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WPS shit storm!!!

By Rosalie Tirella

Well, we’ll be zipping over to the Worcester Public School Administration Building on Irving Street to pry the list of UNCERTIFIED WPS teachers from the cold, almost-dead hands of WPS bureaucrats. We will get the list of men and women who don’t have the training, the background, the STATE-mandated paperwork, etc, to teach children of all races, classes, intellectual capacities, emotional states, etc, yet manage to have pulled down plum jobs as teachers in our public schools! We will run this list of folks on our website,  so all of  Worcester will know just how deep the nepotism sludge is in this town.

This is not to say uncertified teachers must not be a part of the school system. I once knew a Holy Cross grad who majored in math. He wanted to go to med school – he was young, 23 – but decided to give teaching a whirl. He was totally “unconnected” – from another state, in fact. Well, he got a job as a “sub” in our schools, then “building sub” (one school), then finally got his own math class – at South High (a tough assignment for a 24-year-old kid). But he survived and excelled because he REALLY KNEW HIS MATH. He was – and the kids told him this – better than the other (certfied) math teachers because he really knew his stuff. As soon as he got this new job, he signed on for the teacher certification program at a local college. He went to school at nights to get his teaching courses/certification under his belt. I think it took him one to two years of night school to get certified. This is the kind of UNCERTIFIED teacher the WPS should accept – a great candidate whose command of the subject matter is excellent, probably superior to a “regular,” certified teacher. But what happend with the Byrnes broad – a pretender if ever there was one – and enabled by Stacy Luster – is WRONG. This woman knows nothing about special needs, inner-city kids. This woman was a secretary, for God’s sake.

I have heard from numerous folks on the subject. One guy who works at a local automotive shop – a blue collar guy who works hard so his kids didn’t have to labor the way he does – has a daughter who became a special education teacher. She has a masters degree in the subject. She’s a great person. She is certified in SPED. She applied for a SPED teacher job in the WPS – and got nowhere. The Worcester School Department didn’t even send her a boring note acknowledging her cover letter and resume. Why? Because she was totally UNCONNECTED to any politician in this town or anyone who worked/works in our city schools!

Pathetic. Let’s get this list of uncertified teachers! And we will post them on this website! The good ones, like my Holy Cross pal, will survive the “outing.” They will be qualified for their jobs, they will be working towards their certification. The remainder? Fire away!!!

Stacy Luster is very lucky. Any other normal city and she would have had her head served to her on a silver platter (and we are not being racist because we are 100% behind the hiring of Dr. Boone, an African American woman, to be the NEW school superintnedent for this city’s schools – not Stephen Mills, a connected Worcester guy, who, if Konnie Lukes weren’t mayor, would have worked his connections and run our schools (into a hole). School Superintendent Loughlin says she will not fire Luster, suspend … nothing. “Everybody makes mistakes,” Loughlin says.

I’ll say.