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Our Coronavirus Sci-Fi Prez

By Rosalie Tirella

Wow. Here we all are – in our own science fiction novel. Dystopian with classic characters and situations:

THE EVIL PRESIDENT/KING who misleads the people to stay in power and maintain his cult of personality. The rush to supply stores to buy THAT LAST TINY BOTTLE OF HAND SANITIZER! IT COULD SAVE LIVES! There is NO VACCINE! WE MUST ALL USE COMMON SENSE … but, at the end, it will mean ruthlessly fending for ourselves and our families. Scientests are working hard to make a vaccine, BUT THE KING PRESIDENT HIDES AND DENIES THE SCIENCE. He doesn’t make (for every man, woman and child) – and we🇺🇸 can – THE CORONAVIRUS TEST. He continues to spend Billions$$$ on THE SPACE FORCE. AND BOMBS. So … it is survival of the fittest. The young and healthy will survive …the old – our moms, dads, grandparents – may die as the puny number of VENTILATORS AND RESPIRATORS are given – by the doctors – to the peeps with the most potential: young worker bees …


And our mad/king president Trump is NOT UP TO THE CRISIS. He is no FDR during WW II or JFK during the Cuban Missile Crisis. HE IS A FU* *ING MORON. We, his people, all know this. There is talk of a soft coup … FBI just quietly asking him to step aside, self-quarantine for a while. … Then we get Pence – the VEEP who calls his wife Mama and let scores of AIDS patients die when he ruled Indiana…

My sci fi novel outline … Needs a hero. Maybe MICHAEL MOORE AND HIS PODCAST RUMBLE♥️. MAYBE SOME GENIUS KID AT WPI who makes the vaccine next week …




The cruel “Kitten Season”: feral, stray – thousands of kittens – suffer and die! SPAY/NEUTER CATS!


By Lindsay Pollard-Post

So many feral and stray kittens are born in spring! End the overpopulation – and suffering – spay or neuter your cat/s!

As surely as April showers bring May flowers, spring’s longer days bring kittens — lots and lots of them. Animal shelters from Massachusetts to California brace for what the sheltering community calls “kitten season.”

It’s the time of year, starting in early spring and extending through the fall, when litter after litter of homeless kittens and pregnant cats come pouring in, and shelters scramble to accommodate them all.

Kittens may be cute, but the consequences of their overpopulation are anything but. Many are born on the streets — behind dumpsters or in dirty alleys — while others get their ill-fated start in life in rural areas. Unless they are rescued, most of these kittens will suffer and die young after being hit by a car, getting attacked by predators or cruel people, succumbing to weather extremes, contracting deadly diseases or suffering some other cruel fate.

According to a study published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, 75 percent of free-roaming kittens disappear or die before they are 6 months old. The 25 percent who manage to survive to this age will likely have litters of their own, creating even more kittens with nowhere to go.

Some lucky kittens end up in animal shelters, but often this means that older cats who have been there for a while must be euthanized in order to make room for the newcomers. Limited-admission shelters avoid this scenario only by turning animals away when they reach capacity, leaving it to open-admission shelters to accommodate the overwhelming influx.

Neonatal kittens who come in without mothers must be bottle-fed around the clock—a demanding task that most shelters can’t manage without help from volunteers. Some shelters hold training sessions for foster families who take kittens home and care for them until they can be adopted. Others even throw “kitten showers” to stock up on kitten milk replacer, cat litter and other necessities.

But the most important thing any of us can do to alleviate kitten season is to prevent more kittens from being born in the first place by making sure that our own cats — and the cats of our friends, family members and neighbors — are spayed or neutered.

Putting off spaying and neutering can result in “oops” litters: Kittens can become mothers themselves when they’re as young as 4 months of age. And even if they are kept indoors (as all cats should be, to protect them from the many dangers that lurk outside), their raging hormones can compel even the most docile among them to bolt through an unattended doorway in search of a mate.

One unspayed female cat and her offspring can lead to a staggering 370,000 kittens in just seven years. Guardians of male cats aren’t off the hook, either: Males can become fathers at just 5 months of age, and one male can impregnate countless females.

