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Wonderpoop’s granny!

Yup, the info. re: Wondershit just keeps coming our way. He’s scrubbed this post about his grandmother, so it must be true! Road trip, anyone? Vroom! Vroom! – R.T.

My Grandma

By By Wonderpoop

This is a photo taken circa 1929 of my great grandmother Doris Agatha and her daughter Marguerite Louise.
We were at a small family – 54 bodies – gathering this weekend in Exeter, New Hampshire, where your humble poster’s family is concentrated.
The stories, anecdotes, and general family history shared this weekend I’ll never forget. A couple of interesting facts. My mom is one of twelve children – I knew that, but wanted to mention … My GGF mom’s side was a Hussar. I sorta knew that. And my Nana is one of seven girls – I didn’t know that.
My Nana, Doris Agatha was a dour ole gal with no sense of humor and most definitely wasn’t quick with a smile – frowns were her forte [because she was as emotionally constipated as I am!]. But what I remember most about her – she could cook! [Her Koolaid was the best!]

This is Wondershit?

So Wondershit likes the blues …  is a musician in town? (Is that why he is tres jealous of Paulie C. and his NOLA festival?) Obviously, upper-midle class. Maybe pretentious. Maybe a laid-off-writer at some local rag? Everyone to their GPS (it takes you to DCU Center, Foster Street arts/music scene)!

Here it is … Wondershit  …. He wrote this a couple of years ago ….

R. Tirella


Dear Mr. Claus,

By Wondershit

“I’m putting together my Christmas wish list; hoping you can help me out.

“I’ve been a very good boy this year, as I have every year, and I’d like to use all those brownie points I’ve earned to wish for a couple CDs. I’ve got my heart set on these two: Yule Struttin’ and Blue Yule.


Best wishes to you and Mrs. Claus and have a nice day!

Yours truly,

William W. W.

PS. If you need directions? Let me know. Hey you gotta GPS?

Plug these in: N42°15.87378. W071°47.96424.

PPS. Mrs. Will’s Eggnog is really kick-ass this year. So ya better hurry up before its all gone!

One InCity Times reader on Wonderpoop

editor’s note: Wow! I just got this great letter from an InCity Times reader on Wonderpoop! Thank you!

Everyone in this city knows what a jealous, negative loser Wonderpoop is. Cyber bully extraordinaire. He has nothing good to say about anybody in Worcester. I am glad folks know the awful truth.

Here is the letter:

The writings of “Wonderidiot”

By Nisa

The writings of “Wonderidiot” reveal that the person is a venomous and always angry malcontent who is bent on attacking individuals, organizations and small business. S/he is not funny, valid or even of interest to anyone with any brains. The rants on her/his site are getting old and annoying.

Unless you are a business selling web ads or you are looking to market a commercial product, then the amount of “unique web site visits” may be important if whether or not a web analytic reveals a large reader base. But let’s face it, the web is all about niche interest for most online readers. Sites like most commentary blogs or non-commercial entities are not concerned with such information. What matters is if some segment of the population, no matter how small or large, gives a shit about the content of any particular website. In some cases the writers and viewers of most web sites care less about the volume of viewers than they do about the individuals who might find something of interest on there particular site that they simply will not find anywhere else.

For example, no where else will you find the content as specific and unique as what you might find on website posted in small neighborhood newspaper or some non-profit community radio or TV outlet, etc. It’s pointless and totally irrelevant to compare say InCity Times with the T&G or someone like WCUW radio with WTAG radio. They are based on totally different value marketing and target systems.

That angry blogger [Wondershit!!] rarely writes truthfully, and s/he should probably learn to deal with reality rather than what seems to be obvious hate or perhaps (toward you and some other organizations he un-substantially slams) appears to have some sort of perverted infatuation with the many s/he attacks. What else could it be? It’s obviously personal and that alone pretty much voids the person of any credibility even without being anonymous.

Maybe s/he needs needs psychological help, or is searching in some way to fill a void in her/his life. I hope that happens for her/him. It probably won’t though. I’d say that vanity has too strong of a hold on the person. So what? No one cares anyway.

Here’s a suggestion for that sad individual, and it comes from someone who is genuinely sorry for the losses and bad choices s/he seemed to have made in this world:

[Wondershit] You seem angry, envious of others, and constantly spewing such hatred. That must be burdensome at some point. No one but someone in a place that is as pitiful and pathetic as you seem to be in would even care or concern themselves with these obvious personal attacks. How is all of that all working out for you?

