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Another ICT website reader writes …

“It seems that Mr. Dorman’s relatives are being removed from http://www.findagrave.com. There was a Doris Agatha Peltier Judson who died in 1995 that is no longer visable.

“findagrave will remove listings at the request of an immediate family member … ”

R.T. says: Thanks! You’re correct, my friend. Still, we have the roots search.


Other pieces to the puzzle:

* We are looking for a photo of Claude Dorman. We hear he is below-average looking.

* Boy, we could use an intern! This Wonderpoop project is growing by the day! We need some bright, eager kid who can sit in the library or courthouse and PORE over documents! For no pay! For hours! But, as I joked to Paulie this morning, what would she/he earn the credit in? HA HA HA HA!

* Ya, know, Wonderland has made so many folks miserable it is high time his style is cramped. SO… His website no longer has all the stuff he loves to do (hence write about): geneology, talking about grave stones/sites; The Brimfield Antique festivals, family vacations, favorite shops, his family. Maybe, maybe he can still blog about his three beloved felines, but they (pic and story) will most likely make their way to some anti-Wonderland blog.

* Ya, know, all the stuff re: Wonderland has sorta come to us. The scrubbed stories, pics, phone calls, emails, etc. Which means people have loathed this mean-spirited creep (more on that later) for years.

* again: our Wonderland Wishlist: photo, intern!


Finally, the website:


R. T.

On the trail of Wonderpoop OR …

By Rosalie Tirella

… Do two butt-wipes = 1 mega butt-wipe?

A week or two ago I was given a clue: Wonderland blogger = Claude Dorman, 38 Sever St., Worcester.

As you may know, if you’ve been reading us, the Wonderland blogger ass-wipe has lied about InCity Times’ circulation, the number of drop off sites for InCity Times, and its webstats. Trying to destroy my business – just as he has tried to destroy local developer Paulie C. of the NOLA  Jazz Festival fame, Harry T.,  Billy R  (biz folks who actually accomplish something in this town) – is something I will NOT tolerate.

Par for the course: Wondershit has libeled everybody! From former Mayor Joe O’Brien, former City Councilor Barbara Haller, City Councilor Kate Toomey, the Worcester City Council, all local biz associations, all of the good people of Worcester, Wonderpoop has pooped on them all. Libeled, defamed, etc. He is brutal with every city gal/guy who crosses his misanthropic path … but I digress.

This Wonderland butthole has become my “white whale,”  the whale (will – ww = white whale) I intend to pursue to the depths of hell. Who would have thunk hell would skirt the edges of Elm Park – 38 Sever St., home to a guy as loathsome as Wondershit. OR: Wonderhsit?

I have made a ton of calls, etc and decided:

1. This butthole may indeed be the butthole (Wonderpoop) we have been tracking for weeks …


2. this butt hole – Claude Dorman of 38 Sever St. – may be any entirely different, unique butthole. However, Dorman could be as big a butthole as the butthole we have been tracking for weeks!

This leads me to think (and fear): My, God, can Worcester actually be home to TWO MEGA buttholes?!!

Can this medium-sized city actually contain two horrific people with out-sized HATRED for everything WUSTA?

So, what I’ve learned about Claude, who fills me with a sick “Wonder”!

* Claude Dorman is called “Stormin’ Dorman” by the Worcester Police Department. Claude, the dear, called the Worcester Police on his Becker College neighbors (he and his wife Cignan live across the street from Becker) 79 times in ONE day! 79 times! In one day! Just last month he was involved with the police again!

They can’t stand him.

* Claude Dorman lives next door to former Worcester City Councilor Dennis Irish – and made his life hell. They do no even say hello to each other in passing – not even a nod of recogniton. Why? Because a while ago Irish got a tax abatement on his property and Claude Dorman wanted one, too. He went to Irish asking for one and Irish did the correct work and Dorman didn’t get the abatement. Well, in a fit of rage, Dorman wrote to all city council folks to tell them what a piece of poop Irish was. Lies and more lies. Libeled Irish up and down! Then Dorman reapplied and lied to the hilt on his application. City folks were hoping Cluade would be sued for the lies on his abatement application.