Many communities operate low-cost or free spay/neuter clinics that make it easy to do the right thing. Having cats “fixed” also has many health benefits: It eliminates females’ risk of uterine cancer and greatly reduces their risk of mammary cancer, and it prevents testicular cancer and reduces the risk of prostate cancer in males. Sterilized cats are also much less likely to roam, fight or spray.

So this spring, let’s make sure that every cat is spayed or neutered before those May flowers start blooming — and snip kitten season in the bud!



“We want Bernie – Worcester” pushing ahead into Rhode Island and New York

By Jim Coughlin

The local group of supporters of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has not been deterred by the huge win for former Vice President Joe Biden in the 14 primaries known as Super Tuesday on March 3.

Under the banner of “We want Bernie, Worcester” the campaign has continued to galvanize supporters by sending volunteers into both New York and Rhode Island for their upcoming primaies in April.

Worcester loves Bernie!♥️ pics submitted

In an interview Tuesday, Mary Depew, a Sanders organizer here, said she was pleased with the city’s primary results.

According to Depew, the local effort consisted of door-to-door campaigning, registering voters and having poll workers at each of the city’s five early voting locations before the primary.

“Bernie took Worcester, this time, last time Hilliary [Clinton] won [in 2016],” she said. “We feel our work really paid off.”

Sanders came in first place with 8,837 votes, Biden came in second place with 8,215 and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren was third with 4,388.

The Woo Bernie brigade!

Depew emphasized that the Worcester group is not officially part of the larger national campaign but is a tottally separate campaign effort.

Even before the took takes place in four more states on March 10th, the local group here had already begun to campaign for Sanders in both Rhode Island and New York for their April 28 primaries

“We have already sent volunteers to Providence to door knock. We are sending a group to New York, too, over the next few days, to Kingston (Rhode Island) again to door knock and register voters, too. We feel re-energized and are moving forward stronger than ever, “ she said.

Depew praised the work of the volunterrs who have rececently joined the Sanders effort in these two states, calling them, “ young, tireless and motivated.”

“It feels so good to be working across the generations for Bernie,” Depew said.

The volunteers recently campaigned in Rhode Island and Depew called that particular effort “ an example of valuing our diversity and using it to our advantage.”

After campaigning door to door, the group later stopped by at a local restaurant for some hot dogs and French fries.

“While canvassing in Rhode Island, one family of five invited me in, insisted I come in for a doughnut…All five people were for Bernie,” she said.


The other side😉🎶🎶:

Chef Joey makes CREPES! +… Is that hot dog really worth dying for? + 🎶

ICT_Yum Yums-edited
Chef Joey heads back to France today😢


pics: Chef Joey

Crepes with jam!


1 cup flour

2 eggs

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 cup milk

1/2 cup water

2 tbsp melted butter

Mix and make!

Lucky Joe Joe🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷


Is that hot dog really worth dying for?

By Heather Moore

How much would you pay for a hot dog?

A few dollars, maybe?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it could cost you much more than that.

Nearly five years ago, the WHO released a report revealing that eating processed meats — namely, bacon, ham and hot dogs — causes colon cancer and that red meat — including beef, pork and lamb — is probably carcinogenic, too. The report made headlines around the globe, warning people that colon and rectal cancers can cause abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, diarrhea and even death.

At the time, some meat-eaters shrugged off the news, refusing to change their eating habits and even insisting that they’d rather die than stop eating meat. Are you one of them? If not, March — National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month — would be the perfect time to make a healthy change. Meat simply isn’t worth dying for — not for pigs, cows, chickens or humans.

While it’s no secret that PETA promotes vegan eating for ethical and environmental reasons, it also cares about human health and doesn’t want anyone to suffer and die from a largely preventable disease like colorectal cancer, which is the second most common cause of cancer deaths in men and women combined.

Fight Colorectal Cancer, a patient-empowerment and advocacy organization, predicts that there will be nearly 148,000 new cases of colorectal cancer in 2020, and the American Cancer Society estimates that 53,200 people will die from it this year alone. If we all opted for vegan foods rather than animal flesh, milk and eggs, we would see these figures drop dramatically.

