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And while we’re talking about the Worcester Public Schools …

By Rosalie Tirella

If the WPS teachers’ union feels its members are underpaid (average salary seems to be about $70,000, with lots of Worcester public school teachers making $80,000+), then our teachers can do what the teachers have done at the New York City charter school I wrote about yesterday. Yes, our teachers can earn $125,000 a year but ONLY if they skip union membership. No unions to protect hacks! If any teacher is underperforming, he/she can be fired – at any time. A new, competent teacher will replace the incompetent one.

Teachers always complain about not making the money their pals make in the private sector. Well, if they want the really big bucks, then they should be willing to embrace the same working conditions as their friends in the private sector: no unions. You make a lot of money only if you are so good at your job that you DESERVE to make a lot of money. The teachers making $100,000 will be truly excellent teachers – doing their jobs so well that they will be deserving of their hefty paychecks.

You do not get $100,000 just because you’ve parked your arse in the same seat behind the same teacher’s desk for 25 years.

Everyone is sick of the way lots of bad – or even average – teachers continue to teach. This doesn’t help our kids – especially our neediest students. For years and years and years due to union protection below average teachers have continued to teach! Many people – including President Obama, a progressive enough fellow – would like to see a merit system in place. If you are a better teacher than the teacher down the hall, you should be making more money than that teacher, regardless of whether your colleague down the hall has been working “in the system” longer than you have.

And let’s not forget: Teachers or anyone who works in municipal government has always known this: You may not make a ton of money working for your city/town, but your benefits will be super and you will have job security. So to scream for more money, a la WPS teachers, is silly.

And finally, we agree with City Council Vice Chairwoman Konnie Lukes: get rid of some of the dead wood at the WPS administration building on Irving Street. Lukes is correct: Let’s not take anything away from the education side of our public schools, but let’s dump some of these “administrative” types who make $80,000 a year and do … very little … or nothing at all.

A case in point: Last week I went to the WPS administration building on Irving Street to find out about a program. I entered the first room I saw. Inside this room: three women at desks. They were just sitting at their desks – doing nothing. Not answering phones, not filling out paperwork, not filing, not entering data into a computer. It was about 2 p.m.

I asked them my question. Could they help me?

No response from these ladies. Then: We don’t know.

And they went back to doing nothing.

So I said I was the owner of InCity Times and then puff! Like magic, they began to use their brains, one of them made a call and then directed me to the right place.

I told this to a friend – a parent whose child used to go to WP school. The parent said: At Irving Street, they don’t want to see adults – they think they are WPS students’ parents. They don’t want parents asking questions.

Let’s dump these useless people on Irving Street and save our city some serious money. Like Lukes says, the City side of local govenment can help handle any overflow (probably not a lot).

So the WPS teachers’ union has voted “no confidence” in … everybody!

By Rosalie Tirella

Well, here’s something Worcester Public School teachers need to stick in their pipes and smoke:

Yesterday there was an interesting newspaper column about public school teachers, mainly re: how not very bright they are. The columnist explained that about half of America’s teachers scored pretty poorly on their SATs – in the lowest third percentile. He went on to say that a few decades ago, when all sorts of career paths were closed to brilliant women, they became (out of necessity) teachers. They were incredible teachers and kids learned, learned, learned. Today brilliant women become lawyers and brain surgeons, leaving the teaching profession open to mediocre folks. The columnist’s point: we need to pay teachers a hell of a lot more money ($100,000 or so) if we are to attract brilliant people who will be gifted teachers and turn this country’s public schools around.

Then last night on 60 Minutes, the TV news show: a segment about a charter school in New York City that pays its teachers $125,000 and gets incredible results from their students -all inner-city, low-income Hispanic and African American kids. The principal said incredible teachers make the difference in a kid’s academic success and the achievement gap between rich and poor kids is pretty much closed if underprivileged kids have fantastic teachers four years in a row. He went on to say pretty much with newspaper columnist said: if you offer to pay teachers $125,000 a year – which he does – the best and brightest people will become teachers. The teachers at this NYC charter school have no contract, belong to no union and can be fired at any time. The money that goes to the teachers’ salaries is taken out of the administrative end – with teachers doing a few officey type things. And the school is modular … . Yet, there are the kids! Excelling! Reading at grade level! Being serious and studious!

This is what the columnist said, too. By having teachers in unions, he wrote, we are running our public schools like factories. With unions and tenure, it is almost impossible to dump a mediocre teacher – or even a truly incompetent one.

This does our inner-city students no favors.

The former chancellor of the New York Public Schools told 60 Minutes that out of 55,000 public school teachers only seven (or some number like that) have been fired for incompetence. He said it was almost impossible to fire a bad teacher because of all the union protection.

