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Worcester political gadfly Paul “Paulie” Collyer …

By Rosalie Tirella

… is, like Worcester City Councilor Michael Gaffney and his (Collyer’s) lawyer, local right-wing attorney Margaret Melican, and local hate-blogger Turtle Boy-Aidan Kearney: Deeply Negative and BULLYING. Especially when it comes to our City Manager, Mayor and District 4 City Councilor and, when you think about it, Worcester in general.

Paul Collyer is a political player wannabe who gets zero traction in Worcester (or his hometown-base Somerville) and is eternally frustrated because he is bellowing and no one is listening. So he lashes out. At the mayor, at the CM, at the D 4 councilor.

Paulie’s pissed that no one in Worcester – or few folks – ever jump on his Paulie urban agenda bandwagon – with all its negative and BULLYING bells and whistles – noisy as hell. Paul Collyer has tried – FOR YEARS – to hog the Woo urban conversation, and the locals, after they get to work with him say on the Chandler biz association or some other civic group, all come away with just one thought: Collyer’s a nut. A colorful nut – but a NASTY, BULLYING nut. An ultimately dangerous nut. A nut who is not what he appears to be… A showboating nut, too. Big turn off for most Worcester folks, who have blue collar roots and can be modest…

Collyer got his urban-agenda way with former City Manager Mike O’Brien – a guy who gave Paul his ear – and our inner-city neighborhoods the finger – after being brain-washed by the charming Collyer. The Paul-Mike bromance was on! Beers together at night under the stars! The jokes! The laughs! The sharing of hopes and dreams and French fries! O’Brien, thanks to Paul Collyer, began to think Worcester’s road to urban renewal was/is Somerville’s – Paul’s homebase. Worcester is MOST DEFINITELY NOT Somerville! Somerville, at this point in its history, has become a suburb of Boston – Cambridge #2. Worcester is a GATEWAY CITY – filled with immigrants from all over the world. And their kids and grandkids.  Its urban challenges are very different  from Somerville’s because of intense poverty,  childhood hunger, the opioid crisis, a struggling under-educated workforce lost in the new global economy, refugees … Yeah, the educated, well off millennials are attracted to the new Woo and her new restaurants, stores etc and the kids are setting down roots. That is a good thing. But with gentrification comes a two-tier city: the haves and have nots…

Green Street

Green Street

Worcester cannot become a mini Boston or New York: the well off and very poor – and no middle! Worcester is a compassionate city! City leaders will not forget the least amongst us! And they are working to grow a working class!

But I digress! Back to Paul and Mike! Former Woo City Manager Mike O’Brien was all ears when it came to Collyer’s urban agenda and quickly lost his feel for our city – and lost his job (that is, he was no longer a good fit for Worcester, could no longer lead her – everyone saw this – so he quit and moved to a ‘boro). O’Brien lost his feel for the heartbeat of Worcester – after following Paul Collyer’s advice. The same is happening to City Councilor Mike Gaffney, who has become  Collyer’s mouthpiece at City Hall. The same goes for Gaffney’s wife, Coreen, who is challenging Woo District 4 City Councilor Sarai Rivera – Paul’s arch urban nemesis. Coreen is probably running against Sarai cuz Paulie told her to – charmed her hat into the ring, so to speak. Coreen’s really Paulie’s political tool – not her husband’s – as I wrote earlier!

Last night at the Woo City Council meeting when the Council evaluated the City Manager and a few weeks before that, all of Collyer’s reactionary foot soldiers took a hit! Down went Margaret Melican from her ZBA dream cloud! Down went City Councilor Konnie Lukes when she, an old bag who’s out of touch with the new Woo, tried to save Melican, another old bag who’s out of touch with the new Woo! Gaffney sounded insane last night when he read his evaluation of City Manager Ed Augustus – emotionally over wrought, in pain, like he was reading his eval with a knife sticking in his right eyeball. On the social media front, Collyer’s not so secret FB page – Worcester’s Dirty Secret – where he writes about Woo trash and recycling gets no traction with officials, so Paul has gone rogue on it and instead writes about/trashes City Manager Ed Augustus, Mayor Joe Petty and D 4 City Councilor Rivera – anyone who is not drinking the Paulie Koolaid. He is brutal in his incoherent way.


(can’t we change Paulie?!😈)

Paul’s new Facebook Page has, for its profile picture, a red ballot box. His home page commands: GO VOTE. We are presuming for all the candidates/city board candidates that Paul Collyer wants you to vote for: Michael Gaffney, Margaret Melican, Coreen Gaffney, etc. Paulie even did his own little City Manager evaluation last night, along with our city council: he gave EVERYBODY a D+.