The World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) issued a 10-point plan to help people reduce their risk of cancer by as much as 40%, mainly by not eating bacon, hot dogs and other processed meats, because there’s “no level of intake” that doesn’t raise one’s cancer risk. Instead, the WCRF advises people to eat whole grains, vegetables, fruit, legumes and other wholesome vegan foods.

Other studies have corroborated this advice. A 2019 study of nearly 500,000 people found that those who ate meat four or more times per week had a 20% greater risk of colorectal cancer than those who ate meat less than twice a week—and that the risk rose 19% for every daily 25-gram serving of processed meat (about the size of a slice of ham) and 18% for each 50-gram serving of red meat (equivalent to a thick piece of roast beef), But it also found that high-fiber foods, such as whole-grain bread and breakfast cereals, are associated with a lower risk of colon cancer.

Black Bean Veggie Burger Credit PETA

A New York University study involving 3,000 volunteers found that eating beans, lentils and peas was associated with a 32% lower risk of obesity-related cancers, including colorectal cancer. And researchers from the University of Ghent have found that women who eat soy-based foods instead of dairy-based are 44% less likely to suffer from colon cancer, while men who eat soy foods are 40% less likely to develop it.

The list of studies goes on and on, but they all indicate the same thing: Animal-based foods contribute to cancer and other illnesses, while vegan foods can prevent—and sometimes even reverse—life-threatening diseases.

Why not take some steps to prevent the disease? A simple way to start is by saying no to hot dogs and other animal-derived foods and instead opting for wholesome vegan choices like Beyond or Gardein Italian sausages. That’s a much more effective way to commemorate colorectal cancer month than by running marathons or wearing ribbons.



Yum yum:





STOP the Iditarod! Save the huskies!!

The race began March 7 and goes on for weeks. SO brutal on the dogs who are owned by unscrupulous mushers! Many die, many suffer, pushed beyond their physical limits. – Rose T.


Here are eight reasons why the Iditarod is a deadly nightmare for dogs forced to race.

😢1. Dog deaths in the Iditarod are so routine that the official rules call some of them an “Unpreventable Hazard.”


The Iditarod has killed more than 150 dogs since it began in 1973. Five died in 2017 alone. In just the last five years, dogs competing in the event have died from myriad causes, including being hit by a car, being struck by a snowmobile, being buried in snow, heart attacks, excessive fluid in the lungs, and acute aspiration pneumonia — caused by inhaling vomit.

😢2. If the dogs don’t die on the trail, they’re still left permanently scarred.


The American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine reported that more than 80 percent of the dogs who finish the Iditarod sustain persistent lung damage. A separate study in the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine showed that dogs forced to take part in endurance racing had a 61% higher rate of stomach erosions or ulcers.

😢3. There’s no retirement plan.


Breeders of dogs used in sledding have freely admitted that “surplus” dogs are killed. They may be killed if they aren’t fast or fit enough for competition or if they don’t meet certain aesthetic standards — for example, if they have white paw pads. Dogs who finish the race but are no longer useful to the industry may be shot, drowned, or abandoned to starve.


😢4. Dogs pull mushers’ sleds up to 100 miles a day.

During the race, they’re expected to run approximately 1,000 miles in less than two weeks, and race rules mandate only 40 hours of rest over the entire span of the race. They’re prohibited from taking shelter during any part of the race, except for veterinary exams or treatment.


😢5. As many as half the dogs who start the Iditarod don’t finish.

Injured, sick, and exhausted dogs are often “dropped” at checkpoints, but event rules require that only dogs who started the race be allowed to finish, meaning that the remaining animals must work under even more grueling circumstances, pulling even more weight.


😢6. No dog would choose to run in this arctic nightmare.

Orthopedic injuries are the number one reason that dogs are “dropped” from the Iditarod — which makes it clear that no dog, regardless of breed, is capable of handling the grueling race on ice, through wind, snowstorms, and subzero temperatures. Even wearing booties, many incur bruised, cut, or swollen feet. They also suffer from bleeding stomach ulcers, pull or strain muscles, and sustain other injuries.

😢7. Thousands of dogs are bred each year for sled racing.

