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If you get an email from Worcester City Councilor Joe O’Brien …

… re: me, please dismiss it!  It’s NOT from Joe. It’s from Claude Dorman of 38 Sever St., Worcester, MA – the weirdo who authors a blog that shites on everybody in Wusta! Dorman makes it a habit of stealing people’s identities, then creating email blasts from them to various folks in the city – so that people read his stuff. Spreading lies all over the Internet about everybody – that’s Claude Dorman’s reason for living in Woo.

Dorman attached a link to his odious blog to the email he sent under Joe’s name/email address. (Usually he steals Bill Randell’s name/i.d.)

I called Joe and alerted him to the fact, giving him the real name of “Will WW” and the straight dope on Worcester’s foremost dope.

Thanks for the tip, ICT reader!

Wonderland/Claude Dorman is truly a sick individual …


– R. Tirella

Claude Dorman (and wife) outside the Worcester Courthouse this past winter . Piedmont developer Paul Collyer took him to court for slander and other nefarious activities … .

Re: Worcester Wonderland blogger = Claude Dorman (writing as Will WW) filing false police reports

Claude Dorman, the Worcester Wonderland blogger (Will WW), leaving the Worcester courthouse last month.

Claude (Will WW) filed two (TWO!) reports with the Worcester Police Dept. on Steve, a man he has never met, a man who has never caused Claude any harm, a man for whom Cluade created CRIMES. False, false, false. Here is a portion of Steve’s letter to the attorney general’s office re: Claude Dorman (Will WW) of 38 Sever St., Worcester. I have made some sentences bold.   – R. Tirella:

  1. In the redacted letter of January 9, 2013 shown at M-135 the blogmaster wrote: “I have filed two incident reports with the police.” I believe this is directly related to question of my discharge. I would like copies of any police reports [XXXX] has in their possession regarding this information.


  1. In his letter to you, [XXXX] stated: “However, the IT Department did have such documents and provided them once this letter was received and a search was done to ensure all responsive documents were produced.” If I have not been given ALL the IT documents in [XXX]’s possession, I would like [XXXX] to state that in writing. If they have other documents I should be sent copies.


  1. Chapter 149 Section 52C contains a loosely written phrase that a personnel file must include “any other documents relating to disciplinary action regarding the employee.”
  2. Unfortunately, the state legislature did not define what “documents’ meant in this context. Nor does the Code of Massachusetts Regulations. I could not find any advisory on the Attorney General’s web site.

The central focus in this matter is my use of the company computer. That was the basis of the decision to discharge me and suspend me. I would therefore like to narrow the focus to those relevant emails can be retrieved at the least expense of time to [XXX]. I would like to request that {XXX] provided the following:

  1. Copies of emails to [XX] and [XX] from the IT department on the investigation.


  1. Copies of emails from the IT department to the HR representatives present where I was suspended.


  1. Copies of the emails between [XXX] and [XXX] discussing the decision to suspend and terminate me. This are key documents regarding my discharge and ultimately were the records on which the decision was made.


I request that [XXX] submit an evidence log, listing all the files above it has, which ones were released, and their grounds for not releasing them

Thank you! I am attaching list of the documents in this letter, in the event you want to send it to [XXX] asking them the documents to me.

Sincerely yours,




  1. Internally produced [XXX] studies, which evaluate the allegations by Mr. Dorman, be they written or electronic.


  1. Identify the HR representative who wrote the handwritten notes on M-151 and M-152 and the date they were written.


  1. Any police reports [XXX] has in their possession regarding Steven R. Maher.


Worcester Wonderland blogger Claude Dorman (writing as Will WW) seems to be quite popular at the Worcester Courthouse!


Worcester Wonderland blogger (Will WW) is really uber nerd Claude Dorman of 38 Sever St., Worcester.  Here he is – the tall one wearing the mommy jeans.

A few days ago Jeff and I went down to the Worcester Courthouse for me to file harassment papers against old Claude Dorman of 38 Sever St.. You know, the Worcester Wonderland blogger (aka Will WW) nut job who hates everybody. Well, seems the lady clerks know all about Claude. They nodded, looked at each other and said: “Claude Dorman” after we said what I wanted to do.