* A few years ago, as a leader in the Elm Park neighborhood, Claude Dorman got into a horrible feud with Bob Bourassa, then a web guy who lived in the city. Well, he gave Bourassa such a bad time that Bourrassa, left the area and disconnected his telephone number and email address.

The word on the street: Oh, God, not Claude Dorman!

Claude, the guy looks normal, but he is utterly vicious, utterly evil … sick … .

* The Telegram and Gazette threw Claude Dorman off their website. Seems Claude’s comments were so creepy and hate filled (a la Wonderland blogger) the T & G web moderators had to get rid of him (and they let almost anything go!). The T & G traced the ultra crappy comments to CLAUDE DORMAN, there are tons of people who saw the “proof.”

Is it any wonder that Claude has his home covered with cameras? To spy on his neighbors? To protect himself from people who hate him?

Poor Paulie! He has been outside Claude’s house taking photos, just staring at the guy’s lair … .

Paule, I told Paulie, you’re stalking the guy!

I don’t care! Paulie says! He has taken tons of pictures of my house and posted them on his website!

And Wonderpoop has!

Paulie said a Google search of him and his festival is loaded with slurs and lies about him written by Wonderland. It is something he hopes his darling Ma never has to see!

What about the musicians who are thinking of joining NOLA? And they do a quick Google search and see all the lies Wondershit has written about Paulie and his festival/biz?

The way Paulie sees it, sitting outside Claude’s house is nothing compared to Wondershit’s relentless stalking of Paulie for yearts. This is why Paulie sits in his car outside Claude Dorman’s house in the dead of winter, just staring … .

Paulie, believes Wondershit is Claude Dorman.

And Wondershit has done a number on Paulie! But we all know the truth: Paulie has helped turn around Worcester’s Piedmont ‘hood. Thanks to him, it’s ;ooking so much better! There are revitalized three deckers (Paulie’s he lives in one!), a repaved Chandler Street, new bike stands along Chandler Street, potted plants, a summer jazz festival on Chandler Street that draws hundreds and hundreds of folks from all over New England and, thanks to Pualie and pals, SMOC did not relocate to the MLK building, practically right across the street from Paulie’s house. All the homeless folks SMOC helps need help. But they should not be a stone’s throw from Park Ave and a neighborhood on the upswing.

More on Claude Dorman later … .

One ICT website reader on Wonderpoop’s granny

I just received an email notifying me that Wonderpoop’s granny “wasn’t just a Hussar –  she was a Hussy, too!”


Our enterprising reader continues:

“I like the part where he mentions Hussars in his family. More like HUSSYs, if you ask me!”

Keep it goin’, people!

(We hear Wondershit’s wife shops at that Polish Bakery on Millbury Street – the one cited by sanitation for mouse droppings … )

R. T.

Wonderpoop’s granny!

Yup, the info. re: Wondershit just keeps coming our way. He’s scrubbed this post about his grandmother, so it must be true! Road trip, anyone? Vroom! Vroom! – R.T.

My Grandma

By By Wonderpoop

This is a photo taken circa 1929 of my great grandmother Doris Agatha and her daughter Marguerite Louise.
We were at a small family – 54 bodies – gathering this weekend in Exeter, New Hampshire, where your humble poster’s family is concentrated.
The stories, anecdotes, and general family history shared this weekend I’ll never forget. A couple of interesting facts. My mom is one of twelve children – I knew that, but wanted to mention … My GGF mom’s side was a Hussar. I sorta knew that. And my Nana is one of seven girls – I didn’t know that.
My Nana, Doris Agatha was a dour ole gal with no sense of humor and most definitely wasn’t quick with a smile – frowns were her forte [because she was as emotionally constipated as I am!]. But what I remember most about her – she could cook! [Her Koolaid was the best!]

