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Go, Sarai and Worcester pastors, go!!!!!!!

From the public statement read by Worcester District 4 City Councilor Sarai Rivera at City Hall this afternoon. Rivera is also a pastor. … Brave and beautiful words for all Worcesterites  … -R.T.

“We believe in a Worcester that can stand united and strong. It is sad that there has been a rise in racial tension throughout the nation and it has touched us here at our home.

“We stand united as faith leaders against the increased intensity of hate speech directed at people of color in Worcester.

“This hate speech is intended to degrade and intimidate, creating a hostile environment that we will not embrace or condone, that we will not succumb to or be silent in.”

“Today we stand and call for an end to all the hate speech so that as a community we can proceed ahead.

“We look forward to the community conversations that were announced by the City Manager and Mayor which will be facilitated by the Department of Justice. These dialogues on race are coming at an important time in Worcester’s history.

“We are at a crossroads. As leaders of faith in this community we encourage full and active participation in this multi-part dialogue.

“The events of the past few months should make it clear that the path forward requires all of our participation, all of our perspectives and all of our life experiences.”

“We understand that the process of pursuing racial justice can be difficult and that too often the finger gets pointed at those raising concerns, rather than at the structures and institutions perpetuating disparities and injustices.

“We believe though, that through a process of honest dialogue we can come out all the stronger.”