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Claude Dorman is Wonderland blogger

He just admitted the truth in a court of law. The good old WORCESTER Courthouse. Paul Collyer was accused of stalking him. The police were at Paul’s home twice. Some how I was supposed to be there (court). I got no summons. I am driving to court with a character witness now.

R. Tirella

p.s. It is amazing! Claude Dorman has had a history of harassing/threatening/hurting people. Lots of people. But the big baby goes bawling to the police/courts when he has two days of feather-ruffling.


Is Wonderpoop kidding us? Is he deceiving ICT web readers? This A-1 libel-er cannot be trusted! So before you read his next piece, rest assured: because Wonderpoop is so darned unprofessional, we are demoting him to ICT website INTERN. After all, he is working for us for FREE!



By ICT website intern Wonderpoop

I’ve been called many thing in my life, but never White Trash. Until recently that is.

While shopping at Santiago’s Market I inadvertently bumped into a fat black woman with my shopping cart. Although I apologized profusely she obviously wasn’t impressed with my sincerity and felt a severe tongue lashing was in order. For the record, I do have impeccable manners.

White trash huh? Maybe it had to do with my appearance – camos, black t-shirt, a three day growth, and smelling like motor oil. So I got to thinking. Do appearances send a message? Or was it really a racially motivated incident? This is Wusta after all. An aside – I know a couple dudes who look pretty rough around the edges (according to my wife), but gentlemen to the core.

So I thought I’d do a social experiment in order to observe the locals reaction; hoping to disprove that my race was a factor in that encounter. Ya think there’s prejudiced folk in Wusta? So me and my buddy Wayne headed to City Hall for a session of panhandling. Me in camos etc. Wayne in khakis and sweater.

The results were conclusive: Most folk dislike panhandlers, especially pushy ones and those that smell. Happily I can report my race played no significant role. Because I did manage some coin from two minorities, but I had to clean their windshields. Just kidding.

I did try to hit up as many black chicks as possible. All gave me the rolled eyes and a smart-ass quip. I gave it right back. But no coin. I did take up a conversation with a somewhat presentable black dude panhandler. I observed how he picked his marks – mostly young black girls. I approached him to find out his secret. He confirmed, the rattier and smellier one is, the less the likelihood of getting some coin, and the more likely to be insulted or assaulted.

I did manage to get enough coin for a beer and a bag of peanuts at the Red Baron – that took like 4 hours of brazen begging. Wayne gave up after about an hour- managing a whopping $1.25. Oh, old ladies are not easy marks. Most of em downtown looked like welfare recipients. So its understandable.

That incident at Santiago’s may just well have been a case of a big fat bitchy black woman with a big mouth and an uncontrollable urge to dish out severe tongue lashings. Interestingly, she saw me 15 minutes later and made another derogatory remark. Without provocation! Bad day huh bitch? Maybe a bad fucking life? I just smiled and thanked her.

Here’s an interesting tidbit. There was a lot of panhandling competition in and around City Hall. Quite fierce in fact. I personally encountered one instance of shoving and two hefty verbal tirades directed at my person.

Ya know, I think panhandling could be the next big thing. As a profession, I mean.

Blackout in Wonderpoopland!

Here’s Wonderpoop’s 2007 post on Bancroft Tower. Where are your pics of this Worcester landmark, guy? Why did you replace them with the black boxes (see below)?!

Mr. I-libel-everybody, steal-everybody’s-content/art but whine when someone returns the favor!

And you hide your identity!



R. T.
Mr. City Manager tear down that gate!

By Wonderpoop

Bancroft Tower is an imposing Worcester landmark that deserves better. And so do we. For unknown reasons our city fathers decided long ago to bar access to the tower proper.

The tower was the first structure I noticed when I moved to Worcester. Within hours after my arrival I was standing in front of the tower. Awed by its medieval connotations; disappointed by the locked gates.
I’ve often fantasized about living in that thing and seriously thought about buying it from the city. My wife, ever so rational, thought I was daft and threatened to have me locked up if I so much as inquired at city hall. I did. They hung up. I’m still free.

I still venture up there, like many others, to enjoy the albeit, limited view of the city. Folks see it as a place for contemplation and escape. Those who I spoke with bemoan the situation and are unanimous that the tower gates should be opened. So what do we do?

I also wanted to post something about the history of the tower but others got the jump on me. … Who would have thought that America too has castles – Bancroft Tower.

Pssst. Not too long ago we scaled the walls. What a view!

Look what Wondershit has done to his website!

From the editor:
Here is what Wondershit’s website looks like now. In 2007 and 2008, when he probably posted more clues as to who he is, we got posts like this (go back and see for yourself!) – but with pics … .  Not with black boxes (today’s version). He obviously took down art and replaced it with these ugly things (see above and below). He’s obviously gone over his entire site and made it look like this in so many places … .
He took photos/pics down in other places on his website – all over – actually. (Because of us!)
What a coward.
– R. Tirella
Here’s his post
By Wondershit
“We’re both books buffs. Under the bed, in the kitchen cabinets, and in my car. Ya never know where you’ll get stuck. Since living in Worcester we’ve made numerous forays into the shelves of … looking for books of interest. Me, history. She, English literature. Better said, anything that catches her fancy.

