That’s a Wrap! Republican National Convention column by Edith!🇺🇸🇺🇸

The 2020 RNC Convention Show

By Edith Morgan


I did not know what to call it: after a very brief and perfunctory convention that did the real business of a true party convention, but without any attempt at giving voice to other possible views or candidates within the party, with no platform (since whatever Trump decides in the moment will be it), the evening RNC SHOW began on Monday and ran for four days, through Thursday, August 28. At which time Donald Trump brazenly accepted the nomination, in front of the White House, the American people’shouse. That was merely the crowning, in-your-face portion of this show’s violations of the Hatch Act – Trump’s thumbing his nose at the public and its laws, to let us know that the laws do not apply to him or his family or cronies.

I found particularly offensive the naturalization ceremony, not only for its inappropriateness during a political campaign, but also because if the extended and unusually long and inclusive swearing–in, which included an oath to serve in the military or to do public service, etc… none of which are usually included in such a ceremony. It was, like the rest of the RNC SHOW, a carefully orchestrated rainbow of five persons, including a member of all those excluded by the Trump administration during real life at the White House.

I listened carefully to every word and watched gestures and facial expressions – and had to admire the speech writers for all these presentations, for their skill in creating this four-day long paen of praise for all Trump’s accomplishments, describing an America I could not recognize.

Of course the Trump family spoke in full force and could not say enough GREAT things about the great love, caring, empathy and generosity of dad or hubby President Trump. Every time I see the women of Trump, I am reminded of “The Stepford Wives.“

In this four-day performance of “unreal TV”!!, we were treated to a constant barrage of warnings about what the “Trojan horse Joe Biden” would cause to descend on us Americans: our cities, our economy, our families, our jobs, all in ruin. To be saved by another four years of Trump!!!

We are all going to be great again – again. Much lip service was given to the additional funding of military objectives, to promises to end our foreign wars, to bring our troops home, to getting our allies to pay for their own defenses, and to bringing jobs back, as well as to continue to cut taxes. Most of the claims of accomplishments can not stand close scrutiny, and even the first few media fact checks done around the time of the presentations proved that the entire RNC Zshow was a compendium of “ alternative facts.” It was all a well orchestrated show, a glossy show, featuring infinitely the carnival barker about whom it all revolved: Donald J. Trump.

We heard from Tiffany Trump, Eric Trump, Lara Trump, and finally Melania Trump, who advertised her “Be Best” anti-bullying campaign. Ha ha. Karen Pence, Larry Kudlow, Joni Ernst, Rep. Crenshaw, and Billy Graham’s granddaughter, as well as Kentucky’s Rand Paul – every one full of praise for what Trump has accomplished, invoking God and the flag, giving some standard American history and supporting the second Amendment – while properly demonizing the “Democrat –run cities” which were described as being overrun by rioters and looters. They supported, in various ways, a “law-and-order” regime and tried to scare suburban dwellers into fearing the invasion of low-cost housing. Read: Blacks and Other Minorities.

Occasional chants of “Four more years!!” erupted, but since most venues were virtual, that only happened at the two outdoor events, where there were many people, not masked and close together. What global pandemic?! All emphasized the duty to vote – and to give their Donald another four years.

Let’s not.