Thank you, Worcester Police Chief Gemme, for coming out against the Slots Parlor!

By Rosalie Tirella

Worcester Police Chief Gary Gemme has recommended that the City of Worcester NOT BUILD A SLOTS PARLOR in Green Island.

His reasons? They are listed in a report he has prepared for City Manager Mike O’Brien (public record) and include:

More crime and traffic problems for an area of town that already suffers from …

an inordinate amount of: assaults, aggravated assaults, traffic violations, prostitution.

In his report. the chief wrote that the area is already a challenge to police/keep safe. A slots parlor on the old Wyman Gordon site will make things even more difficult for the families and businesses of the neighborhood and stretch an already thinly stretched Worcester Police Department force (due to lay offs and early retirements).

In his report, the chief notes that it will also cost $$$$ to police the area/keep it safe. Two million visits per year to the slots parlor, 3,000 cars per day to the slots parlor will call for 16 hours of Worcester police officers patrolling the site per day. This “police detail” will cost Worcester taxpayers MORE THAN $2 MILLION (TWO MILLION!!!) a year.

These days Worcester is blooming and looking great with all our development! We do NOT NEED a slots parlor to muck things up for us.

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