While only a few dozen dogs raised for the race will ultimately be deemed fit enough to compete, many more will be kept tethered and chained for most of their lives, some with nothing more than dilapidated plastic crates as their shelter.

😢8. Dogs at sled-dog breeding compounds have died of numerous ailments.


Some have frozen to death, while others have died of complications from eating rocks — presumably a result of the intense frustration of spending years on a chain.

Dogs Deserve Far Better Than a Lifetime of Isolation, Cruelty, Suffering, and Death on the Iditarod Trail!!!!

Chef Joey☘️ always in style! …+ more🥔🥕☘️

Saint Patrick’s Day🍠☘️🌷

Recipe/text/pics by Chef Joey

Chef Joe Joe and daughter😊

Saint Patrick’s Day is the 17th of March, and we all know St. Patrick of Ireland is one of the world’s most popular saints. Along with St. Nicholas and St. Valentine, the religious and non-believers share the love of these three saints. Many legends and stories of St. Patrick exist, and I have written about him in the past. Saint Joseph’s is the 19th, being Jesus’ father and all. Sunday is a combo of Saint John of Parma, who was born in 1209 and died at a whopping 80 years old in those times!

Because he was so smart and was loved by all, he was sent to Paris at the then budding Sorbonne to be further educated; he started teaching logical thinking at 25 years old, then was certified to teach in Bologna, Naples and Rome! No biggie right, can’t drink on his day.

Please note that the day is shared with Saint Martin of Braga, from Pannonia which is now part of Hungary. He built a monastery in Spain! He is also tied to intelligence, but as he born in 520AD, there was room to share the date.

Not a girl either, he was an Irishman noted for his military feats. His father was a king, and when he passed he took over and was quite the warrior. His sister Fanchea, who is also a saint, convinced him to marry. He wasn’t really the marring type, liking fighting and all, but agreed to do so. His sister had promised him a young girl from the Abby that she was the head prioress of. He later found out his fiancée had died and was forced to view her corpse. He swore off marriage seeing his own mortality and went to Rome and became an ordained Catholic priest.

He went back to Ireland and decided to create a monastery on the Isle of Aran around 484 A.D. A barren island at best – the Monks made their own clothing, grew their own vegetables and basically survived off the land and surrounding waters. Sort of like the popular television show “Naked and Afraid.” But these guys stuck together for a long time. He is credited with being the “Patriarch of Irish monasticism.” Ten other abbeys were built as a result. He died in 530 of old age, single and a religious hero.


☘️So a little but more on the Irish trivia, and being the week of Saint Patrick’s Day here is a classic Irish Lenten joke:☘️

A man walks into a pub and says “I’ll have 3 Guinness’ please. The bartender hands them to him and he takes them and drinks them one by one. The next day he goes in and order’s the same thing, and the bartender says “you don’t have to order them at the same time, you can get individual ones and we can bring them to you!” he replies “I’m good, I just moved here and I have two brothers that live in different countries too and we decided that every day at 4 PM we would all have drinks together!” The bartender exclaims “Tis grand! These are on the house for you and your brother’s!”

So weeks and months go by and in February he goes to the bar and orders 2 beers. The bartender feels a lump in his throat and hands them to him, after a couple of days of this he turns to the man and says “These 2 beers are on the house, I am sorry about your loss of a brother.” The man replies “Oh my brothers are fine, I just gave up drinking for Lent!”




😊☘️☘️☘️And with that I give you my favorite Irish Soda bread recipe!☘️☘️😊



4 cups all-purpose flour

4 tablespoons white sugar

1 teaspoon baking soda

1 tablespoon baking powder

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 cup butter softened

1 cup buttermilk

1 egg

1/4 cup butter, melted

1/4 cup buttermilk

Optional 1 cup Soaked Raisins


Preheat oven to 375 degrees F and Lightly grease a large baking sheet.

In a large bowl, mix together flour, sugar, baking soda, baking powder, salt and butter.

Stir in 1 cup of buttermilk and egg.

Turn dough out onto a lightly floured surface and knead slightly.

Soak the raisins in warm water for a half hour and drain them and add to the mixture if desired.

Form dough into a round and place on prepared baking sheet.

In a small bowl, combine melted butter with 1/4 cup buttermilk.