They, like most of Worcester, know the guy who thought he could blog his garbage and never suffer the consequences. Well, he was outed by me and some other folks and is angry that the veil has been lifted. Now we can add another name to the Claude Sucks list: Jeff. For several years he’s heard me whining about nutjob Dorman. We no longer go out but are good friends; so he still gets the reports. He knows that after being outed,  Claude Dorman has decided to: sell his home, change his phone number, change the way he writes his blog (no more touchy feely personal stuff or posts about antique jaunts), change his life. Good for us! We hope he moves back to the Marlboro area!

Now Jeff is in the mix. Good for me, not so good for Claude who, if he publishes one comma about Jeff, will find himself facing off against a formidable foe (and I will be sure to show Jeff any Claude post relating to him. He’s a contractor/biz guy who has no patience for Claude’s bull and will sue him to the max. Heck, Jeff can make as much $$$ on one job as  Claude or his wife make in a year, so he can afford court costs.)

So a few days ago we  hopped into Jeff’s car and went to Main Street. Of course, if this were 1850 you’d look at Jeff and see … a tough Injun fighter. Long hair waving in the wind, wiry, muscular body from all his contractor work, strong … he is the antithesis of Claude/Will WW. Drop Jeff in the mid-19th century and you get Clint Eastwood in Unforgiven. Drop Dorman in the Wild West and you get coyote scraps. He’s lucky he lives in 2012. A hideous nerd like Dorman, 57, couldn’t survive in any other century but this Face Book, Internet, nerd-loving one.

But don’t worry Claude, we are going about this legally! Through the courts. You don’t need to cry wolf at the police station, etc, like you did with Paul Collyer, a guy you harassed and are in no way afraid of.  A guy you have dragged through the court system, where your case was thrown out by the judge.

Everyone gets your games, Claude. Even the lady clerks at the Worcester Courthouse.

– R. Tirella

Claude Dorman, Worcester Wonderland blogger: another day in court for Claude

Called my lawyer today about Claude Dorman who is the  Worcester Wonderland blogger (38 Sever St., Worcester). Told him of Dorman’s latest crime.

My lawyer just called me back. Said to take none of Claude’s cyber-bullying. He told me Claude Dorman has stolen my identity and to go to the Worcester Courthouse tomorrow (after we put latest ICT to bed) and take out a harassment order against Claude.

Won’t cost me a dime.

SO: Another day in court for Claude Dorman, Worcester Wonderland bogger, aka Will WW, 38 Sever St., Worcester, MA.

This guy is truly sick/toxic.

– R. Tirella

Worcester Wonderland blogger Claude Dorman, 38 Sever St., Worcester, in court again!

Yup, guys and gals, ol’ Claude Dorman, the Wonderland blogger (aka Will – tall guy in this photo) was in Worcester court again, re: his blog! Case continued to September! We will report all the news here! He really is an abusive fellow! He just can’t believe we outed him and changed his life (he’s moving/selling his home; doesn’t write nearly as viciously about folks in town before we outed him; has skipped the poison re certain festivals, people, places; won’t write anything about his likes/dislikes/personal life – like he used to. No vacation pics!!!)

So I guess Claudo is upset with us …

Too bad, Claudo!

– R. Tirella

Worcester Wonderland blogger, Claude Dorman, plays the victim …

… but the truth is Dorman (writing as Will WW on his Worcester Wonderland blog) has been harassing Worcester folks for years – pulling horrible, illegal cyber stunts. He’s been outed and now he’s raging. (Stormin’ Dorman is what the WPD call him) And YES Jeremy wanted a comment from Claude re: his WoMag story – Claude gave no comment. Said nothing.

Here, from the WoMag article, is what Claude Dorman, the Worcester Wonderland blogger, has been up to these past several years. –

But before, we get to the article, here is what Claude Dorman, under the pen name Will WW, the Worcester Wonderland blogger, wrote to his website visitors (he has since deleted it from his blog – but we have the original pages). – R. Tirella

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Got a Sneaky Feeking?

By Worcester Wonderland blogger Claude Dorman, 38 Sever St. Worcester, MA aka Will WW

There’s plenty of interesting information about the anonymity issue on the Electronic Frontier Foundation site.

Seems some of you are quite surprised to find out that you’re being tracked when you visit Worcester Wonderland. Why? You all do it. Some even parade their stats like medals.