To Rose: You run your very own news paper. With a very small team – that is a tremendously huge accomplishment, especially for the length of time you have celebrated so far [10+ years!]. Some idiots envy you – they wish they could do what you do, but they obviously can’t. Surely you must expect from time to time someone may not care for your writing style or the story content. Some stand ideologically distant from you. So what? It’s up to you to choose how and what you write. Others can either choose to read your paper or choose not to. Don’t sweat the web stat attacks. It’s meaningless.

Wonderland Wonder-shit, Tracy Novick and more …

Wonderland Wonder-shit, Tracy Novick and more …

By Rosalie Tirella

Let’s OUT Wondershit! We know this: Wondershit (from Wonderland) has no idea how hard I work to put my paper out. He’d last 2 secs w/ ICTimes – not 10 and a half years (as I have) – earning and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to publish my paper. Don’t worry Wondershit, I have just told tough guy # 2 about you – he’s told me he could hire someone to kill you/slash you up! Hey! What fun! When you come from places like Green Island, Wonderhsit, you are only a person or two away from someone who can do extreme damage to your enemies. I told my pal: NO! NO! It’s illegal! Wondershit will have to be slayed by words! The laptop is mightier than the sword!

But back to Wondeshit! He (along with his loser wife and two or so loser progeny) has done nothing for Worcester except bitch (via his hateful website) about its people and landmarks! We know he hates:

* Barbara Haller, former Worcester District 4 city councilor. Saying she didn’t do any work, poking fun at her at all times. – plain wrong, Wondershit, plain wrong.

* Worcester City Councilor and former Worcester Mayor Joe O’Brien – calling him a “socialist,” calling him a do nothing, just like every other right wing nut in town. Wrong again, Wondershit.

* Paulie C., the guy behind Worcester’s only Jazz festival – really the only guy who has made something cool happen on Chandler Street. Seems like Wondershit was especially vitriolic – especially brutal with Paulie after Paulie’s SUCESSFUL event. Two days after NOLA, Wondershit had to go on his shit-kicker website and claim that there were no attendees at the jazz fest! He wrote that everything NOLA sucked and Paulie should pack it up! Even though it was hosted by Carter Allen of Boston’s WZLX fame (cool!) etc. and people attended. Wondershit just knocked Paulie to death. Later he made it a point to intimate that the guy is an alcoholic and of course Wondershit is pushing a non-local (Paulie is from Somerville) out the door the way all stupid Worcesterites do so often – to the city’s detriment. Provincial is just another name for Wonderhit.

Wondershit hates everyone and everything in this city! He can’t get on board for anything. More stuff/folks he hates and libels in his blog:

* Bill R. – calling Bill a slumlord and distibutor of booze to minors, via his inner-city liquor store. I may disagree with Bill over CDCs, but he runs an OK store – most likely a piece of sanity in an otherwise INSANE innercity neighborhood. I am there … I drive by .. I know the folks who work there. All pretty nice folks – a nice clean space.

* Tony Economou – Worc. Biz group. Why does Wondershit say horrible things about this group/attempt to do fancy investigative pieces when he is just publishing pulbic info on uppermiddle class Worc. folks? Because Wondershit, like most middle-class Worc. homeowners, will most likely see his property taxes go up, via the new Worc. city council. Tony and his group had a little to do with this. Get over it Wondershit-head – you will have to shell out some bucks. You can afford it – like most Worc. cheapskate whiners.

* Wondershit also hates: All things Worcester Mag, all things ICTimes, all the local radio stations. And the TV stations, too! He hates everybody!!



One thing: Wondershit doesn’t diss the T & G (or the city of Worc. bureacrats for that matter), so maybe he works for either entity. Forget about the fact that Wondershit breaks copyright law every day – not providing links to the papers etc he takes his graphs from. He just copies and pastes their stuff right onto his website – the T & G seems to be OK with this. Which makes me think he works for them.

* Does Wondershit attend blogger coffee events? Sit in the back and make notes about all the people he hates, the city he loathes? We do know Tracy O’Connel Novick, Worcester Public School Committee person, knows this blogger. He said Novick once encouraged him (over blogger coffee?) to run for public office! Puh-lease, Tracy Novick! That’s the last thing we need – Wonder-shit shitting on everything in town.

