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The Gong Show! (aka: last night’s Worcester City Council meeting!)

By Rosalie Tirella

Last night I sat before a little TV set mesmerized – absolutely mesmerized! – by all the whackiness that was flying around the august City Council chambers. You should have been their, folks! OR: You should have at least watched last night’s Worcester City Council meeting on your TV set! You could have sliced the rancor and the nuttiness with a meat cleaver! It was “Reno 911” Worcester style! What a gas, gas, gas!!!!

Here we go: Nutty Scene #1: Sam Rosario. Rosario, a duplicitous blowhard whom everyone in Worcester thinks is a duplicitous blowhard, is representing the liveries in their quest to become taxis. Sammy is a guy who once told political opponent Joe Cassella to step out of a three-way city council primary race because he (Cassella) had no chance of winning – it was really a race between him (Rosario) and the incumbent (dope Joff Smith). That was before Cassella trounced him and then went on to run against Smith in November and do fairly well – and seemingly (thank God!) put an end to Rosario’s political aspirations. Well, last night Sammy went bonkers. Continue reading The Gong Show! (aka: last night’s Worcester City Council meeting!)

City Councilor “Ric” Rushton and his incredible, shrinking brain (or: Dope-a-rama cont.)

By Rosalie Tirella

Regular readers of InCity Times and this website know that for the past few years I have chronicled the evaporation of Worcester City Councilor Frederick “Ric” Rushton’s brain.

In columns entitled “Dope-a-rama” I have written about Rushton’s incredible, shrinking brain as evidenced by his mangling of the English language every Tuesday night/City Council night (I’ll never forget when he told his colleagues about exploding brains) and his half-cooked history lessons that he dumps on his council colleagues. All of this is dished up with extra helpings of arrogance.

From the get go, I could see Ric Rushton was a dope who was too full of himself (dopiness); now most of Worcester can see this, too! The dope has been caught doing something extra dopey and kinda sneaky, too, and he has been outed by T & G columnist Clive McFarlane. (Kudos to Clive-o!)

According to McFarlane, Rushton, a gas bag Worcester lawyer who does his lawyering downtown, has avoided all Worcester parking garages/parking lots and their fees ($10 a day) in favor of putting quarters in Worcester’s downtown parking meters, figuring out (how impressive! Ric can add!) that he saves money this way! That’s right! For Ric – and he told this to McFarlane – hogging a city parking meter and getting a parking ticket costs him less money than paying $10/day for garages/lots! Continue reading City Councilor “Ric” Rushton and his incredible, shrinking brain (or: Dope-a-rama cont.)

Worcester City Council needs to watch this TV special on the pitbulls of Michael Vicks

By Rosalie Tirella

They need to learn how incredible pit bulls are.

It’s a National Geographic channel special: Michael Vicks’ pitbulls – what happens to them after they are rescued and brought to Dogtown, the nation’s largest no-kill animal shelter. It’s a “Dogtown” TV show dedicated to these poor animals who football pro/murderer Michael Vicks tortured/fought/drowned/raped on his compound down South.

You meet these poor souls(pitbulls): Cherry, the bait dog, a dog so fearful, so broken (she is naturally submissive so Vicks threw her in with the fighters he was grooming so they could practically kill her and, thus, gain self-confidence). It takes months for Cherry to stop trembling when a person gently pets her head. Then there’s a big, beautiful pitbull with teeth pulled (so she could be raped by other dogs – and bred). Vicks “home” is/was nothing but a torture chamber – blood and fighting pits and metal wheels and chains … Like ancient Rome – only the slave-gladiators were the dogs. Continue reading Worcester City Council needs to watch this TV special on the pitbulls of Michael Vicks

Mayor Joe O’Brien: First impressions (on his first city council meeting)

By Rosalie Tirella

It was disappointing to watch Worcester’s new mayor, the exceedingly hoarse Joe O’Brien, at last week’s city council meeting. “Zero gravitas” I told myself, as I watched the guy attempt to run (never mind lead) his first Worcester City Council meeting last Tuesday eve. He was nice enough – but not serious enough. He gave folks their turn to talk – but didn’t do much talking about anything important. He should have. He seemed to have nothing more to offer than a goofy smile when City Councilor Konnie Lukes’ suggested Worcester cap its affordable housing. (By the way, she was much more mayoral than O’Brien. She spoke with confidence. She was articulate. She grabbed that mic and held it – with authority!)