The columnist wrote that Korea and Finland’s students are high achievers; their countries – especially Korea – pay their teachers very well. Infact, in Korea, teachers make more dough than lawyers and are shown more respect.

The Worcester Public School teachers need to WAKE THE FUCK UP!



America has taken a no confidence vote in most of its public school teachers.

Our Worcester teachers need to WAKE THE HELL UP!

They need to stop the games and pay more of their health care premiums and health co-pays, as well as AGREEING TO JOIN THE STATE HEALTH INSURANCE COMMISSION – a move that would save the City of Worcester millions of dollars.

Mayor Joe O’Brien and School Superintendent Melinda Boone are excellent people – and fair. The teachers need to get off their arses and do the right thing.

We need to save our public schools. We don’t need dead wood whining over their more than generous benefit packages.

Just wondering …

By Rosalie Tirella

… what Worcester School Committee girl (she is definitely no grown up!) Tracy Novick and Gary Rosen must be thinking re: race and WPS Superintendent Dr. Melinda Boone.

They certainly appear to be racist. Former city councilor Rosen writes that he guarantees – just absolutely guarantees! – that Dr. Melinda Boone (Worcester’s first female, black school school superintendent) is using Worcester as a stepping stone to … moving back South so she can put her legs up and relax with all her old friends and colleagues down home.


Would Rosen have written that about any white Worcester mover-shaker guy who just landed one of the most demanding and high-paying city jobs Worcester has to offer?

Rosen, in his writing, intimates that Dr. Boone is lazy and not completely honest with the city (shuckin’ and jyvin’). He writes Dr. Boone is covering up, stone walling, fibbing, shutting out the city … . He makes her seem so nefarious … . All his comments are tinged with racism.

Then there’s Novick. She slaps a Freedom of Info request into Dr. Boone’s hand at a public meeting. When she writes about Dr. Boone, she always writes “Boone.”

There’s rudeness to Novick’s ways.

You would think these two folks would be proud of: Worcester’s first black school superintendent! Dr. Boone is a great role model for our minority majority Worcester Public School population. The kids love when she visits their schools!

You would think these two “educators” would be this agressive when it comes to: HIRING MORE MINORITY TEACHERS for our school system. Springfield, Hartford, Boston – these urban school systems have lots of minority teachers in all their schools. Worcester public schools look like the set of Leave it to Beaver.

Changes must be made. Change is already here in Dr. Boone.

Novick and Rosen are dragging the City of Worcester down.

The racists.

So the Worcester Public School teachers want a contract …

By Rosalie Tirella

… and they, of course, are making asses of themsleves – totally out of touch with America’s 14% poverty rate, and almost 10% unemployment rate, totally oblivous to the fact that few AVERAGE American workers (professional or blue/collar) bring down $100,000 a year salaries – the way many of our Worcester Public School teachers do. Our school principals make around $130,000. Other professionals in our public school system make more than/around $100,000, too!


Which is why Mayor Joe O’Brien this week called for an “objective” court-appointed mediator to step in and save the City of Worcester from these hogs.

I had lunch with one of my former Worcester Public School teachers a few months ago – a wonderful human being. A person who, like many teachers in the good ol’ days of WPS, went into teaching because she was absolutely passionate about kids and learning. “To be with you kids – oh, it was so special – … ” (How many WPS teachers would say that about their former pupils?)

Anyways, this former WPS teacher, a person who worked overtime many a day in our city schools (FOR FREE) and did wonderful things for students (FOR FREE) like rescue hundreds of used WPS text books out of WPS dumpsters to drive them to a boys’ residential school, was amazed – absolutely amazed! – that today the City of Worcester has a boat-load of teachers who make around/more than $100,000 a year! Continue reading So the Worcester Public School teachers want a contract …

Cheryl DelSignore whines about the laid off WPS teachers

By Rosalie Tirella

Some how the Worcester Public Schools teachers’ union has got it all upside down: Last City Council meeting teacher union head Cheryl DelSignore stood before the Worcester City Council and whined. 124 WPS teachers are getting their pink slips! she announced to our city leaders! Mon Dieu! No art for the kiddies! No extras!

Bull shit.

What concerns this union rep most – and I guess the teachers themselves – is the fact that some of these newly laid off teachers have been in the WPS system for years!

“Twenty three years in the system,” Delsignore gasped to the city council.

This made me think: the teachers’ union is getting nervous. Now, instead of laying off the young, just hired teachers, like they used to when they went toe to toe with the city over contract negotiations, the teachers’ union is starting to lose the “connected” old timers, the people and hacks who have been sucking up precious space in the WPS system for two decades, but maybe hung around because they knew their seniority would be protected. WPS teachers who thought they would never see the day because … the young neophyte teachers would be the first to be let go by the Worcester Public School system. Continue reading Cheryl DelSignore whines about the laid off WPS teachers