* OH and as far as Tracy Novick goes, we have heard this from John Monfredo, fellow Worcester School Committee member: This will be the last time Novick is VICE CHAIRMAN of the WPSchool Committee. Monfredo is head of the WPSC rules subcommittee and he is working to make it a rule that second place vote getters get the vice chair of the Worc. School Committee – not people who do backroom deals like Novick did. Monfredo told me he was not going to vote for Novick getitng the vice chair slot, but Mayor Joe Petty (the Chairman – like all Worc. mayors – of the school committee) went to him and told him to do so, to make the WPSC seem cohesive and positive. Monfredo told Petty he was againt Novick as Vice Chair because she had alientated so many minority parents of WPS students with her Dr. Boone witch-hunt. Monfredo told Petty it would send the wrong message to so many Worc. Public School parents and kids if Novick were to be vice chair.

Petty didn’t listen – and Novick doesn’t care who she offends. So now the city must live with this mistake. But, thanks to John Monfredo, the WPSC rules will soon be changed to make this Novick’s first and last stint as Vice Chair. The process will be fair – just like the way it’s done with the Worcester City Council.


2. Let’s OUT Wondershit!

Fellow scribes, let’s out the puke whom everyone loathes. We can out him here on this website – I will take full responsibility. Give me a call/email if you know wonder-shit’s name, address, work place, etc. I will gladly post all the info here. I will keep your identity a secret, tipster. I will also do a little snooping around too. When we learn this puke’s vital stats, I will post his name/address/job info here and also create a special category to the right so people can always find his info right at the top of my webpage.

I will also bring Mr. X into this – a guy with (as W. Zevon sings) lawyers, guns and money – he knows some computer whiz folks, too, and actually hunted down Mike Benedetti four years ago for me (Mason Street – Catholic worker house). Mike, scared silly, left New England for DC – and stayed there for about several months

I know (have heard) this cyber-puke works in Main South, a low level housing official (city/state)?

Nothing wrong with spewing stuff – just run a byline, idiot – like most of us do. That way when you do say something to piss folks off, you will deal with the repercussions that all of us have to deal with whenever we write stuff certain folks/groups of folks don’t like.

Your loud mouth will shrink mighty quickly once your city or boss or your kids’ school teachers read your stuff. Trust me: they will treat you and yours accordingly. You will be treated the exact way you’ve treated everyone in this city.

Again, folks, call me at 508.963.8386 or email me at incitytimes@hotmail.com

Let’s out this puke.


By Rosalie Tirella

1. How creepy! The sleazy Jeremy Shulkin, staff “reporter” of Worcester Magazine, did not credit InCity Times’ Chris Horton for breaking the Tony Economou story in InCity Times – last Friday. The Tony I-post-illegal-notices-on-people’s-foreclosed-homes-to-send-them-into-homeless-shelters Economou story was first reported in InCity Times last Friday – three days before the Telegram and Gazette column appeared. Of course, Shulkin could not mention/credit InCity Times – it smacks of the sleaziness surrounding the B. Phoenixes. That is, all the Boston Phoenix newspapers, the mother of all alternative newspapers, are dropped off each week at the Broadway Restaurant, right across the street from the Worcester magazine office. Funny, everytime I go by the stands, the Phoenix’s is always a mess, papers thrown on too, etc. So no one can read them, of course.

And now not crediting InCity Times?

Why must Worcester Mag be so creeply/underhanded? They have a horrible history – they have treated their news reporters/editors like shit, firing three reporters, getting rid of two editors – all within a few months or even weeks of hiring them. I think one lasted a year of so. And who can forget when Gareth Charter first stepped into the publisher’s shoes, after Kirk Davis had bought the publication from Allen Fletcher. The new owners promised all the original WoMag staffers their jobs – they fired everyone (except for sales reps) by EMAIL.

So now only the sleazoids remain (in keeping with the saying “water seeks its own level”) to work for uber-sleazy publisher Gareth Charter: Dorren Manning and Jeremy “Skulk-in.”

Did Doreen come up with this week’s cover story idea after reading my blog about owning InCity Times for 10 years and paying the bills every week, etc? Most likely yes.

One freelance writer told me he was happy he didn’t work full time for Blow Mag. he said they are the only paper that look at their numbers ($$$) every month and then fire staff writers to balance the books.
So, Jeremy, tell the truth. We – InCity Times broke the Tony Economou story. Not Clive Mcfarlane. We got there first.

P.S. And don’t go having your daddy write me a letter defending his spoiled/sneakly little boy. I won’t print the lies this time.