Let Them Eat Cake, Tony Economou?

editor’s note: Before you read our little intern’s rants: fyi, we are getting to Wonderpoop. He has be calling me, un-id phone number and all, just dead air, too chicken-shit to say a word … . Pathetic. The situation is so silly! Here is Wondershit, Mr. IT, doing everything he can to technically thwart me, and yet I, just a poor gal from Green Island, have proven to be quite the bee in his tech-savvy bonnet! It really is all about ingenuity/street smarts/tenacity … .  

Let Them Eat Cake, Tony Economou?

By ICT website intern Wonderpoop

I for one have a mistrust of politicians. More so with wannabe politicians.

How does a voter judge a candidate’s character? Character is a relative term. What is good character? What is bad character? One’s deeds are often used as the measure of a man’s character. Does one deed make a man’s character?

For the last two years Worcester voters have had to reconcile themselves with Mayor Joseph O’Brien’s lack of integrity – recanting his 2009 election promise to support residential voters [editor’s note: Wondershit is an extreme tight-wad!]. District 1 voters dealt with 6 years of Joff Smith’s lack of credibility. What’s in store for District 1 this election season?

The people of District 1 [Wondershit’s district] need ask only one question, what’s the character of Anthony J. Economou like? Let’s be clear, it’s not about returning calls or fighting the ALB or mouthing the election paroles, it’s about honesty and credibility.

It’s alleged by the Worcester Foreclosure Team that he used unethical practices in an attempt to force out people living in a foreclosed home. As middleman maybe he just misinterpreted the law. That would be a surprising coincidence from an experienced and licensed Massachusetts real estate broker, certified in all aspects of real estate transactions. Just a simple misunderstanding? Your call.

Where does Tony Economou stand on property taxes [tight-ass/wad Wondershit needs to know]? Well, he maintains he’s undecided, but that depends on who he talks to. Political office candidates allow themselves a lot of flexibility in their positions – like Mayor Joseph O’Brien for example. Regardless of whether Tony Economu is playing the voters, the fact is everything about Tony Economou implies that there is little likelihood that he has the homeowner’s interest in mind.

As a businessman, he has extensive vested interests in Worcester real estate, as manager and agent of the CEO Group LLC, as vice-president of North Worcester Business Association, president and treasurer of Donuts + More, signatory of Erdka LLC, and executor of the Economou family trust, and his affiliation with the nefarious Worcester Citizens for Business as charter member, reknown for its anti-homeowner stance – an array of personal and business relations implying, at least to me, that Tony Economou is not impartial on the question of residential property taxation.

For a district that had to deal with the antics of Joff Smith, Economou portends another bigger nightmare for the voters in District 1.

Nay, for all the homeowners of Worcester.

Let them eat cake Tony?

Wonderpoop on Kate Toomey, District 15 state rep. candidate

Again, Wonderpoop libels/loathes everyone in Worcester! From our city leaders, to our schools, our kids, our parents, our businesses, our downtown, our media – everyone!

He needs to move far, far away …

Here he is (a few years back) on City Councilor at Large Kate Toomey, who has just announced she’s running for the District 15 state representative seat.

R. T.
Blogging Fool Award – Councilor Kate Toomey

By Wonderpoop

A City Councilor who knows technology rules. Still want to stand by that statement Councilor Kate?

After weeks of searching, WWW’s editorial board finally found the perfect candidate for Wusta’s Blogging Fool Award. Not that there ain’t enough blogging fools in Wusta mind you. So garnering the unanimous vote of the editorial board, Worcester City Councilor Kate Toomey the indefatigable defender of the status quo.

This week’s inept handling of a citizen’s banal inquiry [Wonderpoop’s, perhaps?] – a meatball pitch if ever there was one – turned into a comedy of errors.

As many of you know if you’ve ever tried interacting with a councilor, the process is rather frustrating – no response to emails or telephone calls. No response to anything. If you’re lucky, the response is ambiguous. But ask yourself, why contact a City Councilor to get your neighborhood stop sign fixed or errant trash removed? What is the job of City Councilor? It’s what they say it is. So Councilor Kate finally accomplished something – she publicly fucked up. All on her own.