This new Paul Collyer SECRET nutty Face Book page is just another WORCESTER’S DIRTY SECRET, without the trash – though I’m sure Paulie will get around to shoveling plenty of that in soon enough! Into his new Woo-altering social media SECRET SPECIAL platform! Ha ha ha!😂😂😂!

To Paul: Good God, man! You’re 54 years old! Grow up! Nut up! Stop playing with the lives of the people in the second largest city in New England! For your ego’s sake. Just to win. Please! Go away! Marry Susan and buy a bowling alley in the Catskills and live happily ever after! That’s the ticket 4 you – really! – Paulie!! Or: Just run away … run for dog catcher … in Wakefield. Take your super conservative, poor-people trashing, bullying, dystopian urban world view and go! To any city or town other than my beloved Worcester💗💗💗!

Who’s gonna help a brother get further?


Worcester City Hall, Feb. 24, 2015: A cool elevator ride, nifty cake and the Charles E. Scott plaque unveiling

By Ron O’Clair

Scott, Charles E (#2)








Charles E. Scott

I was assigned to cover the Charles E. Scott plaque unveiling ceremony on the 2nd floor of Worcester City Hall, last night, just outside the Election Commission Office and had the great fortune to ride up in the city hall elevator with the members of the Scott family who had come to honor Ronald Scott’s grandfather, Charles E. Scott. He was the second person of color to have successfully won a seat as a Worcester City Council member way back in 1918, serving until 1921, and again winning a seat in 1926 which he held all the way to 1937.

Along the way to the ceremony, the elevator stopped on the first floor where we were joined by Parlee Jones, another InCity Times contributing writer and a well known Worcester activist. I, being the garrulous and gregarious type of person I am, struck up a conversation with the Scott family leader, Ronald Scott, while waiting for the elevator to arrive in the basement. We talked about Worcester, and its people, and what it is about Worcester down through history that sets our city apart from other places.

It is the Worcester melting pot of various races, ethnicities and cultures working together to make the city a better place for all that sets us apart from other places. I believe we’re a city where anyone from anywhere can come to find a sense of community, acceptance and opportunity, as evidenced by Charles E. Scott.    Worcester has a rich and plentiful history of examples of notable citizens that have risen above challenges placed before them to achieve their version of the American dream.

Charles E. Scott was small in stature, and when he spoke before a crowd, he would stand upon a wooden “soapbox” which he used to carry with him everywhere. That very same wooden soapbox was presented by Dr. Thomas L. Doughton, College of the Holy Cross Professor, while he explained just how it was that Charles E. Scott was able to become elected to the Worcester City Council in a district with mostly white, European voters.

It was not until 50 years after Charles E. Scott left office that other people of color were able to succeed winning election as City Councilor. Stacey DeBoise-Luster was the first female of color to have that privilege when she successfully ran for Worcester City Council in 1997, becoming the first female African American City Council member in 1998, and serving two terms. During her second term she resigned her seat to take a full-time position with the Worcester School Department as Human Resources Director, a job which she still holds today. Her exit made it possible for Juan Gomez to become another Worcester person of color to attain the office of City Councilor, as he was the next highest vote getter in that election.

As was pointed out last night by Worcester City Councilor at Large Morris “Moe” Bergman, Worcester is a city where people have a fair chance at obtaining their goals based upon the content of their character, in the immortal words of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., rather than the color of their skin.

I was glad to have had the opportunity last night to see, meet and greet the many Worcester notables and citizens who attended the ceremony honoring Charles E. Scott: Barbara Haller, Bill Coleman, Moe Bergman, Gordon T. Davis, John Monfredo, Juan Gomez … .

And the cake that Bill Coleman arranged to have donated by Stop & Shop supermarkets was delicious and historical! The left side of the large cake was vanilla, and the right side chocolate, with a fresh strawberry sauce between the layers – on top a lithographic image of Charles E. Scott! The Scott family was able to take home the center portion of the cake with the lithographic image of their grandfather, due to Bill having had the foresight to bring a couple of aluminum trays with plastic covers along. Bill took home the rest of the cake.

I believe Worcester in unique! It is my birthplace, and a place where people can thrive, if they obey the law, work diligently and apply themselves to the goals they have in mind. Charles E. Scott was a prime example of that …

Your opinion counts! You may contact me at: Ronaldoclair@hotmail.com

Listen! Listen!

Brilliant orator! Amazing preacher! What he said in the 60s still holds TRUE TODAY. His words still matter – more than ever!

