interacting with a councilor, the process is rather frustrating – no response to emails or telephone calls. No response to anything. If you’re lucky, the response is ambiguous. But ask yourself, why contact a City Councilor to get your neighborhood stop sign fixed or errant trash removed? What is the job of City Councilor? It’s what they say it is. So Councilor Kate finally accomplished something – she publicly fucked up. All on her own.

There’s not a whole lot to say about Toomey. Except that she pioneered the use of Facebook and Twitter as a communication tool to parry with with the electorate. Perhaps more noteworthy, in 6 years on the city council she’s hasn’t profiled herself on any single issue – always the lackey. When history looks back on her time, her legacy will read: Indistinguishable from the proverbial bump on a log.

Admittedly Toomey’s use of Facebook and Twitter to communicate with the electorate is democratic. Perhaps even laudable. Her droids – all three of em – call her a leader in the use of gizmos to communicate with the public – a quantum leap in open government! Ever read the posts? More like a quantum heap of pabulum.

And how about that Toomey website? Dead since March 2010. With so much happening in city politics she can’t put her thoughts into complex sentences? By golly she’s a teacher. Or maybe she’s smarter than we think. Knowing how dim-witted the electorate is, 140 characters is more than sufficient to get her message out. Thinking back, Councilor Rick Rushton made a couple lame attempts at connecting with the electorate on his personal website. The content though intelligible – using more than 140 characters and complex sentences – is unadulterated BS.

So, as the winner of the Blogging Fool Award, we heartily commend Worcester City Councilor Kate ”Green Eyes” Toomey for being a true detriment to the principles of democratic government.

… I say, what’s so privileged about asking a Councilor to get a sidewalk fixed? Folks want to know if they follow through. What they’re thinking. That’s not a whole lot to expect from them?

If Toomey’s recent interaction is indicative of the quality of response from one Councilor, imagine what the other 10 are like?

The WPD’s war on the T & G

editor’s note: What with WPD declaring a kind of (silly) war on the T & G, we decided to dig into our archives to bring you a piece by ICT website intern Wonderpoop, re: WPD’s earlier “boycottt” of the daily. – R.T.

The WPD’s war  on the T & G

By ICT website intern Wonderpoop

Just what we need before the stupid elections, chaos in the government. Well, at least more than the usual.

What the heck does Chief Gemme think he’s doing?

What the heck should the City Manager do with a rogue cop?

And what the heck are we to think when the Chief of Police publically declares war on the local newspaper? The venerable Telegram & Gazette.

Ain’t anything sacred?

It’s presumptuous for Gemme to think that a government organ is untouchable in a democratic society. For Gemme to publically retaliate by stating he will refuse to deal with the local press because it feels unjustifiably attacked is incongruent with a democratic society’s principles.

I would have hoped that the officers in command positions at the WPD, including the Chief, thoroughly read and understood their political science and public policies textbooks while “attending college” to fulfill the requirements of the Quinn Bill. It seems they didn’t, since they ignore the fact that a free press is one of the checks and balances of a democratic society.

For good or for worse the T&G is necessary, because someone has to keep an eye on the police and their union and the councilors. The T&G’s job is to raise awareness of issues for the public to ponder. What you do with that info is your concern. But don’t expect any help from the Council when things do get out of hand, as they have. The bottom line is that the Chief of Police and City Council have lost site of the fact that they are beholden to the public, not to the unionized few.

But hey, we all know that right? So I suppose if we give Gemme the $5 million and make the T&G publically apologize, maybe a public flogging of Sutner on the Common (draw and quartering is too messy and heck who’d wanna clean up that mess?), he’ll go back to his bunker; having fulfilled his obligation to his 450 loyal rabid unionists.

So let’s give them what they want. Why not? Heck the City Council threw away $2.5 million for some stupid water sprayers for Main South. The money is better spent satiating a hoard of heavily armed potential insurrectionists. Last I read, they have 73 M-14 and M-16’s, 500+ hand guns, a WWII era Sherman Tank (the Chief’s brother has been working on it in his spare time – off the clock of course), and a SWAT team really itching to kick some serious butt. All in all enough toys and manpower I’d say to overthrow a city, say the size, of Wusta?

I say we give them the 5 mill folks and call it a win-win. Consider it an early Christmas present to the WPD from the people of Wusta.

Ya think there’s a lesson to be learned?

Well, only in Worcester can something like this happen.

And, we get what we deserve.


