Telegram and Gazette ordains their “chosen” political candidates – doesn’t educate voters

By Rosalie Tirella

How annoying! I opened up the Telegram & Gazette today at a local coffee shop (I’d never actually put down any money to buy the T & G – and I coerced my relatives into ending their subscriptions – “You can read their crap on line for free!”), I was stunned to see a letter to the editor about ICT that was given just an awful headline. It was as if the editor/copy editor who slugged it had his/her own agenda – to trash us.

Then I read other Telegram and Gazette stories and thought: You know what? This awful rag doesn’t even need to be read – just scanned. Here it is, political season and you know: the T & G’s reporters, columnists, editors and copy editors will make Mayor Konnie Lukes look bad and her main opponent, candidate Joe O’Brien, look good. The T & G has never given Lukes the play that L.G. Tim Murray got when he was mayor of Worcester. And Murray – the little fart – has even jumped into this local mayoral race to help O’Brien/dump on Lukes. A Boston Globe columnist wrote about it, wondering why a state big wig would meddle in local politics with such intensity (maybe vindictiveness?).

Never would you see this kind of column in the Telegram and Gazette because T & G staffers are the official ass-wipers of Tim Murray. And Murray truly is a vindictive little puss! When Lukes became Mayor of Worcester I visited her for a mini interview. She was excited – the first popularly elected mayor of Worcester (the T & G usually “reports” she got the job when Murray became L.G., dismissing Lukes’ achievement)! Konnie told me how she planned on working with everybody and showed me a beautiful gift that she had bought each of Murray’s two daughters (for their birthdays, I think). She said something along the lines of: it takes kids to bring people together. Well, she was wrong. Murray is still shitting on her.

But you can’t find any of this in the T & G. You will, however, find T & G staffers writing glowing stories/columns about anyone Tim Murray-related – Joe O’Brien, Joe Petty, Jim Leary, etc. They will handle (write about) mayoral candidate Kate Toomey with kid gloves (a Murray pal, too). They will not give incumbent District 4 City Counilor Barbara Haller any free rides. Infact, they underplay her smarts.

Gary Rosen – now running for Bob Spellane’s seat – will be treated like an eccentric uncle by the reporters at the T & G. T & G columnist Clive McFarlane trashed and misrepresented Worcester School Committee woman Dorothy Hargrove – so much so she has decided to not run for office again. Dottie is a great person – intelligent, committed to inner-city kids, a retired WPS teacher and now a professor (she trains teachers to be great). Clive has, however, written glowingly about Worcester School Committee person Mary Mullaney – a religious right nut who joined the committee just so she could advocate for her brood (I think she has 50!) children. Mullaney couldn’t care less about inner-city schools, minority students – or poor parents. Yup. Way to go, Clive-o!

Doesn’t the Telegram and Gazette find it boring to be the public relations machine for Tim Murray, Joe O’Brien and the usual poops? Doesn’t it suck to suck?

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