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By Rosalie Tirella

Three cheers for Mayor Joe O’Brien for standing his ground against folks who want to squelch school district representation on the Worcester School Committee!

He’s right! By creating three or so districts – districts that encompass places like Main South, South Side, Down Town, etc, – in which residents can run for Worcester School Committee, Worcester’s political world will be more welcoming/accessible to minorities, working class/poor people. People whose voices are seldom heard in Worcester. People who can bring new perspectives to the issues.

Think about it. Why do most of the folks on Worcester’s city council and school committee come from the West Side? Because they, as upper middle class folks, ALREADY WEILD POLITICAL/ECONOMIC clout in the city. They already have their foot in the door simply by being who they are. Ex: you’re name is Fred Smith and you are from Moreland Street (on the West Side). You have a good job at UMass Memorial Hospital, you belong to some business and civic associations in Worcester, you’re a church/neighborhood leader, you go to the theater once a month, etc. Right then and there you have a bunch of things going for you that a regular ol’ person doesn’t have going for him/herself: 1. Money to run you campaign CITY-WIDE 2. Connections – connections with people of standing at your work place – in Fred’s case it might be the nurses or doctors at Memorial Hospital or the hospital’s administrators. These people vote and they will vote for you AND be able to give you campaign $. 3. You, as Fred, also probably have plenty of “name recognition” at church, your neighborhood and business association/groups to which you belong – again situations ripe with possibilities, ripe with folks who are educated to VOTE and have the money to make campaign contributions. So you, as Fred already already, have 20 legs up on the person from Main South – maybe a factory worker with great ideas but none of the life benefits middle class people take for grantted.

By creating districts, the City of Worcester will enable the person from the South Side, etc to have an asier job garnering votes, campaigning etc.

When Mayor O’Brien says this change in WPS committee compostion is going to open things up politically for new voices/people/ideas, he is 100% correct!

Idiot Jeremy Shulkin from the supposedly “alternative” paper Worcester Mag is supporting the racist/classist status quo when his stories not so subtley side with people like Kate Toomey or even most of the WPS Committee. It is awefully hard to stand up to – even see – a kind of city-wide, entrenched racism/classism. People just see the system the way it is – have trouble seeing its flaws because they have lived with it (to their advantage) all their lives. No one wants to give up power/clout.

This is the time for all progressives to make some noise! To rock this city – for the better!

District Reps on the Worcester School Committtee NOW!!!

Worcester Mag’s Jeremy “Skulk-in”

By Rosalie Tirella

1. How creepy! The sleazy Jeremy Shulkin, staff “reporter” of Worcester Magazine, did not credit InCity Times’ Chris Horton for breaking the Tony Economou story in InCity Times – last Friday. The Tony I-post-illegal-notices-on-people’s-foreclosed-homes-to-send-them-into-homeless-shelters Economou story was first reported in InCity Times last Friday – three days before the Telegram and Gazette column appeared. Of course, Shulkin could not mention/credit InCity Times – it smacks of the sleaziness surrounding the B. Phoenixes. That is, all the Boston Phoenix newspapers, the mother of all alternative newspapers, are dropped off each week at the Broadway Restaurant, right across the street from the Worcester magazine office. Funny, everytime I go by the stands, the Phoenix’s is always a mess, papers thrown on too, etc. So no one can read them, of course.

And now not crediting InCity Times?

Why must Worcester Mag be so creeply/underhanded? They have a horrible history – they have treated their news reporters/editors like shit, firing three reporters, getting rid of two editors – all within a few months or even weeks of hiring them. I think one lasted a year of so. And who can forget when Gareth Charter first stepped into the publisher’s shoes, after Kirk Davis had bought the publication from Allen Fletcher. The new owners promised all the original WoMag staffers their jobs – they fired everyone (except for sales reps) by EMAIL.

So now only the sleazoids remain (in keeping with the saying “water seeks its own level”) to work for uber-sleazy publisher Gareth Charter: Dorren Manning and Jeremy “Skulk-in.”

Did Doreen come up with this week’s cover story idea after reading my blog about owning InCity Times for 10 years and paying the bills every week, etc? Most likely yes.

One freelance writer told me he was happy he didn’t work full time for Blow Mag. he said they are the only paper that look at their numbers ($$$) every month and then fire staff writers to balance the books.
So, Jeremy, tell the truth. We – InCity Times broke the Tony Economou story. Not Clive Mcfarlane. We got there first.

P.S. And don’t go having your daddy write me a letter defending his spoiled/sneakly little boy. I won’t print the lies this time.

Interesting Worcester Mag (Magazine) webstats from Wonderland blogger guy

By Rosalie Tirella

The website “Worcester Wonderland.com” proves what we have been thinking for the last year or so (and people have been telling us): NO one reads Worcester Magazine (Mag) anymore – especially their website!

Most folks don’t seem as interested in the Worcester Magazine (now Mag) newspaper anymore. People tell me they don’t read it the way they used to and, just by making my rounds, checking my paper out, I think the anecdotal evidence stacks up: I see the Worcester Mag papers languishing in their drop off sites. Just sitting there. Not being picked up by the good people of Worcester. Deadsville. Sometimes I’ll watch a pile for a week – and they won’t go down.