Brush loaf with this mixture. Use a sharp knife to cut an ‘X’ into the top of the loaf.☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️




Vegan Shepherd’s Pie:


Two-Tier…Two Tears

By Rosalie Tirella

Yesterday, I know I looked silly, but I decided to eat my lunch in the old Green Street parking lot. Deep in the parking lot, in my car, yards away from shored-up banks of dirt, big gaping holes in the land, big trucks and the far-off hum of construction equipment, too many tools and trucks to count or tease out the specific sounds … of jack hammers, cranes, forklifts, hoses. TOO MANY TOO COUNT!!! And all in that gawd-awful safety color yellow. A Kelley Square STUFFED WITH URBAN RENEWAL MAYHEM!

Lunch time! pics: R.T.

Green Street – construction city

The Picket Parking lot is on the edge (near downtown/the Green Street Bridge) of my old stamping grounds – Green Street/Kelley Square, the shopping district of my childhood where there was so much fun – and pain. I let it all wash over my old face: memories of an immigrant neighborhood filled with great/crazy people, food, small businesses, big dreams. No one was trying to be unique back then – no one humble bragged on Facebook about their recent jaunt to Disneyland (we were all too poor to go anywhwre!), but we all were so kick a*s!♥️ DIFFERENT, UNIQUE, WEIRD, and wounded …

So yesterday I ate, seriously, quietly, inside my car, my mutts in the back seat, deep inside the Pickett Municipal parking lot, my Broadway lunch. A big bagel cheese and veggie sandwich with fresh homefries made by Broadway sweet short order cook “Iggly,” who chats with me while he makes my lunch. He calls me “talented” in a matter of fact way while dropping my bagel in the wide-slatted toaster. I smile widely and feel like a million bucks. The Old Worcester!

The Pickett parking lot, soon to be defunct. Soon to be a Woo Sox stadium entrance cum pocket park. In a city that is slow to physically transform itself, a city where it COMFORTS me to drive by the my old, 100-year-old elementary school and the 100-year-old three deckers of my Green Island girlhood, SO MANY BIG CHANGES HAPPENING. … Me and my ilk about to fall over the edge.



Looking at all the construction trucks and big holes and shored-up banks of dirt, I think: THAT IS WHAT THE POWERS THAT BE WANT TO HAPPEN. Us to go away, quietly fade away …

I look out my car window as I drive outa the lot, having eaten my excellent lunch, and see all the well off – and the very poor and homeless!! – in the Canal District. They walk by each other but don’t mix. Or maybe we mix but definitely do not match! … Nothing for us underclassers…All the new construction and still NO FULL SERVICE BANK BUILT for poor locals who don’t own cars…still no Price Chopper or real supermarket that is affordable…THAT ACCEPTS EBT CARDS/FOOD STAMPS.

Blatantly two-tier…the way city big wigs want it to be. They want us out. I shed two tears …
… many more …



Super Tuesday Debacle

By Rosalie Tirella

It’s over, America. For the average WHITE household. Households of color, too. College kids. Minimum wage workers. … Super Tuesday pretty much stopped what I thought was Bernie Sander’s inevitable, unstoppable, march to the White House. But it wasn’t meant to be: the sick Dem donors/big wigs/money guys and gals – people WHO KNOW NOTHING about how the average American family lives and struggles – got diabolical. They made, begged, bribed (with cabinet posts?) Mayor Pete and Amy K. to drop out of the prez race HOURS before Super Tuesday. So these two candidates’ moderate voters could cast their millions of votes for the doddering Uncle Joe. Give Joe Biden some more Joe-mentum! Knock the wind outa Bernie!


😢What a shame. “What a sin,” as my late mom, Cecelia, would say.

😢The take down – not illegal, happens all the time in politics (a dirty business) – was deftly orchestrated by DNC, big Dem donors, the Clintons, Gore, all the corporate Democratic party leaders – the Dem Old Guard whom voters resoundingly rejected in 2016 – these idiots screamed: WE CAN’T RUN BERNIE AGAINST TRUMP IN NOV! WE CANNOT SAVE AMERICA IF BERNIE SANDERS IS AT THE TOP OF THE TICKET! Trump👿👿👿 will eat him up like a lil’ McNugget and spit him out! Trump will win the presidential race, and America CANNOT survive 4 more years of Trump! If you love your country, Amy K and Mayor Pete, DROP OUT. NOW!