I don’t know that much about the history of the business, except to say the store has been around for over 20 years. A friend told me that the owner bought the old Ephraims Book Store on Front St. after he died and opened Ben Franklin Bookstore. And as a kid, spending hours searching for Science Fiction – Asimov and Bradbury – and finding it in abundance, even before the genre was fashionable.

Now if they only had big comfy chairs, a wood stove for warming one’s feet, and a bottomless cup of Earl Grey.

Oh, bring your own cat for warmth in case the heat is out.

Wondershit on State Senator Harriette Chandler (the new Majority Whip)

editor’s note: He’s what Wondershit thinks of State Senator Harriette Chandler, one of the most forward-looking legislators in Massachusetts. She was just promoted to Majority Whip. No matter. Wonderpoop loathes her, too. Notice the age-ist remark at the end of his diatribe.

Harriette Chandler and useless legislation – again

By Wondershit

So why push legislation that’s anti-job creation in the two largest metropoli in the state that needs jobs? Two areas totaling 116,786 unemployed or 48% of all unemployed in MA.

Let’s see, the unemployment rate is 7.6% in Worcester & County, 23k unemployed, or 10% of the state’s total unemployed. Boston’s at 6.0%, 94k unemployed, or 38% of the state’s total unemployed.

Thanks to Harriet Chandler those 117k people have no chance of getting a job because she decided that the residents of Worcester and Boston are not worth her patronage. Go figure. The economics of that decision are staggering – lost jobs, lost tax revenues, more state unemployment payments, increased welfare etc… who’s gonna protect us from politicians like Chandler?

For the 75 year old Harriet Chandler to push legislation that effectively keeps casinos out of Boston and Worcester is tantamount to economic sabotage and in fact was illogical because Boston and Worcester were never really in the running for a casino. Not to mention the timing of such legislation (during a recession) and the fact that out-of-state casinos have already siphoned off the populous’ cash years ago, and outlived their usefulness as a revenue source for the states who have them, clearly leaves one wondering, what the heck is Harriet Chandler thinking? Can she clearly think at her age? Apparently not.

Oughta be a law to keep old people out of politics.

One InCity Times reader on Wonderpoop

editor’s note: Wow! I just got this great letter from an InCity Times reader on Wonderpoop! Thank you!

Everyone in this city knows what a jealous, negative loser Wonderpoop is. Cyber bully extraordinaire. He has nothing good to say about anybody in Worcester. I am glad folks know the awful truth.

Here is the letter:

The writings of “Wonderidiot”

By Nisa

The writings of “Wonderidiot” reveal that the person is a venomous and always angry malcontent who is bent on attacking individuals, organizations and small business. S/he is not funny, valid or even of interest to anyone with any brains. The rants on her/his site are getting old and annoying.

Unless you are a business selling web ads or you are looking to market a commercial product, then the amount of “unique web site visits” may be important if whether or not a web analytic reveals a large reader base. But let’s face it, the web is all about niche interest for most online readers. Sites like most commentary blogs or non-commercial entities are not concerned with such information. What matters is if some segment of the population, no matter how small or large, gives a shit about the content of any particular website. In some cases the writers and viewers of most web sites care less about the volume of viewers than they do about the individuals who might find something of interest on there particular site that they simply will not find anywhere else.

For example, no where else will you find the content as specific and unique as what you might find on website posted in small neighborhood newspaper or some non-profit community radio or TV outlet, etc. It’s pointless and totally irrelevant to compare say InCity Times with the T&G or someone like WCUW radio with WTAG radio. They are based on totally different value marketing and target systems.

That angry blogger [Wondershit!!] rarely writes truthfully, and s/he should probably learn to deal with reality rather than what seems to be obvious hate or perhaps (toward you and some other organizations he un-substantially slams) appears to have some sort of perverted infatuation with the many s/he attacks. What else could it be? It’s obviously personal and that alone pretty much voids the person of any credibility even without being anonymous.

Maybe s/he needs needs psychological help, or is searching in some way to fill a void in her/his life. I hope that happens for her/him. It probably won’t though. I’d say that vanity has too strong of a hold on the person. So what? No one cares anyway.

Here’s a suggestion for that sad individual, and it comes from someone who is genuinely sorry for the losses and bad choices s/he seemed to have made in this world:

[Wondershit] You seem angry, envious of others, and constantly spewing such hatred. That must be burdensome at some point. No one but someone in a place that is as pitiful and pathetic as you seem to be in would even care or concern themselves with these obvious personal attacks. How is all of that all working out for you?