And now this from the Worcester Wonderland website He/the site’s blogger/owner does not give his name but I am quoting him here:

“We’ve been looking at webstats for local media companies. This week we thought it would be interesting to peek at WOMAG’s [Worcester Magazine now Worcester Mag] stats. For some unknown reason we had the impression that WOMAG had a sizable web presence i.e., lots of traffic. The reality is, there ain’t a whole lot going on over there. Interesting is that their web-analytics service Quantcast, is blocked from public access. Wonder why? …. WOMAG [Worcester Magazine or Mag] [website] visitor traffic hovered between 1,500 and 7.0k monthly during 2010. Um… not a whole lotta locals making their way there considering the size of the County (750,000) and the City proper (173,000).”

No, Wonderland blogger-boy, there are not a lot of people checking out Woe-Mag’s website. For all the thousands of dollars they probably poured into building their website (sometimes they can cost as much as $28,000) and all the noise Woe Maggers make about themselves and their paper, 1,500 Worcester Mag web site readers pretty much blows.

So how did the Holden Landmark company run “Blow Mag” into the ground (1 reporter, 1 editor, 0 steady free-lancers – firings every other month up until six months or so ago)?

It may be that Worcester Mag will never recover from the way owner Kirk Davis and publisher Gareth Charter treated the old Worcester Mag staff when they bought the paper a few years ago. Everyone was promised there would be no firings – and everyone (except sales staff) was fired. Immediately! (and probably replaced by folks who would be paid a lot less money)

Some of those dumped Worcester Mag writers were local singers and songwriters with deep roots in the community. This might explain why the new Worcester Mag hasn’t been able to get/keep a writer who covers music/bands. PLUS: They have gone through a dozen reporters and editors in only two years. One of their hires – their last new editor – I think his name was Danny Cross – didn’t even last 3 weeks! I never saw his byline in the paper!

Something is woefully wrong at Woe Mag. Is it the lack of local roots? Publisher Gareth Charter’s supreme asshole-ness?

Perhaps we’ll never know …

Blow Mag’s Jeremy “Skulk-in” – member of the “club” alright! (THE STUPID CLUB)

By Rosalie Tirella

Last issue of Worcester Mag (the “new” Worcester Magazine) had the paper’s newest reporter Jeremy Shulkin (they stay about a year at Worcester Mag these days) crowing about his job! Yes, said Jeremy “Skulk-in” (that’s what I call the dweeb) in his op/ed piece, it was great to be “in the club”! In fact, the header of Skulkin’s piece was called: “In The Club.” And so an insensitive, entitled, not very talented writer crowed about how it was great to be “connected” in Wormtown.

In his column, Shulkin bragged that at Worcester Mag’s Water Street office he had a desk with a view – that from it (with his feet propped up, no doubt!), he could look down upon Water Street and environs – the blossoming Canal District. Up high above, from his second or third floor perch, Jeremy could survey the little people of Worcester … his domain! Continue reading Blow Mag’s Jeremy “Skulk-in” – member of the “club” alright! (THE STUPID CLUB)

Worcester Mag jumps the shark, Part II

By Rosalie Tirella

I’ve been walking about Worcester and seeing all those Worcester Mags … just hanging around! Languishing in their stands! So … I was right! A few months ago, I had blogged that Worcester Mag had jumped the shark. It has! It’s glory days are over.

No one seems to be picking up the free paper. Readers don’t seem to care.

Every where I go, there they are – Worcetser Mags! Sitting in their stands! Sitting on ledges! Sitting on tables! Unread! Unloved! Worcester readers seem to be telling Kirk Davis, the new Metro West owner of Blow Mag: We don’t give a shit.

This is why the losers at WoMag are stealing everyone’s ideas. A local paper showcases up and comers. Next week, Worcester Mag showcases up and comers. Last week I blogged about the Canal District’s new sidewalks being torn up for more new sidewalks. This week WoMag’s kiddie reporter Jeremy Skulk-in steals the story idea and puts it in Blow Mag. Continue reading Worcester Mag jumps the shark, Part II

Has Blow Mag (Worcester Mag) jumped the shark?

By Rosalie Tirella

The boyfriend and I decided to go to Blow Mag’s (Worcester Mag’s) Turtle Boy event last night in the Canal District (fancy pants talk for Green Island). We went a few years ago and stayed ’til the end because, while there weren’t tons of people (for all the full-page Worcester Magazine ads/hype Worcester Magazine gave their event), there were enough folks at that Turtle Boy to make the night feel like a true night out – a true event.

This time around – last night’s Turtle Boy? A total bust. Deadsville. Nowhere land. As of 8 p.m., there seemed to be about 30 people doing the Turtle Boy! A handfull of folks! So depressing! So disheartening! We’d look into the clubs and bars where the bands/musicians were playing and we’d see TWO people at the bar or 14 people at tables listening to the tunes. Music/bands that were hyped and hyped and hyped in full-page, color ads (a cover story, too!) in recent issues of Worcester Magazine. We couldn’t believe our eyes! Continue reading Has Blow Mag (Worcester Mag) jumped the shark?