Otta tell ya I’ve got some pretty snazzy software and scripts that yield tons of technical info on visitors – goes beyond simple logging scripts, even read serial numbers. Something pretty hard to mask. I even put Hot Flash Cookies on your drive. Really pesky critters. Can’t get rid of em easily. Some stuff goes deeper. But that’s top secret. Scary eh? Not really. Imagine what the US Gov uses? Now that’s really scary.

… And please don’t go doing any meltdowns here, all your comments are stored, even if you think you deleted them yourself. They just might come back to haunt you. Wouldn’t be pretty for your precious reputations. I got some good ones from former blogging buddy aka Harry Tembenis, who did the meltdown of all meltdowns. Got all that recorded. Interesting reading.

And then there’s Brendan Melican’s meltdown – a psychopath masquerading as a sociopath. Talk about vile. Whew! All his comments were recorded. Heck of a collection. Maybe I oughta post the really vile ones.

Welcome to Wusta!
From the Womag piece on Worcester Wonderland blogger, Claude Dorman, (aka Will WW):

Claude Dorman, the Wonderland blooger who writes under Will WW:

… “By 2008 it had turned personal, the writer focusing on other bloggers, politicians and those both in the public and not-so-public realm. The blogger’s bio summed up the tone of many of his postings: “This is a blog about being amused and bemused with a city of 181,042 boring people with an exaggerated sense of self-worth. It’s really too bad they don’t have a sense of humor, it would make life bearable here.”

“I’ve just never encountered anybody who has that much interest in me,” says Paul Collyer, who found his personal life and business ventures – particularly his NOLA Festival – often the target of Will W.W.’s blog posts.

“It wasn’t just the content that riled up his targets (to the point where some, including Collyer, put out a “bounty” to unmask Will W.W.’s identity in 2011), but the anonymity of it.

” “Not content with writing about others on his own page, Will W.W. began posting insulting comments on other blogs.

“ … Tembenis, for instance, still smolders over an insulting Worcester Wonderland post that used images from an article about a Rutland horseback riding trail named in honor of his son, Elias, who died at seven years old. The post generated 22 comments, mostly derogatory towards Tembenis, and including this from Will W.W.: “Thankfully Mother Nature had the wisdom to prevent his kind from propagating.”

“That in essence shows how deranged this individual is. He posts outright lies about people and also slanders and libels, too, all in the name of being able to do so ‘anonymously,’” Tembenis adds.

“Throughout the four and a half years of this, Will W.W. took the protection of his identity a step further than a fake name: he also scrambled his computer’s IP address – the line of numbers that can identify a computer’s location and Internet provider – making it difficult for even the most tech-savvy sleuths to figure out who or where he was.

” … Dorman, who changed his phone number after his ties to Worcester Wonderland came out, had no comment.

“Dorman has a history of targeting others anonymously, even appearing in a Worcester Magazine article in 2007 for ousting a rival member of a neighborhood association, Robert Bourassa, by using pseudonymous online threats and postings to attack his business and personal reputation (“Neighbor to Neighbor Disfavor: A grudge sparks a change of leadership in the Elm Park Association,” May 17, 2007).

” “The malicious, unwarranted and slanderous attacks on my business and personal reputation by Claude Dorman under the guise of various identities and the lies he has spread have devastated my contracting business, forcing me to close and putting me in a severe financial hardship,” Bourassa wrote in a letter to members of the Lincoln Estates – Elm Park Neighborhood Association before his final meeting. “As such, I can no longer afford to remain where I live.”

“Before stepping down, however, Bourassa filed a lawsuit against Dorman and his wife, Kunigunde Cigan, in February 2008, citing criminal harassment, stalking, attempted extortion, false use of names or organizations and violations of right to peace and privacy, among others.

” “Defendants have engaged in a now twenty month long campaign of harassment of Plaintiff and Plaintiff’s businesses,” read the complaint. “There is no question the course of action, no doubt the intent, no question the harm.”

“Elsewhere in the complaint, Bourassa provided claims that Dorman used various IP addresses to flag Bourassa’s web design and contractor business advertisements on Craigslist – 673 times for 164 ads – causing them all to be removed. He also charged Dorman for creating the elmparkneighbors.net website (to closely mimic the neighborhood association’s elmparkneighbors.org), where he posted Bourassa’s financial and personal information – some of it obtained, Bourassa charged, by intercepting his mail. Dorman used fake names to send harassing and threatening emails to Bourassa through the websites he managed and posted poor reviews of his businesses on websites and online forums.

