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On sheriff candidate Lew Evangelidis: one ICT reader writes …

Ms. Tirella-

I wanted to tell you that I’ve been a long time reader of InCity Times. I grew up in Shrewsbury and work in Worcester as a law clerk at Abigail Williams & Associates. I wanted to tell you that I think what you are doing is awesome with your paper – and for whatever it is worth – don’t let Lew Evangelidis get to you. You are doing the right thing!

Thank you for continuing to report a fair and accurate depiction of how you see things. Mr. Evangelidis seems to not understand that being objective and accurately reporting is not slander/libel/etc …

– Matt Eliadi

Creeped out by Worcester County sheriff candidate Lew Evangelidis!

By Rosalie Tirella

This is why people hate politicians – this is why voters have a “Throw the bums out!” mentality.

Case in point: my meeting yesterday with Holden’s own “Lew” Evangelidis. (or maybe in Lew’s case, it should be: “Please God, don’t let this bum in!”

State Rep. “Lew” Evangelidis is running for Worcester County sheriff, and in my almost 10 years of publishing InCity Times and dealing with politicians of all political stripes and leanings, I have never ever met a pol who was more amped up, revved up, possibly coked up! I have never been more turned off by a politician. This guy is every pol stereotype come spookily to life: fast, fast, smooth talker; making no effort to be personable, get to know you (me). AND THEN THE KICKER: Practically right off the bat Lew says to me: If I – InCity Times – endorse him for sheriff, then he will take out an ad with me!

He said something like: And on my ad I can say endorsed by InCity Times!

I wanted to spit on him. No politican has ever treated me with such disrespect. InCity Times may be poor, we may be downtrodden but we are not stupid or bribe-able. Memo to Lew Evangelidis: INCITY TIMES CANNOT BE BOUGHT!

And all the good will I brought into the meeting evaporated on the spot. Continue reading Creeped out by Worcester County sheriff candidate Lew Evangelidis!