I love Konnie Lukes, but I disagree with Konnie Lukes. Totally. Strongly. Passionately. Shame on O’Brien for not coming to the rescue of the inner-city or inner-city families or inner-city kids (who he wants to make sure get the best urban education in the country). First he lives in Main South and sees the effects of poverty daily. Second: He should know a kid can’t get a first-rate education, if your family is on the run from slumlords or stressed to the MAX paying high bills or scrimping on food or clothing to pay Worcester’s $800 rents. Ya want smart kids, Joe? Then give them safe, clean apartments run by parents/guardians who dodn’t feel the wolf is at the door. ALWAYS! Continue reading Mayor Joe O’Brien: First impressions (on his first city council meeting)

District 2 City Councilor Phil Palmieri and the voter fraud game!

By Rosalie Tirella

Why would District 2 City Councilor Phil Palmieri, at 65, believe that he can he run for higher office, when he can’t even contribute anything of significance to the City of Worcester as a Worcester city councilor?

Phil is pointless. But he is too arrogant and stupid to know he is pointless. He runs for his District 2 seat unopposed – and a ton of folks in his district vote for: NOBODY! That is, voters in his district choose NOT TO VOTE for Phil Palmieri when they are casting their ballots at election time. They vote for mayor, they vote for at large councilors, but they don’t – won’t! – vote for Phil! Continue reading District 2 City Councilor Phil Palmieri and the voter fraud game!

Gary Rosen replies …


Although I decided not to go through the rigors of a political campaign this fall, the election for State Representative in the 13th Worcester District is one year away (the fall of 2010). I shall use the next few weeks and months to assemble a strong campaign committee, recruit volunteers, raise money, and plan the strategies we’ll need for a successful result next fall.

And this man that you have labeled as old is going to use that foolish statement as encouragement and motivation. As a former teacher at Wachusett Regional High School, many families still remember and respect me for the fine education I gave their children. And soon I’ll be getting some needed exercise this fall into the early winter by leisurely walking the town of Paxton, knocking on doors and talking to registered voters.

But don’t worry, Rosalie, I have the intellect, ability, energy and character to serve the people of the 13th Worcester District quite well.

Best Regards,

Gary Rosen

Kate Toomey as mayor of Worcester?

By Rosalie Tirella

Kate Toomey, mayor of Worcester. How disorienting a freakin’ sentence is that?!

Mayor Toomey. Mayor Toomey? I just don’t get it! What do other people see in her that I am obviously blind to?

Toomey’s a woman with zero personality, zero charisma, zero charm. But forget the personality for a moment. As a Worcester city councilor (this is her second term), she never really adds anything of substance to Worcester city council meetings – except her approval of any plan hatched by the Rushton/Murray/Petty/old boys’ team. I watch the city council meetings ever week (from the comfort of a living room, away from the T & G/Blow Mag hacks who just love to give Rushton and Petty and their pals all the best play and make it a habit of dumping on Mayor Konnie Lukes, even Gary Rosen – outsiders, both), and Toomey never ever has came up with a cool plan or vision for anything! She has never had a passion about any issue. She has never advocated for anybody/anything on the council floor with vigor. She has never stood her ground fighting for anything. Toomey seems quiet, even a little withdrawn. Continue reading Kate Toomey as mayor of Worcester?

Taco is correct!

I agree with Taco on one important point: the same folks keep getting recyled through Worcester’s political system. Let’s all take a big gulp of Milk of Magnesia and purge ourselves of folks like City Councilor Mike Germain, a guy who knows nothing about pretty much everything. We need to get these guys the hell outa city hall.

Sad but true: Awhile ago I was told that Worcester City Manager Mike O’Brien and L.G. Tim Murray (maybe before he was L.G.) went to someone’s house – together, paid this person a personal visit – to ask this person to run for a seat on the Worcester City Council. How’s that for trying to control the system? When would Tim Murray come to my home and ask me to run for city council or school committee? Like Taco said, these guys want to fill the council with council-bots – people who will rubber stamp their programs/agendas. They, in turn, will support the council-bots with their considerable political muscle ($$, volunteers, endorsements, important contributor lists, etc). I am not saying all their programs are merit-less. I AM saying their way of doing politics sucks.

– Rosalie Tirella