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Here it is! Photo of Worcester Wonderland blogger Claude Dorman!

By Rosalie Tirella

Wow! What a loser! Tall dufus on the left – that’s Claude Dorman,  our “anonymous” Worcester Wonderland blogger. Could he look any worse?! He’s got an I’m-so-full-of-myself, shit-eating grin on his puss … the kind of  facial expression that repels children and small animals. Wonderland (Will WW)  pokes fun of everyone’s looks but, truth be told, he is the unhippest cat in town! My God! Look at that outfit! He’s wearing a Rick Santorum vest! He looks like Rick Santorum!!!!

Funny … Claude had dumped Paulie’s head into a trash can and photo shopped everyone to death – yet take a good look at this cyber bully! He’s just a big nerd! This is a 2005 photo of  Will WW. People in the know say Claude has aged poorly – he looks really crappy these days. Wifey Cigran is to the left of him.

The Wizard of Claude! Remove the curtain from Will WW, author of Worcester Wonderland blog, and what have you got? Just some BIG NERD who looks perfectly … Claude Dormanish!

Please, America! Buy this house! Do Worcester, MA, a HUGE favor!

38 Sever St Worcester MA 01609 Home for sale - MLS #71364362

Anyone (anybody with dough,of course), please, please, please, please, PUH-LEAZE buy the home of Worcester’s biggest liar/creep: Claude Dorman. For years he has made the lives of Worcesterites … creepy via his website, Worcester Wonderland. Writing anonymously as Will WW, Claude has falsely accused people of sexual crimes, alcoholism, etc. We, the good people of Worcester, want Claude OUT! OUT! OUT! OUT!

If you buy Claude’s home, we will work to furnish one room with lovely furniture! Absolutely free!

If you have a dog, we will try to build your canine companion a lovely DOG HOUSE!

Because Claude Dorman has been outed, he is in Worcester’s Dog House – and wants to leave!

Go with God, as my Grandma used to say.

How did such a low-life (Claude/Will WW) get to live in a great house like this? A low-life who hated his next door neighbors, waged war on the little college across the way, set up cameras to safeguard his home/spy on his neighbors. He didn’t even recycle! The entire Elm Park neighborhood rejoices at old Claude Dorman’s eventual departure. They will all, like the Munchkins of Munchkin Land, finally Come Out, Come Out.

The Wicked Witch of the West Side will be gone!


Please! Worcester needs a nice person living at 38 Sever St. We Munchkins have suffered for so long!

Yes, the price is inflated, but if you offer Claude Dorman cash (via a lower price tag) I am certain Claude will take the money and RUN!

Here are the stats:


: 4


Single Family

: Victorian

38 Sever St Worcester, MA 01609

NOTE: Historic Elm Park district.

Restored 1890 Queen Anne.

Eight rooms: 4 bedrooms, foyer with grand staircase, dining room, living room, parlor with pocket doors. Kitchen with appliances, built-ins, breakfast area. Pantry with sink and built-ins.

Tin ceilings!!!

 New mahogany, oak and tiled floors. Custom moldings.

Six fireplaces, three plumbed for gas!!!

Porches and brick patio. Walk-up attic. Full basement.

Alarm system. (Of course!!)

Recent heating system. Recent roofs. Insulated. 200 AMP.

38 Sever St Worcester MA 01609 Home for sale - MLS #71364362

38 Sever St Worcester MA 01609 Home for sale - MLS #71364362

The kitchen is a bit busy for my taste, but you can rip stuff out, if you need to! We will help you!

Once again please PLEASE buy the home of Worcester Wonderland blogger Claude Dorman.

Prizes galore!

Claude Dorman is Wonderland blogger

He just admitted the truth in a court of law. The good old WORCESTER Courthouse. Paul Collyer was accused of stalking him. The police were at Paul’s home twice. Some how I was supposed to be there (court). I got no summons. I am driving to court with a character witness now.

R. Tirella

p.s. It is amazing! Claude Dorman has had a history of harassing/threatening/hurting people. Lots of people. But the big baby goes bawling to the police/courts when he has two days of feather-ruffling.