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Looks like Worcester Magazine is moving to …

… Shrewsbury Street. I was driving down the road when, looking to my right, I saw: a WM Worcester Magazine sign outside an office building. I’ve heard the rumor this summer … . I wonder how ol’ Allen Fletcher and John Greggorio (the rag is headquartered in Greggorio’s Water Street building) feel about folks leaving their beloved Canal District … – R. T.


Worcester Mag jumps the shark, Part II

By Rosalie Tirella

I’ve been walking about Worcester and seeing all those Worcester Mags … just hanging around! Languishing in their stands! So … I was right! A few months ago, I had blogged that Worcester Mag had jumped the shark. It has! It’s glory days are over.

No one seems to be picking up the free paper. Readers don’t seem to care.

Every where I go, there they are – Worcetser Mags! Sitting in their stands! Sitting on ledges! Sitting on tables! Unread! Unloved! Worcester readers seem to be telling Kirk Davis, the new Metro West owner of Blow Mag: We don’t give a shit.

This is why the losers at WoMag are stealing everyone’s ideas. A local paper showcases up and comers. Next week, Worcester Mag showcases up and comers. Last week I blogged about the Canal District’s new sidewalks being torn up for more new sidewalks. This week WoMag’s kiddie reporter Jeremy Skulk-in steals the story idea and puts it in Blow Mag. Continue reading Worcester Mag jumps the shark, Part II