The 99% wake up … Post a sign in solidarity!

Thursday, thousands of Americans stood together on our failing bridges and roads.

They had a clear message to Congress: deal with the economic emergency facing the 99% by creating good jobs.

Today, we are asking readers to stand up to Wall Street, to their supporters in Congress and to the 1% – wherever they are.

The 99% refuse to have our American Dream deferred, derailed or traded away any longer and we’re speaking out.

You don’t need to go to a rally to be heard. You can print this sign: “We Are The 99%,” and post it anywhere that people will see it. In the window of your home, in business store fronts, in your car windows or on bulletin boards.

Prefer Facebook or Twitter? You can update your profile photo to show that you stand with the 99%.

Let’s tell our leaders that we won’t stand for this economic injustice any longer. Let’s tell our neighbors that they’re not alone, it’s all right to speak out. Let’s show the 1% that there is nowhere they can hide, that we are everywhere, and we are not going away.

We refuse to sit silently as Congress plays political games to avoid creating jobs, but can always find the time to cut taxes for their friends in the 1%.

With your help, we can realize the dream of an America that works for everyone.

In solidarity,

Jon Youngdahl
Chief of Staff, Service Employees International Union

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