” ” … Collyer says he and other targets of Will W.W. are entertaining the idea of a lawsuit, especially since there’s worn ground after Bourassa’s complaint.

“They’ve gone out of their way to hurt my festival,” says Collyer.

” “Dorman has really gone out of his way to financially hurt people,” Collyer says …

” … Collyer says he hasn’t crossed the same line that Dorman has.

“That thing [the alter ego Claude-Dorman website, which has since been taken down] has been up for four or five days,” he says, comparing that to four and half years of Worcester Wonderland.

” “It shows we are dealing with evil cats and one who has a history of this type of harassment going back years,” he adds. “This is no longer about opinion and discussion, it is about harassment against many.”

Great news …

stories from the Interweb! Click below! (AND: Finally, Wonderpoop, unmasked! Great thanks to some great people! ICT is pleased we could be of assistance! We definitely moved things along, but the heavy lifting (research) was done by Harry T. and Paulie C. Go, little ICT website, go!) 

Now for important people/places/ideas:






Wonderland blogger …

… lies. A few days ago he posted that we had created a fake letter from a fake intern wannabe. Liar! We did get a letter from a Devin Mott. He wanted to do research for us. We printed the letter below, then I published some of his poems in my newspaper, InCity Times, along with Devin’s photo.

Why does Will WW. enjoy hurting children?

I can’t wait for tomorrow’s anonymous cyber bully article to come out, Will WW. You’re the master of rancid.

– R.Tirella

Claude Dorman …

WORCESTER. Home to Claude Dorman, our very own Ebeneezer Scrooge. Cheap, misanthropic, despised by his neighbors, neighborhood, city.

The information we have reads so Scrooge!

1. Claude has never put out garbage or recycled in all the years he has occupied 38 Sever St. People say he and the missus burn their trash in the basement.

2. He seldom leaves his home, just tunnels out in the wicked early morning. Then returns home.

3. When he and wife take coffee in AM on their deck they speak only German.

Of course, Claude spoke fluent, utterly profane English when he harassed neighbor Bob Bourassa out of the Elm Park neighborhood (the remarks he left on the T & G website read just like Wonderland blogger) he feels he commands. And he writes brutal lies in English in the letters he has sent to city council members re a city councillor he wanted to destroy.

4. Claude and his wife each own a black Saab, on which 2 cameras attached to their house are trained. Claude has his parked on the corner of Sever and William streets.

5. Claude doesn’t speak to his neighbors. Ever. He is balding (we kinda figured that) with black hair. Late 40s, early 50s.

One enterprising young man writes us …

From one of our ICT website readers:

“I see you’re looking for an intern. I really love doing research. I wouldn’t mind doing it. No pay is fine, it would look great for my college application. If you’re still interested you can reach me at … . Thanks.”

Devin Mott

Dear Devin,

Thank you so much for your interest in the Claude Dorman/Wonderland blogger internship! However, based on your writing samples and cover letter, you seem way too mature for this internship! Better let us savvy, sophisticated adults deal with the nefarious Claude Dorman! And: we don’t want to get into trouble with your parents or school!

HOWEVER: We have had several real interns over the past 10 and a half years we’ve been publishing InCity Times – some incredible, others quite forgetable (the forgetable ones usually graduated from journalism/media school – go figure). So, yes, I will be willing to consider you for a spring internship at InCity Times, the newspaper. I need more writing samples, however. And we should talk. If you’re interested in community journalism and want to work hard, we’ll try you out. The good thing about InCity Times is we don’t have our interns doing boring grunt work like calendar updates, listings, etc. We put you on some very manageable stories right away. Good clips for you; good little stories for us.

So, Devin, please send me more writing samples – even if your packet contains only book reports or history essays. I’ll take it from there. It is always wonderful to hear from young people like you, Devin, great kids who have fallen in love with books and poetry and short stories! Kids who want to be artists and writers! You send me back to the writers/books I loved at your age and to a time in my life when books were magical. More important, you make me feel good about “the younger generation,” hopeful about “the future, ” etc.

Talk with you soon!


Rosalie Tirella, founding editor/publisher
InCity Times

P. S. By the way, Devin, what the heck are you doin’ on this PG-13 website?! You say you wanna be a great writer! Then get offa here and visit the NewYorkTimes.com or the New Yorker website pronto! They have some of the best writers in the world working for them! Reading stuff on those websites will expand your young consciousness and make you a great writer!