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Photos of Worcester Wonderland blogger Claude Dorman outside the Worcester Courthouse

These photos were taken earlier in the week, when Dorman, who calls himself Will WW on his blog, had a date with a judge at the Worcester Courthouse. Wife Kunigunde is by his side. Get some therapy, Kunigunde! Leave your deranged husband!

City Councilor at Large candidate Peter Kush is best buds with Claude. He (as “The Count”) posted horrific comments about so many Wusta people/situations on Claude’s Worcester Wonderland blog. Sensing a soul mate, Dorman, writing as Will WW on his “anonymous” blog, urged Kush to run for city council. Kush took his mentor’s advice.

– R. Tirella

































Worcester Wonderland blogger Claude Dorman (Will WW)…

… plays games with Googleanalytics. Each user creates his/her password to get into his/her google analytics account. That is not my account! Claude made up a new one or … did something nefarious. This week a gal pal is DRIVING ME to the Worcester Courthouse, walking in with me and standing by me as I fill out the harassment order.

Enough is enough, she said.

Oh, and for the curious: Claude, who lives on 38 sever St., has not sold his house for the inflated price he wants. Wonder why? Some crime stats for his neighborhood:

Claude Dorman/Worcester Wonderland blogger’s (Will WW) neighborhood crime stats:

Jul 4, 2012 – Luis E. Andino, 46, of 54 Sever St., Worcester, charged with trespassing, possession of cocaine and resisting arrest

Apr 19, 2012 – Jonathan Cummings, 19, of 61 Sever St., Worcester, charged with larceny over $250

Jun 25, 2012 – Marvin Gonzalez, 31, of 11 Sever St., Worcester, charged with assault and battery

May 7, 2012 – Isaac Gyamera, 45, of 11 Sever St., Worcester, charged with driving without a license

May 1, 2012 – Jonathan J. Ramos Jr., 24, of 12 Sever St., Worcester, charged with driving with a suspended license

May 25, 2012 – Madeline Santiago, 22, of 10 Sever St., Worcester, charged with assault and battery and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon

Mar 19, 2012 – Isaac Muturi Njoroge, 49, of 11 Sever St., Worcester, charged with paying for sexual conduct

Apr 5, 2012 – Eric K. Amankrah, 41, of 11 Sever St., Worcester, charged with driving an uninsured vehicle

Jan 26, 2012 – Jonathan Cummings, 19, of 61 Sever St., Worcester, charged with larceny over $250

Nov 8, 2011 – Marcell May, 20, of 12 Sever St., Worcester, charged with armed robbery (handgun), kidnapping, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon

Sep 22, 2011 – Dennis A. Greene, 54, 26 Sever St., Apt. 2R, Worcester, charged with assault and battery

Jul 19, 2011 – Wanda Cuadrado, 42, of 10 Sever St., Apt. 2, Worcester, charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (razor blade)

Jan 26, 2012 – Jonathan Cummings, 19, of 61 Sever St., Worcester, charged with larceny over $250
Why can’t Claude-o worry about the important things in life?? To learn ALL ABOUT CLAUDE DORMAN, THE WORCESTER WONDERLAND BLOGGER (Will WW), check out this website:


R. Tirella

Claude Dorman’s (the Worcester Wonderland blogger’s) OTHER BLOG and his bad habit

…  It’s not just me. Claude Dorman, the Worcester Wonderland blogger, has a history of writing horrid letters re: people he hates and then sending them out to folks. Sometimes not using his name or address but using other people’s names and email addresses. Blatantly illegal. Dorman, who lives at 38 Sever St., has done this to local biz folks Billy Randell, Bob Bourrassa and even former City Councilor Dennis Irish.