😢So Amy K. and Mayor Pete did. Pete B. is a proud veteran who loves his country, a proud American who feels: My country before me. To his core. So he was emotionally manipulated by the big wig Dems into stepping down – even though his poll numbers were not too bad. And he was smart, decent, progressive … Would African American voters have come around? Maybe. Especially if he did sonething exciting and groundbreaking like make Stacy A. his running mate. Will old Uncle Joe do this? Maybe.

😢Amy K. was/is a youngish, smart politician who was doing a fab job on the campaign trail! Good to see women candidates out there going toe to toe with the entitled boys. Like Hillary – stocky and tough – Amy might have broken through …

😢But No. The Dems, the pol party of the future, haa annointed a 78-year-old guy who is ready for level 1 of the Alzheimers Unit of your local nursing home. If Joe Biden wins the presidency, he will be the oldest person ever to be prez.

Way to go, my Democratic Party!



Celebrate the Year of the Rat! 🐀… and more♥️

Celebrate the Year of the Rat!

By Craig Shapiro

Joe’s odds weren’t good.

He was one of 30 hooded Norway rats in my friend’s experimental psychology project, some of whom would be poisoned in order to dull their considerable learning abilities. After they were put in an “avoidance box” to see how long they took to cross from one chamber to another — more than five seconds and they’d get a shock — they would be killed and dissected and their spleens and gonads weighed.

Why? To try to guess how low levels of mercury affect human learning.

Joe, though, got lucky. My friend didn’t want to torture animals, so she took him home. Like most rats, he was playful and affectionate. He spent the rest of his life with her, living happily ever after.

That was more than 45 years ago.

This year — the Year of the Rat in the Chinese zodiac — millions of these exceptional animals will again be tormented and killed in cruel, curiosity-driven experiments and product tests in laboratories across the country.

As intelligent as they are inquisitive, rats are natural students with superb memories: They never forget a route once they learn it, can recognize their names and respond when called, and communicate with each other by touch, by smell and through high-frequency sounds. Altruistic and empathetic, they become attached to each other and are willing to risk their lives for their families.

They’re good parents, too. Mother rats have been known to dip their paws in cool water then smooth the fur on their babies’ faces, and baby rats put their arms around their mother’s neck while she’s bathing them.

Not only do rats enjoy each other’s company, they’re also loyal companions to their human guardians, returning as much affection as they’re given. They love getting massaged or scratched behind the ears and enjoy cuddling. They even “giggle” when tickled.

Their diminutive size notwithstanding, rats aren’t so different from the dogs and cats who share our homes. Yet, more than 100 million rats and mice are poisoned, maimed and psychologically traumatized every year, many of them in experiments sanctioned by the government and bankrolled by taxpayers.

In a recent test, experimenters cut out parts of rats’ skulls and injected inflammatory compounds into their brains. They were then forced to climb a 3-foot ladder with heavy weights taped to their tails, subjected to a battery of fear-motivated memory tests and finally killed.

In another experiment that is still going on, baby rats only a day old are put in an ice bath until they pass out from the cold, and then their spines are slashed open.

And in the “forced swim test,” rats, mice, hamsters and other small animals are drugged and then dropped into inescapable containers of water. Panicked, they attempt to climb up the sides, dive underwater to try to find a way out, and paddle furiously to keep their heads above water. Eventually, exhausted, they start to float.

That experiment has been going on since at least the 1950s, and like others that use animals, it’s cruel, costly and generally worthless. That’s why compassionate, forward-thinking scientists are replacing such experiments with in vitro testing, computer modeling, human-patient simulators, and other sophisticated, humane methods.

In her new book, Animalkind: Remarkable Discoveries About Animals and Revolutionary New Ways to Show Them Compassion, PETA President Ingrid Newkirk asks, “[G]iven our newfound understanding of all that is animal, how can we treat them in ways that respect their individuality and talents? Or, in other words, how can we conduct our lives happily and efficiently without having to exploit animals?”

