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Election 2008 Features

John I. Lebeaux

By Steven R. Maher

State Senatorial candidate and Shrewsbury Selectman John I. Lebeaux is not your typical Republican right-winger. On social issues he’s quite progressive: he’s pro-choice, supports gay marriage, opposes the death penalty, and favors stem cell research. But on economic issues Lebeaux is a bedrock conservative: he opposes tax increases, supports $450 million in property tax relief for home owners, and wants to control the growth of state government.

In short, Lebeaux is a William Weld Republican, that rare hybrid of a social liberal and fiscal conservative. In a district that includes three Republican state representatives, it positions Lebeaux well for appealing to independents and lunch bucket Democrats.

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Filling the Ed Augustus gap: the race for State Senator is on!

The campaign to succeed Ed Augustus as State Senator pits Millbury Selectman Michael O. Moore against Leicester Selectman Douglas A. Belanger. Each is packed by powerful groups within the local Democratic Party. Backing Moore is Sheriff Guy Glodis’ seasoned campaign apparatus. Backing Belanger are over 30 labor unions.Who will win is anyone’s guess.

By Steven R. Maher

The competition between Millbury Selectman Michael O. Moore and Leicester Selectman Douglas A. Belanger to succeed State Senator Edward M. Augustus in the Second Worcester District is a contest between two traditions within the Democratic Party. On one hand there is Belanger, an arch-type union backed progressive, in the tradition of Hubert Humphrey and John Edwards. On the other hand there is Moore, a pro-growth economic centrist in the tradition of Paul Tsongas and Bill Clinton.

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State Rep. Bob Spellane and his betrayal of the public trust

By Rosalie Tirella

Isn’t life rich? Just this past winter, I was struggling away in lower Vernon Hill, wishing for the perfect Christmas, a Christmas in a beautiful home in a beautiful neighborhood, with a beautiful husband and beautiful kids … Money, great furniture, the nicest clothes, perfectly coiffed and hi-lighted hair. Maybe a fun winter skiing vacation just around the snow-driven corner. A life of love, family and family-values! Just like the life of Bob Spellane and his wife Susan and family gushingly depicted in a glossy Worcester magazine for all of Worcester County to read and turn pea green with envy over. There was Bob and his wife amidst home and hearth in the kind of magazine that never makes it to my neighborhood. There was Bob Spellane the standard bearer for everything that’s fab about Wormtown! Worcester’s best! A Worcester winner! Don’t we all wish we could have Bob and Stacy’s life this holiday season? this story seemed to ask.

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Vote “Yes”on Question 3! Protect Greyhounds!

By Steven Baer

The sight of dogs at play in a grassy field is a happy image. Humans watch their companions with delight and a desire to visually participate in the innocent play as the “pups” run freely and jump and bow and roll and collide in a carefree way.

And as we watch, we become intrigued when one dog tends to lead the pack, or another is involved in fending off or initiating rough-housing, or another has boundless energy to run, or another tends to jump higher than his or her doggy play pals.

Innocent dog play, however, is violated when self-centered, manipulative people turn a playful run into a wagered dog race, or rough-house play into a wagered dog fight.

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Web-zilla!!!!! (or:The Big “Mack” Attack!)

Mack Fairbanks
Mack Fairbanks

My dear readers, if there’s anything you’ve learned about InCity Times these past seven-plus years, is that we are ambitious – and a wee-bit technophobic, which makes for really interesting newspapering. Yes, yes, we have heard it all before: Rose, all the newspapers have websites!; Rose, ICT needs to be in cyberspace; Rose, think how great this will be for your writers and advertisers! So for four or so years, we’ve been on the fence about an ICT website – vascilating like crazy! To build an InCity Times website – or not to build an InCity Times website? That was the question!

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Life with Tyler, a retired racing greyhound

Tyler relaxing by the fireplace!
Tyler relaxing by the fireplace!

By Vanessa Costa

I have to give all the credit to my husband, Bill, for adopting Tyler, our retired racing greyhound, seven years ago. We wanted to get a dog, but with both of us working, I was concerned about how much time we could devote to a pet. Greyhound Friends in Hopkinton was having their semi-annual Open House and before hand my husband visited their website (www.greyhound.org) and immediately fell for one red brindle greyhound named Tyler.

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Francis J. McGrath versus the Worcester mafia

By Steven Maher

It was the type of press Worcester Mafia boss Frank Iaconi abhorred.

Iaconi’s picture appeared on page one of the November 5, 1946 Worcester Telegram under a headline, “Three sued for $57,300 as a Result of Horse Bet Losses”. There was also a photograph of Ward 3 councilman Philip F. Sullivan.

Jules Vohlgemuth was a Belgian immigrant who had saved $19,000 from stock market investments and his wages as a diesinker. George Trudell had gotten Vohlgemuth to lend him the money under false pretenses, and then lost it betting on horses in an Iaconi Franklin Street gambling den. Vohlgemuth sued Iaconi, Sullivan, and Irving Zabarsky under a state law that allowed for the recovery of triple damages for gambling losses.

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