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Morons and Whores, Part 2: Worcester City Councilor Joff Smith and Paul Giorgio

By Rosalie Tirella

Wow! We had wanted to mention Joff Smith in our blog about moron’s (see below) because he embodies everything that is creepy about America: Joff Smith thinks he is a TV/movie star! Smith, who is in his late 20s, actually has an agent! Someone who tries to get him into the movies! Someone who actually makes calls on the behalf of Smith’s acting career.

Smith is ambitious beyond belief, but his ambition far outstrips his intelligence and ability. But hey, he looks good in a suit and smiles real nice. Why not vote for him? Why not send him to Beacon Hill? To Washington!

When Joff Smith isn’t trying to break into show biz, he is a Worcester City councilor – a job he doesn’t do at all. He has demagogued the Asian Beetle issue – bad beetles! Bad feds! Evil feds! But other than that, he has done pretty much nothing as Worcester City Councilor. He is lousy at constituent services. When constituent Jeff Richardson asked Smith to have the sidewalk in front of his house repaired 3 years ago, nothing got done. For 3 years! Just last week did he get results – probably because Joff really needs his vote. He also placed a Joff Smith lawn sign on Richardon’s lawn without asking; apparently Joff has been doing this all over the district! I saw him a month ago, wearing of all things white gloves as he gingerly placed a Joff Smith sign in someone’s lawn. Yes, wear those little white gloves, Joffy! We don’t want your precious little movie star hands scarred!

People in Smith’s city council district complain that he doesn’t return calls. When I tried to reach him a few years ago, the phone number City Hall provided me was Smith’s work number (most councilors list their homes as well). He never returned my call – I had to stay on him – and pry another number out of the City Council secretary. Continue reading Morons and Whores, Part 2: Worcester City Councilor Joff Smith and Paul Giorgio

City Councilor Joff Smith and Goldstein Scrap Metal’s new street

By Rosalie Tirella

I noticed the street parallel to Lafayette Street is now two-way and has a lovely double yellow line painted down its middle (courtesy of our DPW). I grew up in the neighborhood. For years and years and years the street (bordering the Corner Lunch) was one way and NEVER EVER two way – or repaired. It always looked dumpy.

Why the big change?

Could it be that District 1 City Counilor Joff Smith’s family has relocated their scrap metal business there and wanted a nice new convenient two-way street on which to conduct their business – Goldstein’s Scrap and Metal? And Joff could make that happen – as soon as they made the move from their old site – Harrison Street – to the new one? Most likely the answer is yes. After all, their son sits on the city council’s street/parking subcommittee – only for most folks, it takes years for anything to happen to their street. Continue reading City Councilor Joff Smith and Goldstein Scrap Metal’s new street