Irish told me of the time Claude contacted him about a tax abatement on his house at 38 Sever St. Irish forwarded his info. to the proper folks.  Claude didn’t get what he wanted from the city and so  he sent out a bunch of horrible letters about Irish to city leaders. Irish was upset. He said the letters were filled with lies. He, like half of Worcester, can’t wait for Claude to sell his house and move out of the Elm Park neighborhood. (Irish lives NEXT DOOR to Claude! Imagine living next door to Claude Dorman!)

Well, now we know. Claude has a history of doing this. He wrote hundreds of horrible reviews about local handyman Bob Bourrassa (who may move back to the area, just as Claude moves out!), another imagined enemy. And he has sent out toxic letters about Bill Randell or me to folks, using Bill Randell’s email address – or mine!

Just found out that when Claude bought his house on 38 Sever St., a week or two after the sale, he was contacting city officials, etc about more parking for him near his home. Well, Claudo, you moved across the street from Becker College – a school with kids and dorms. What did you expect? Over the years Dorman has  harassed his Becker neighbors, calling the police on the Becker students 70+ times – in one day.

Clearly Claude Dorman, the Wonderland blogger, is mentally ill.

To learn ALL ABOUT CLAUDE, check out this very insightful (and funny) Claude Dorman website:    http://claudepdorman-worcesterwonderlandetal.blogspot.com/


–  R.  Tirella


Claude Dorman, Worcester Wonderland blogger: another day in court for Claude

Called my lawyer today about Claude Dorman who is the  Worcester Wonderland blogger (38 Sever St., Worcester). Told him of Dorman’s latest crime.

My lawyer just called me back. Said to take none of Claude’s cyber-bullying. He told me Claude Dorman has stolen my identity and to go to the Worcester Courthouse tomorrow (after we put latest ICT to bed) and take out a harassment order against Claude.

Won’t cost me a dime.

SO: Another day in court for Claude Dorman, Worcester Wonderland bogger, aka Will WW, 38 Sever St., Worcester, MA.

This guy is truly sick/toxic.

– R. Tirella

Worcester Wonderland blogger Claude Dorman, 38 Sever St., Worcester, in court again!

Yup, guys and gals, ol’ Claude Dorman, the Wonderland blogger (aka Will – tall guy in this photo) was in Worcester court again, re: his blog! Case continued to September! We will report all the news here! He really is an abusive fellow! He just can’t believe we outed him and changed his life (he’s moving/selling his home; doesn’t write nearly as viciously about folks in town before we outed him; has skipped the poison re certain festivals, people, places; won’t write anything about his likes/dislikes/personal life – like he used to. No vacation pics!!!)

So I guess Claudo is upset with us …

Too bad, Claudo!

– R. Tirella

A mini-tour of Worcester Wonderland blogger, Claude Dorman’s house …

… the house (was it ever really a “home”?)  that Claude-o is trying to unload. Here is a mini-tour of old Claude’s lair. Where does he do his trashing? We hear he doesn’t put out garbage/recyle, yet his digs look pretty clean. Actually TOO clean. Fastidious old Claude.

38 Sever St Worcester MA 01609 Home for sale - MLS #71364362

38 Sever St Worcester MA 01609 Home for sale - MLS #71364362

38 Sever St Worcester MA 01609 Home for sale - MLS #71364362

38 Sever St Worcester MA 01609 Home for sale - MLS #71364362

Worcester Wonderland blogger, Claude Dorman, says: Buh bye, 38 Sever St.!

By Rosalie  Tirella

… AND We (speaking on behalf of the good people of Worcester) say GOOD RIDDANCE to you, Claudie!

Yup! Claude Dorman, Worcester Wonderland blogger, Will WW, is pulling up stakes and heading down that steep and bumpy road to ????!

But first he has to sell his camera-covered abode!


We DO want to help Worcester Wonderland blogger Claude D. sell his home! The home from which he called the WPD police 74 times in one day on Becker College kids. The home from which he wrote lies about contractor Bob Bourassa, accusing him of sexual crimes, etc; the home from which he dissed his district councilor Barb Haller, the home to which he attached dozens of  HUGE surveillance cameras, the home to his three putty cats whom (as hostages, no doubt!) he forced into various and sundry weirdo Christmas costumes!

