The Canal District – yesterday: Green, Water, Millbury streets

pics: R.T.






Taken the day before; still cookin’ as of yesterday!

The City, sabotaging its success, as usual…

The Canal District is in the middle of a really POOR neighborhood. It’s not Highland Street, surrounded by the WPI community, or even Shrewsbury Street with its mix of small biz and mostly tidy, tiny homes. Residents around the Canal District LIVE IN GHETTO-LIKE CIRCUMSTANCES, they will ALWAYS BE SNEAKING shit into the Canal District trash receptacles.

THE CITY OF WORCESTER NEEDS A NEW SOLUTION FOR THIS UNIQUE MESS: We suggest daily rounds of DPW crews emptying the Canal District trash barrels, which are supposed to be “decorative,” as well as convenient.

The Canal District business association can’t eradicate – shouldn’t have to! – a social ill: grinding poverty.

Or…how about coupons for FREE yellow city trash bags for low-income residents here? So people can afford to “buy” the $10 trash bags, a sad fact of life for many on Ward, Perry, Endicott, Siegel, Lafayette, Lodi, Bigelow, Grosvenor, Washington streets …

WE NEED SOLUTIONS. Now. This isn’t rocket science.

The district bloomed without help from the City of Worcester. The very least our elected officials can do, besides riding on the district’s coat-tails and getting out of progress’s way, is to send a few g-trucks down Millbury, Green and Water streets with a couple of strong g-guys to do quick clean-ups! Daily!

– Rose T.