There’s not a whole lot to say about Toomey. Except that she pioneered the use of Facebook and Twitter as a communication tool to parry with with the electorate. Perhaps more noteworthy, in 6 years on the city council she’s hasn’t profiled herself on any single issue – always the lackey. When history looks back on her time, her legacy will read: Indistinguishable from the proverbial bump on a log.

Admittedly Toomey’s use of Facebook and Twitter to communicate with the electorate is democratic. Perhaps even laudable. Her droids – all three of em – call her a leader in the use of gizmos to communicate with the public – a quantum leap in open government! Ever read the posts? More like a quantum heap of pabulum.

And how about that Toomey website? Dead since March 2010. With so much happening in city politics she can’t put her thoughts into complex sentences? By golly she’s a teacher. Or maybe she’s smarter than we think. Knowing how dim-witted the electorate is, 140 characters is more than sufficient to get her message out. Thinking back, Councilor Rick Rushton made a couple lame attempts at connecting with the electorate on his personal website. The content though intelligible – using more than 140 characters and complex sentences – is unadulterated BS.

So, as the winner of the Blogging Fool Award, we heartily commend Worcester City Councilor Kate ”Green Eyes” Toomey for being a true detriment to the principles of democratic government.

… I say, what’s so privileged about asking a Councilor to get a sidewalk fixed? Folks want to know if they follow through. What they’re thinking. That’s not a whole lot to expect from them?

If Toomey’s recent interaction is indicative of the quality of response from one Councilor, imagine what the other 10 are like?

The WPD’s war on the T & G

editor’s note: What with WPD declaring a kind of (silly) war on the T & G, we decided to dig into our archives to bring you a piece by ICT website intern Wonderpoop, re: WPD’s earlier “boycottt” of the daily. – R.T.

The WPD’s war  on the T & G

By ICT website intern Wonderpoop

Just what we need before the stupid elections, chaos in the government. Well, at least more than the usual.

What the heck does Chief Gemme think he’s doing?

What the heck should the City Manager do with a rogue cop?

And what the heck are we to think when the Chief of Police publically declares war on the local newspaper? The venerable Telegram & Gazette.

Ain’t anything sacred?

It’s presumptuous for Gemme to think that a government organ is untouchable in a democratic society. For Gemme to publically retaliate by stating he will refuse to deal with the local press because it feels unjustifiably attacked is incongruent with a democratic society’s principles.

I would have hoped that the officers in command positions at the WPD, including the Chief, thoroughly read and understood their political science and public policies textbooks while “attending college” to fulfill the requirements of the Quinn Bill. It seems they didn’t, since they ignore the fact that a free press is one of the checks and balances of a democratic society.

For good or for worse the T&G is necessary, because someone has to keep an eye on the police and their union and the councilors. The T&G’s job is to raise awareness of issues for the public to ponder. What you do with that info is your concern. But don’t expect any help from the Council when things do get out of hand, as they have. The bottom line is that the Chief of Police and City Council have lost site of the fact that they are beholden to the public, not to the unionized few.

But hey, we all know that right? So I suppose if we give Gemme the $5 million and make the T&G publically apologize, maybe a public flogging of Sutner on the Common (draw and quartering is too messy and heck who’d wanna clean up that mess?), he’ll go back to his bunker; having fulfilled his obligation to his 450 loyal rabid unionists.

So let’s give them what they want. Why not? Heck the City Council threw away $2.5 million for some stupid water sprayers for Main South. The money is better spent satiating a hoard of heavily armed potential insurrectionists. Last I read, they have 73 M-14 and M-16’s, 500+ hand guns, a WWII era Sherman Tank (the Chief’s brother has been working on it in his spare time – off the clock of course), and a SWAT team really itching to kick some serious butt. All in all enough toys and manpower I’d say to overthrow a city, say the size, of Wusta?

I say we give them the 5 mill folks and call it a win-win. Consider it an early Christmas present to the WPD from the people of Wusta.

Ya think there’s a lesson to be learned?

Well, only in Worcester can something like this happen.

And, we get what we deserve.