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From the Worcester Tree Initiative

Summer Staff Taking on Big Projects!

Thanks to funding from Massport we’ve been lucky to bring in great summer interns and summer Young Adult Forestry youth.  They have a big impact on the work we do.

In the past we have had interns skilled in mapping, office management, database creation, design and research. And we always have a great project for our interns to work on. Some help with giveaways, some help create presentations, others have helped with our media. Last year if you were a tree recipient, you may remember getting an email or phone call asking you to tell us how your trees were doing. That information helps us to understand the progress we’ve made.

This summer we’re bringing on four interns to help us with some ambitious projects. Amanda LaFrance is an intern coming to us from Westfield State University. She will be leading our Street Tree Inventory project in the Burncoat and Greendale neighborhoods. We are specifically looking at trees planted along the street. We’re looking at both the trees planted in the past six years and also the older trees which remain as a legacy in some areas.

Amanda will be accompanied by two returning interns, Patrick Shea, who will be attending Yale University in the fall, and Jackson Fulk-Logon who attends Tufts University. Jackson and Patrick will help Amanda collect data some days, but they will also be helping us with other projects. One of these projects: inspecting the sidewalks to be resurfaced and checking for potential conflicts with existing trees.

 Our fourth intern is Gilbert M. , a South High School student who is returning to us for another summer. He’s on the Young Adult Foresters team. As you know, the Young Adult Foresters are a team dedicated to the care of newly planted trees around the city.

Worcester’s Forestry Dept. has planted several hundred trees in Worcester each year for the past six years. The young Adult Foresters have worked hard to ensure that each tree has a chance to thrive.

We’re excited about bringing each of these young men and women on to be part of our new team, and we owe our gratitude to Massport which has supported the program since the inception of the Young Adult Foresters five years ago.