Yesterday I listened to the complete sermons, below, and was WOWED. MLK, JR. WAS FANTASTIC! Amazing writer! And the sound of his voice? Mountain-splitting!

There were so many gifted, brilliant singers, singer song writers in the 1960s. Not only in rock music, but country, rhythm and blues, soul … Well, when you’ve got speeches like MLK, JR.’s wafting through the air, the air everyone breathes, YOU’RE GONNA GET INSPIRED, AMAZING MUSIC!

Things are happening in Worcester. TODAY! And it’s about making WORCESTER CITY GOVERNMENT inclusive, our public schools teaching STAFF MULTICULTURAL, our municipal jobs open to all, not just the pals and family members of the same white boys club. The same white boys club has been pulling all the levers in Worcester for TOO LONG. So even our farmers market needs to be integrated … Because by playing the same exclusive game over and over you allow others to behave as badly as you do. You validate their classism … their unhealthy way of growing our city.


But it’ll happen. The changes. Economic and racial justice.

It’s too bad our city manager is AUGUSTUS and not GONZALEZ. The times, they are changing, and the way our city manager was chosen, the way the boys played their lethal Worcester political games is gonna make it all the harder to make dreams REALITY. I don’t know about you, but it makes me want to STAY THE COURSE AND BE TENACIOUS.




– Rosalie Tirella


On CM Ed Augustus and Woo residency … There will be protests outside the …


Elephants suffer from painful arthritis when they are forced to be in circuses. 

By Rosalie Tirella

… DCU Center in Worcester this weekend AGAINST RINGLING’S USE OF WILD ANIMALS in their circus.  The public is being fed, by the local media, the same garbage Ringling feeds its animals: the elephants love being in Ringling. They are so happy amid all the people.

Just because elephants have faces that people perceive as sweet, docile, happy does not make it true.

People need to know THE TRUTH about wild animals in circuses!  They need to learn about the natural habitats, the physical and emotional needs of wild animals! THE TRUTH.

Remember when journalists were ravenous for the truth? When Woodward and Bernstein brought down a presidency?  When reporters were  called muckrakers by the powers-that-be cuz they got the dirt on all the politicians and captains of industry and printed it?

In Worcester the only muckraking local reporters engage in  is raking the animal muck for Ringling!

Better to get your circus news from The Boston Globe or The New York Times or even the Los Angeles Times …Great writers. Great reporting.

Learn about the Ringling protest planned for Worcester this weekend at  ringlingbeatsanimals.com



Come live in Worcester, Ed! Live the life many of us experience here!

On Ed Augustus and the City of Worcester’s  “flexible” residency requirements

By Rosalie Tirella

Why aren’t local scribes putting the heat on the Worcester City Council for not making a peep about Worcester  City Manager Ed Augustus living in Millis, a BOSTON SUBURB?

Millis is 19 miles south of Boston, a more appropriate place for Ed Augustus to live if Ed were city manager of Boston (yes, we know – Boston has a strong mayor government) – not Worcester.

Years ago, when Augustus – who became Worcester’s new CM a few weeks ago – was a state senator for a Worcester district, he took heat for living in Boston. In fact, he  kinda crowed about it! That got Augustus into a bit of hot water in Worcester, so he didn’t run for re-election.  Things may have gotten … messy.  Instead, Augustus high-tailed it to California where he hung out for a year or two working for the children’s defense fund. Things cooled off in Worcester. A new state senator took Ed’s place. Ed Augustus came back to Worcester, eventually got a job at Holy Cross college because of his political connections – and bought a home in Millis! 19 miles south of Boston. The Boston area.

I don’t get it. If Augustus is so in love with Boston, why doesn’t he just work there? Plenty of political jobs for a good libby dem like Ed out there.

Why be the City Manager of Worcester and live 19 miles south of Boston?

Where is the Worcester City Council on this?

Worcester city councilors have been clamoring for Woo residency  for all top City of Worcester administrators FOR YEARS. Our school superintendent was pressured into and did locate to Worcester when she took her high-paying job. Same with our head librarians (who all flew the Woo coop anyways). Mayor Joe Petty demanded it, god damn it!

That was before Petty nominated and pushed for pal Augustus to get the city manager gig.

This isn’t personal. I like Petty a lot and Augustus is a good, capable egg.

But Millis?  Only a few minutes away from Boston? … Don’t you wish you lived only a few minutes away from an amazing city like Boston? The museums! The plays! The beautiful, historical architecture!  The music! The food! The celebrations and special events! …

Too expensive!

… Unless you’re the City Manager of Worcester!