Is Wonderpoop kidding us? Is he deceiving ICT web readers? This A-1 libel-er cannot be trusted! So before you read his next piece, rest assured: because Wonderpoop is so darned unprofessional, we are demoting him to ICT website INTERN. After all, he is working for us for FREE!



By ICT website intern Wonderpoop

I’ve been called many thing in my life, but never White Trash. Until recently that is.

While shopping at Santiago’s Market I inadvertently bumped into a fat black woman with my shopping cart. Although I apologized profusely she obviously wasn’t impressed with my sincerity and felt a severe tongue lashing was in order. For the record, I do have impeccable manners.

White trash huh? Maybe it had to do with my appearance – camos, black t-shirt, a three day growth, and smelling like motor oil. So I got to thinking. Do appearances send a message? Or was it really a racially motivated incident? This is Wusta after all. An aside – I know a couple dudes who look pretty rough around the edges (according to my wife), but gentlemen to the core.

So I thought I’d do a social experiment in order to observe the locals reaction; hoping to disprove that my race was a factor in that encounter. Ya think there’s prejudiced folk in Wusta? So me and my buddy Wayne headed to City Hall for a session of panhandling. Me in camos etc. Wayne in khakis and sweater.

The results were conclusive: Most folk dislike panhandlers, especially pushy ones and those that smell. Happily I can report my race played no significant role. Because I did manage some coin from two minorities, but I had to clean their windshields. Just kidding.

I did try to hit up as many black chicks as possible. All gave me the rolled eyes and a smart-ass quip. I gave it right back. But no coin. I did take up a conversation with a somewhat presentable black dude panhandler. I observed how he picked his marks – mostly young black girls. I approached him to find out his secret. He confirmed, the rattier and smellier one is, the less the likelihood of getting some coin, and the more likely to be insulted or assaulted.

I did manage to get enough coin for a beer and a bag of peanuts at the Red Baron – that took like 4 hours of brazen begging. Wayne gave up after about an hour- managing a whopping $1.25. Oh, old ladies are not easy marks. Most of em downtown looked like welfare recipients. So its understandable.

That incident at Santiago’s may just well have been a case of a big fat bitchy black woman with a big mouth and an uncontrollable urge to dish out severe tongue lashings. Interestingly, she saw me 15 minutes later and made another derogatory remark. Without provocation! Bad day huh bitch? Maybe a bad fucking life? I just smiled and thanked her.

Here’s an interesting tidbit. There was a lot of panhandling competition in and around City Hall. Quite fierce in fact. I personally encountered one instance of shoving and two hefty verbal tirades directed at my person.

Ya know, I think panhandling could be the next big thing. As a profession, I mean.


So Wonderpoop needs a vacation (from us, we hope!)! Heading to Florida, bup? Here’s what you had to say about your 2008 day trip to Newport, Rhode Island, you overly refined prick! Loved the photos!!



My trip to Newport! Fun!

By Wonderpoop

Newport, RI, or why we had to leave Worcester to have a fun day.

Its gettin tuff to find things to do in Worcester. It’s Memorial Day weekend and nothing is happening. Imagine that eh? So we set our sites over the border to Rhode Island. Newport, RI in fact. A trip we’ve wanted to do for a while.

After a 90 minute ride, touchdown in Newport. We found ourselves in a time warp. Newport is beautiful. Seems it somehow avoided the indignities of modern corporate retail development.

The town is decked out to serve tourists. There are museums, restaurants and shops galore. I repeat, we’re really impressed by the lack of ugly corporate franchises – no McD, Subway, GAP etc… just a measly Starbucks housed in a nicely refurbished old building. Although dying for some caffeine, we didn’t indulge – we’re not stupid enough to pay 5 bucks for a java jolt. Instead we carry his & hers thermos bottles whenever we travel.

The reason for our visit wasn’t to indulge in some sort of retail frenzy, rather dwell and admire the history and architecture of this attractive and comfortable towny. Clearly the city fathers have a concept about how a historic city should look.

So what did we do? First we had to deal with a swarm of pirates. A Pirate Fest was the order of the day. The streets were teeming with pirates of all genders, shapes and sizes. Then we visited a couple museums – we love museums!

There are a number of museums in the city, the city museum and the uniform museum two that have free entrance – what a concept huh? And while strolling the back streets to admire the beautiful old homes, we also found quaint antique shops. Wonder what $20 bucks gets you in one of those shops? Not even a burned-out light bulb.