Au revoir, mon ami! 

Gentle readers, you can keep abreast of the Claude moving situation via the reactivated Claude Dorman blog:


We believe Dorman’s blogging (4 years of shitting on the good people of Worcester) has proved too much for him. It was OK when no one knew who Will WW was. But now that he is outed and folks know where he lives, Claude needs to move. Coward! Do you see me moving? Or Paulie C? Or Jeremy? Or any blogger/reporter in town? Does any reporter/blogger in town take such ridiculous steps? No! 

Claude, why didn’t you just buy yourself a 100-lb German shepherd dog?

Worcester Wonderland blogger (“Will WW”) = Claude Dorman = Worcester’s #1 cyberbully!

Folks, Claude is doing to me what he did to Billy Randlell last week – mailed out a link to his website, signing my email address. This man has real issues, real anger. We are a little dumbstruck over the sheer bizzareness (immaturity??) of Claude Dorman (Will WW on his blog) – a guy who is in his early 50s, and as Billy explained – he saw him in court when he accompanied Paulie – looks like Ward Cleaver.

What Claude is doing is blatantly illegal. But we all know his history – this is his MO. Gets outed. Ratchets things up. Gets called on his BS. Ratchets it up again.

Claude Dorman has lost it since Worcester learned he is the toxic Worcester Wonderland blogger, Will WW.

BUT … if you got an email from me, re: the Wonderland blog, it is from Claude Dorman, 38 Sever St., Worcester, MA. NOT me or incity times! Please disregard.

Can’t the city do something about Claude Dorman – Worcester’s #1 cyberbully? He writes all kinds of lies on his blog; he defames people of all stripes! Why is Claude even living in Worcester? He obviously has a hate/hate relationship with everyone here.

Maybe the City of Worcester can make a difference by: not taking Claude Dorman seriously when he calls the Worcester police (74 times in one day) on Becker College students (Claude lives across the street from the college). Or whines about tax abatements on his 38 Sever St. home or demands more residential parking for CLAUDE.

Truly a dark, dark person … this Worcester Wonderland guy – Claude Dorman.

– R. Tirella

Wonderland being outed (what it means) and my car insurance

By Rosalie Tirella

I called my insurance company this a.m. My car insurance is all paid up, I told the girl, so what’s up with Claude Dorman, aka Worcester Wonderland blooger’s comment? Would you even speak to this cretan?

She said, NO! we would never speak to the cretan Claude! You’re OK! Then she added: The only way someone would know about your insurance is to HACK into a database.

Who would do that, you ask?

Claude Dorman, the Worcester Wonderland blogger, of course. Claude is a guy who wallows in illegal cyber activity.

Don’t worry, gentle readers, Paul and Bill will have their two cases against Claude Dorman heard in our grand new Worcester courthouse soon. 

And, by the way, how many people do we know have cameras the size of Claude’s (see left of this photo of his 38 Sever St. home) mounted to their house?

Maybe it’s to compensate for his miniscule penis.

And, by the way, now whenever Will of Wonderland posts, half the city will know it’s Claude Dorman. Will Tony Economou see those big Will WW/Claude graphs? What about Beth Proko? Will Will continue to call City Councilor Joe O’Brien (who reads this blog) a socialist/communist? Will Will diss the city’s colleges now that we know HIS SISTER works at WPI?

Let ol’ Worcester Wonderland express his toxic opinions. Now everyone knows it’s ol’ Claude Dorman. And Claude will have to live with the consequences, like every other blogger/journalist in town who speaks his/her mind via a public platform.