Rats aren’t laboratory tools. They’re unique individuals who experience fear and feel pain.

We can conduct our lives just fine by choosing cruelty-free personal-care products and donating to charities that don’t fund experiments on animals. Let’s make the Year of the Rat a lasting celebration by getting them — and all animals — out of laboratories.





Easter … next month. Go vegan:



SAAG!!! ♥️♥️♥️

By Chef Joey

Joey can cook any meal you dream of!

When you think of Indian food, curry comes to mind, and many of my friends are quick to judge this genre of cuisine. Years ago I met someone who was visiting my house. I asked about different things and how they were made in her family – and like all cultures, there is an array of food, vegan and non-, and all use fresh herbs, especially cilantro.

Saag! pic: R.T.

I’ve had many fabulous Indian dishes in my life, and “SAAG” is my favorite. It’s made with spinach. You can have it vegan with tofu or paneer, or meat with lamb, or seafood with shrimp. There are several spices involved, and all are inexpensive, if you take a ride to your local Indian grocery store. They cost less than $2 each and last a while. You can make a meal for 8 people for less than $10 over and over again!

Curry stock. pic: Chef Joey

This is a bit lengthy for a regular meal but, besides the prep and the initial cooking time, it goes fast. The biggest item is the curry stock. You make this ahead of time and freeze it in 2-cup containers (Ziplock bags in bread pans that you freeze and make bricks with then stack them!). This broth is delicious on its own, but when you combine it with other things it is magical! You can add it to lentils, to fresh veggies for flavor or use as a veggie stock to cook other things, too.

♥️For the curry base you need the following:

8 large onions cut into quarters and pulled apart
8 cloves of peeled garlic
1 ½ tbsp fresh chopped ginger
1 ½ tbsp cumin powder
1 ½ tbsp coriander powder
1 ½ tsp turmeric
1 ½ tsp salt
15 cilantro stocks and leaved cleaned
12 cups of water
15 oz can of diced tomatoes
3 tbsp oil

♥️ Directions:

Bring the water to a boil, add the onions that you break apart like petals.

Add all the ingredients, except the tomatoes and boil for an hour.

Then add the tomatoes and cook for 20 mins more.

Let the mixture cook and then blend everything together with an emersion blender – or use your blender in small batches. Don’t burn yourself!

This is the base for every Indian dish basically.

So to make the spinach dish you need to also have a ginger and garlic paste. This is great stuff in itself, and I use it to top fish all the time. It is basically the same amount of fresh garlic and fresh peeled ginger combined in a food processer – say 8 or 10 cloves of garlic – 1 tbsp salt and the equivalent in fresh peeled (peel with a teaspoon – magic and fast less waste) garlic. Add a few tablespoons of oil (6 or 7) and blend – put in a small resealable container. This will last for a couple weeks.

♥️For the Saag you will need the following, now that you have the base:

3 tbsp oil
1 small onion finely diced
3 or 4 tbsp diced cilantro
1 pound thawed frozen chopped spinach (this works best and is cheaper)
1 tbsp garlic paste
2 cups if the curry base
1 lemon juiced
Spice mix (1 tsp dried fenugreek, 1½ tsp garam masala, ½ tsp salt, 4 tbsp coriander, 2 tbsp cumin, 4 tbsp turmeric, 3 tbsp paprika, 2 tbsp curry powder, 1 tsp ground pepper)
Optional 1 tsp chili powder if you want spicy
Tofu, chic peas, shrimp, cooked lamb (boiled at least 1 hour in chicken broth then shredded into the spinach)

So this part goes fast – add the oil and the onions and cook until translucent – about 2 mins.

Add all the spices at once and stir fast.

Add the garlic ginger spread and stir until it starts to thicken – then add ladles of the curry base and stir until it thickens up.

Keep going and add the spinach last – and any ingredients – proteins you may want to add.
Where’s the rice?!

Serve over basmati rice and dinner is ready!!
Chef Joey, right, Richard and daughter Gigi at a birthday party😊


P.S. Tomorrow is Super Tuesday! PLEASE VOTE FOR BERNIE! – R.T.😊🇺🇸