To Rose: You run your very own news paper. With a very small team – that is a tremendously huge accomplishment, especially for the length of time you have celebrated so far [10+ years!]. Some idiots envy you – they wish they could do what you do, but they obviously can’t. Surely you must expect from time to time someone may not care for your writing style or the story content. Some stand ideologically distant from you. So what? It’s up to you to choose how and what you write. Others can either choose to read your paper or choose not to. Don’t sweat the web stat attacks. It’s meaningless.

Twice Vice? No way for WP school committe member Tracy O’Connell Novick

By Rosalie Tirella

Re: Worcester Public Schools Committe “Vice Chair” Tracy O’Connell Novick: we’ve heard this from John Monfredo, fellow Worcester School Committee member: This will be the last time Novick is VICE CHAIRMAN of the Worcester Public Schools Committee.

Monfredo is head of the Worcester Public Schools Committee rules subcommittee, and he is working to make it a committee rule that after each municipal election, second-place vote getters get the vice chair of the Worcester School Committee – not people who do backroom deals with folks like Novick did. Monfredo told me he was not planning to vote for Novick getting the vice chair slot, but Mayor Joe Petty (the Chairman of the Worcester School Committee – like all Worcester mayors Petty heads the school committee) went to him and told him to do so, to make the WPSC seem cohesive and positive.

Monfredo told Petty he was againt Novick as Vice Chair because she had alientated so many minority parents of Worcester Public School students with her Dr. Boone witch-hunt. Novick tried to destroy Dr. Boone, Worcester’s first black female school superintendent. The minority community had had it with Novick. Monfredo told Petty if Novick became Vice Chair of the school committee, it would send the wrong message to so many city parents and kids.

Petty didn’t listen – and Novick doesn’t care who she offends as long as she gets all the free publicity that comes with comes with the Vice Chair slot. She gets to “speak for” the Worcester School Committee via the papers, TV, etc.

So now the City of Worcester must live with this mistake – a slap in the face to minority WPSchools students and their families. Remember, Worcester is a majority minority school district, meaning there are more minority kids than white kids in our public schools.

But, thanks to John Monfredo, the WPSC rules will soon be changed – he is having a meeting of his subcommittee soon – to make this Novick’s first and last stint as Vice Chair. The process will be fair – the vice chair slot will be awarded to the second highest vote getter – just like the way it’s done with the Worcester City Council. Top vote getter mayor, second top vote getter City Council vice-chair.

For the record … And where was Mayor Joe Petty?

By Rosalie Tirella

FYI, Wonderpoop: We are 50! Not 51!

Most likely we have had more sex partners than your entire family. Like I told a pal: He’s married but to which dog??? I pity his kids – they must be ashamed of their dad – he hates everyone in Worcester. Libels everyone in Worcester. Believes in nothing really. Thinking he is some witty guy who is uncovering the TRUTH, when he is just some meanspirited guy with (most likely) a teeny dick that he is overcompensating for. Wonderpoop should do a brave thing – like print the entire list of City of Worcester employees salaries, like we do at InCity Times.

Fat Chance. He would lose his job (at City Hall?? the T & G??).

Our wesbstats are comprised of unique visitors and total visitors per month. When Wondershit gives us all his name – we will give you all our webstats.

And finally we are resuming our little TV 13 “Straight Talk” show. Just for a few episodes. People seemed to like the show.

Almost as much as they like my newspaper!

Now! Back to Watching Worcester! Sorry we had to get sidetracked by some worm we will … eventually OUT. We DO KNOW School Committee member Tracy O’Connell Novick of Olean Street knows Wonderpoop – and has encouraged him to run for public office. Are they West Side neighbors?? Thanks, Tracy!

Now, back to business:


Mayor Joe Petty

Where was Joe? A few days ago Danny Donaghue, Petty’s assistant at the Mayor’s office, called me to say Petty could not meet with me because this MBTA meeting had come up. Tres important! Petty had to be there! Could we reschedule our meeting?

I agreed! Wormtown can’t lose trains! After all, that’s why we’ve allowed CSX to expand, to dump hundreds of freight cars/tons of pollutants into our gritty city (to make it even grittier).

But to our surprise: Worcester’s mayor, the titular head of our city, was a no show at the MBTA meeting. City Councilor (and pal) Ric Rushton read a letter to the MBTA from our Mayor Petty.

Now was this in the best interest of Worcester? To have the Mayor of Worcester MIA? Having a surrogate read a letter? How totally non-effective! Say what you say about Tim Murray but he would have been at the meeting (as mayor) pounding his fists, railing against the Boston Machine (which he is now a part of)! Maybe all the drama would have changed a few minds.

Not with No-Show Joe!

Mayor Petty, fellow councilor and political opponent Konnie Lukes said your full-time Boston job may take you away from your Worcester job as mayor. That being in Boston would mean not being able to attend early meetings in Worcester. Not being able TO REPRESENT OUR CITY AND ITS RESIDENTS’ INTERESTS.

Let’s hope this isn’t a taste of things to come.