Claude Dorman, 38 Sever St., Worcester = the Wonderland blogger = litigious idiot

By Rosalie Tirella

Here are two posts written by Claude Dorman, 38 Sever St. Worcester, MA – the Wonderland blogger. We feel you should attach the vile name to the vile writer. But before we post them I want to say: I hope the judge did not buy the crap Claude Dorman, 38 Sever St. layed on him yesterday in the Worcester Court house, when he claimed that the world is stalking poor old Claude. Dorman, who is in his late 40s early 50s, WANTS TO damage/destroy people. He has admitted to his blog readers that he has his website covered with spy ware and that he can trace all anonymous comments to their writers and that even if you erase your comments, he can still call them up. In other words Claude Dorman has kept records of everyone who has crossed his vile blog. And he will repost to destroy a person, if necessary.

He’s worse than the FBI.

Claude Dorman has harassed Bob Bourassa to death, corrupted Google searches of various people in the city to ruin their reputations, lied about local businesses on Craig’s List, said the NOLA festival drew only about 150 people when 1,000 tickets were sold. He is Worcester’s #1 psychopath.

No, Claude, you lied to the judge yesterday. YOU DO MEAN via your posts to destroy, to put people out of business, to defame, libel. You LIED in court! It wasn’t all in jest! That is why you had poor Paul Colyer just sitting staring at your back porch, staring at your mom’s place, staring at her door buzzer for Cripe’s sake. Four years of your harassment lead Paulie to the brink! And of course, you took everyone to court, gummed up the judicial system, for your sick games.

The entire city now knows you go beyond mere blogging, that you go behind the scenes to do even more damage to people you hate (just ask former city councilor Dennis Irish – a nice guy you slammed via a negative-letter writing campaign). And so, you vindictive prick, here is your blog post (2 actually) , with your real name attached to them.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Got a Sneaky Feeking?

By Claude Dorman, 38 Sever St. Worcester, MA aka Wonderland blog

There’s plenty of interesting information about the anonymity issue on the Electronic Frontier Foundation site.

Seems some of you are quite surprised to find out that you’re being tracked when you visit Worcester Wonderland. Why? You all do it. Some even parade their stats like medals.

Otta tell ya I’ve got some pretty snazzy software and scripts that yield tons of technical info on visitors – goes beyond simple logging scripts, even read serial numbers. Something pretty hard to mask. I even put Hot Flash Cookies on your drive. Really pesky critters. Can’t get rid of em easily. Some stuff goes deeper. But that’s top secret. Scary eh? Not really. Imagine what the US Gov uses? Now that’s really scary.

Word of advice. If ya don’t like what ya see here, then buzz off. Don’t like sarcasm – nobody’s forcing you to visit. You have a choice. Pretty simple huh?

Don’t like our opinions, ignore us. Got something to add or correct, post a comment. Don’t cost nuttin. What’s blogging about anyway? And if ya wanna a pissing contest – fine. But be prepared to take a lump or two. Remember these rules: Rule 1: Be coherent. Rule 2: Be coherent. Rule 3: Be coherent.

And please don’t go doing any meltdowns here, all your comments are stored, even if you think you deleted them yourself. They just might come back to haunt you. Wouldn’t be pretty for your precious reputations. I got some good ones from former blogging buddy aka Harry Tembenis, who did the meltdown of all meltdowns. Got all that recorded. Interesting reading.

And then there’s Brendan Melican’s meltdown – a psychopath masquerading as a sociopath. Talk about vile. Whew! All his comments were recorded. Heck of a collection. Maybe I oughta post the really vile ones.

Welcome to Wusta!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

MA – 2011 Job Growth Competitive Effect

By Claude Dorman

So what the heck is the chart telling you?

In many ways, individual U.S. states are like 50 laboratories where differing public policy, industry focus, and economic development strategies are tried and tested. Different approaches yield different results and some states become more competitive – gaining a larger share of total job creation — while others struggle and lose share, according to authors Robison and Sentz.

So where are MA’s job growth competitive advantages?
Education, technology and health.

Where are Worcester’s job growth competitive advantages?
Bars, package stores, and publishing.