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Wonderland Wondershit (cont.) – he used to love us

By Rosalie Tirella

Hey! Look what I found on Wondershit’s website! A glowing post about me and my newspaper! Seems like Wondershit liked me OK a year ago – read his blog posting for our 9’th birthday (below). But now, because I’m keeping my writing about his website up high in Google search FOREVER, he’s all whiny. Does he think he was playing with the softies he plays with when he decided to libel me? Who is this ugo, Worcester? I should run a contest and award a $200 prize to the guy/gal who outs Wondershit – $200 for a nice meal in a nice Worc. restuarant or, if you’re cash-strapped, for some groceries.

Can Wondershit sue me for stealing his story? Not unless there’s a name attached to his crap!

Oh and Wondershit, you can’t work for the T & G because you called T & G columnist Dianne Williamson “The T & G Bitch” in your blog post (see below). But you may work in/near City Hall, Wondershit. Why else would you be there? And why do you think the City Hall hacks hate ICT? ‘Cause we list the salaries of every City of Worcester employee in each issue of InCity Times! You bitch about your residential tax rate going up, Wondershit? It’s because there are close to 500 City of Worcester employees (city and school side) making more than $100,000 a year! That’s where Worc. taxpayer money is going … along with paying for sky-high benefits.

Anyway, you with the dog-faced wife and kids, this is what you wrote on ICTime’s 9’th birthday. Here, gentle readers, is Wondershit before he stopped taking his Librium (notice how he STILL loathes everyone):

Monday, August 16, 2010

Rosalie Tirella – A Penny For Your Thoughts

While WOMAG perpetrates the illusion of a sophisticated cultural metropolis. While the T&G now pimps itself for pennies. And while Mayor Joe “The Union Ho” O’Brien prostitutes himself for the local unions, there is one undeniable honest constant in the mesozoic swamp known as Worcester, Massachusetts.

Its the only newspaper that’s raised more awareness on more issues than any other in this here clowntown – InCity Times. Round of applause for giving us 9 years of… well, um… if anything, unadulterated honesty and controversy.

Rosalie Tirella’s InCity Times is the newspaper you all ridicule yet religiously read – like the T&G. It’s the one newspaper that glorifies the locals in all their abject humanity (like the T&G’s Court Records) and gives more exposure to Wusta’s socioeconomic-underbelly (like the T&G’s Court Records) than any other local media source could (or wants), and thankfully taken the local political troglodytes to task for their arrogance and incompetence. A little too sparingly for our tastes.

From publicly battling The T&G Bitch to exposing the details of her pathetic personal life, Rosalie Tirella has given us more water cooler fodder than anyone in this god forsaken city. And we love it! That’s to say, Rosalie Tirella doesn’t earn our respect, rather we give her credit for having the audacity to publicly express her wretched opinions and live with the consequences. Crow really is a fine dish ya know.

As we all know, Rosalie Tirella is the proverbial independent minded business woman whose personal life has become a public folly. Her choice of beaus reflects her consistently poor judgment. Beau after beau, this insatiable amazon grouses that she can’t find a mate of comparable intellectual stature and sexual stamina. Considering this is Wusta, we wouldn’t expect her to find anyone deserving of her charms. Lucky for the male population?

And oh and how we generously amuse ourselves at her expense. Relishing the lurid details of her numerous failed relationships as beau after beau dumps her, Rosalie then publicly castigates the poor bastards for failing to live up to her womanly expectations. Guess its tough being a boy toy eh? But we do have a word of advice: get a cat Rosalie.

All in all it has to be said, Rosalie Tirella has captured the imagination and indignation of the locals like no other person in Wusta’s media landscape. Not even Jordan “open mouth, insert foot” Levy can take that dubious distinction from her. But who’d want to?

So, as preposterous and detestable as you may find Rosalie Tirella (and she is), she’s shown more daring and audacity than any local media star. Admirable qualities we think. Rosalie Tirella has made InCity Times a showcase for alternative opinions, something desperately needed in this morass of sociopathic diversity. For that she deserves our accolades. Or maybe not.

But in any case, she makes us feel better about ourselves.

Happy 9th InCity Times!