And then a midday picnic on the common. I got scalped by a Frisbee and a crafty dog purloined my salami, cheese & cress sandwich. A wily character he was. Did the ole head fake and bing my sandwich was gone! Luckily I had backups. Hey, I’m no fool.

We visited the docks and spoke with some of the fishermen. Seems they’re not happy campers. Voicing complaints about unfair licensing practices by the state. Seems bribery is the order of the day. And woe of all woes, the chemically treated sewage run off that pours into the Newport Bay destroying lobster fishing. The guys are a dying breed.

The end of the day we took a look at the mansions. A couple were up for sale. Do you think they got squeezed by the mortgage debacle? Sorta doubt it. Pretty nice places though. Several are museums.

It was a really nice day. Sorta disappointed that Worcester had nothing to offer. Is that because everyone leaves the city on Memorial Day weekend or is it really lacking? Oh well.

If you got the time, a day trip to Newport will be worth it. Have fun!

Blackout in Wonderpoopland!

Here’s Wonderpoop’s 2007 post on Bancroft Tower. Where are your pics of this Worcester landmark, guy? Why did you replace them with the black boxes (see below)?!

Mr. I-libel-everybody, steal-everybody’s-content/art but whine when someone returns the favor!

And you hide your identity!



R. T.
Mr. City Manager tear down that gate!

By Wonderpoop

Bancroft Tower is an imposing Worcester landmark that deserves better. And so do we. For unknown reasons our city fathers decided long ago to bar access to the tower proper.

The tower was the first structure I noticed when I moved to Worcester. Within hours after my arrival I was standing in front of the tower. Awed by its medieval connotations; disappointed by the locked gates.
I’ve often fantasized about living in that thing and seriously thought about buying it from the city. My wife, ever so rational, thought I was daft and threatened to have me locked up if I so much as inquired at city hall. I did. They hung up. I’m still free.

I still venture up there, like many others, to enjoy the albeit, limited view of the city. Folks see it as a place for contemplation and escape. Those who I spoke with bemoan the situation and are unanimous that the tower gates should be opened. So what do we do?

I also wanted to post something about the history of the tower but others got the jump on me. … Who would have thought that America too has castles – Bancroft Tower.

Pssst. Not too long ago we scaled the walls. What a view!

My readers are wonderful!

By Rosalie Tirella

1. Just got this message from an ICTimes (website) reader, re: cyberbully Wonderpoop! The people who have been reading InCity Times for 10+ years know us/love us – and have always come through for us!

Thank you!

Seeing there are so many folks in Worcester Wondershit has lied about/cyber-bullied, I decided to share the information. For sure there are lots of people who would like to see justice served and may want to go after him in this fashion.

From an ICT website reader:

“Have your attorney review http://www.reputationdefenseonline.com/how-to-subpoena-google-legal-department/

“I’d suggest spending a few hundred dollars on the necessary subpoenas. Unfortunately, a defamation lawsuit costs tens of thousands to litigate to adjudication. It doesn’t cost nearly that much to file as Tirella v Doe, ($200), subpoena google to get the information on who actually posted the information, and subpoena the various ISPs to find the name of the owner.”

2. Yesterday I learned so much about Wondershit! A caller told me: He works in Metro West/Boston area. He lives in District 1. He rides a motorcycle. He was raised in Worcester and had the infamous Miss Joyce for a teacher! He has relatives/roots in New Hampshire. Eveyrone hates him (including the caller)!

Infact, one person actually jumped into a car and via GPS tracked Wondershit to DCU Center.

I say Wondershit is some deeply disturbed musical type (too bad for the music biz) who could never pull off a NOLA/Paulie fesitval or an InCity Times … which is why he tries to destroy everything/everyone in this city that is new/positive/different. I bet I know him/worked with him … or perhaps saw him at local concerts

3. Wondershit has scrubbed his website of all personal posts so I can’t get to them. This is great! A kind of weird self-censoring is already going on! The way he relates to his baby – his website – has already changed (because there are folks on his tail).

Wondershit, see you in court …

To Wondershit,

We must be getting close because you sound CRAZY!

FYI: I called my lawyer.  I publish thousands of InCity Times – I told my lawyer you were misrepresenting my business.  What you’ve written about me and my business is false – deliberately so (and malicious).

We’ll track you down … .

Hope to see you in court real soon.

– Rosalie Tirella

p.s. For the moment, at least, you won’t get too personal,  as I am scouring your entire batch of “crap” for info re: YOU

I bet you’re some pussy-whipped IT nerd, Wondershit.