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If you get an email from Worcester City Councilor Joe O’Brien …

… re: me, please dismiss it!  It’s NOT from Joe. It’s from Claude Dorman of 38 Sever St., Worcester, MA – the weirdo who authors a blog that shites on everybody in Wusta! Dorman makes it a habit of stealing people’s identities, then creating email blasts from them to various folks in the city – so that people read his stuff. Spreading lies all over the Internet about everybody – that’s Claude Dorman’s reason for living in Woo.

Dorman attached a link to his odious blog to the email he sent under Joe’s name/email address. (Usually he steals Bill Randell’s name/i.d.)

I called Joe and alerted him to the fact, giving him the real name of “Will WW” and the straight dope on Worcester’s foremost dope.

Thanks for the tip, ICT reader!

Wonderland/Claude Dorman is truly a sick individual …


– R. Tirella

Claude Dorman (and wife) outside the Worcester Courthouse this past winter . Piedmont developer Paul Collyer took him to court for slander and other nefarious activities … .

Claude Dorman, Worcester Wonderland blogger: another day in court for Claude

Called my lawyer today about Claude Dorman who is the  Worcester Wonderland blogger (38 Sever St., Worcester). Told him of Dorman’s latest crime.

My lawyer just called me back. Said to take none of Claude’s cyber-bullying. He told me Claude Dorman has stolen my identity and to go to the Worcester Courthouse tomorrow (after we put latest ICT to bed) and take out a harassment order against Claude.

Won’t cost me a dime.

SO: Another day in court for Claude Dorman, Worcester Wonderland bogger, aka Will WW, 38 Sever St., Worcester, MA.

This guy is truly sick/toxic.

– R. Tirella