The greatest fraud of all time

By Jack Hoffman

No, its not someone printing notes in their basement, no it’s not some corner huckster passing off LV bags, no it’s not someone selling unstamped cigarettes, no it’s not some mail order Viagra; It’s the one and only greatest purveyor of the art of knocking off It’s phony George Bush

There are several definitions of the word counterfeit, but one word that shows up in all the definitions is deceit-“a deception deliberately practiced in order to secure unfair or unlawful gain” in other words a phony.
Maureen Dowd (NYT) once wrote that she would love to hear Bush on a shrink’s couch. The problem with that is he has a hard time dealing with reality- telling the truth especially in his mindset whose roots were established long ago. In a simple Freudian analysis he was always and still is enabled by his family, friends, and in recent times the media- save for the last few months of his presidency. This gave him an attitude of entitlement and just pure arrogance. When it came to education don’t worry George you can get into Phillips Andover, Yale and Harvard. Ironically the only school that couldn’t be had was the University of Texas who denied him admission even though his dad was on the board. He failed in business not once, but three times. And just to this day just shrugs it off,. When family and friends were concerned about his less than honorable military service they had his records destroyed.

Was it any surprise that when a problem arose at the White House that same arrogance, entitlement, and lack of knowledge would be there to guide him in a wrong turn. He just let others make the decisions he would sign off on them without ever understanding some of the ramifications. As the old “Alfred E. Newman caption read, “What me worry”

Still don’t believe this president was the greatest fraud of all times? All that has been said and analyzed about Bush was evident in his last performance-news conference. It was sadly speaking the most telling news conference of just what can be said about Bush’s legacy How embarrassed some of those who voted for him must have been- maybe even wanted to break his leg. Hell, he has a 24-27 % approval not bad–
So in case you missed some of those memorable responses during a trip through his wonderland I would like to return to those memorable moments of yesteryear and how this pathetic soul viewed his “successes” and “disappointments”: I never heard him use the word failures.

He just loves to tout the fact there has not been another attack on the U.S. since 9/11 as justification for his extreme and perhaps illegal policies, like warrantless eavesdropping on Americans. James Risen (NYT) compares it to putting a “ No Elephants” sign in the backyard and keeping the creatures away.
His biggest disappointments: putting up the sign “Mission Accomplished” and some of his rhetoric- not finding WMDs. Abu Ghraib. But the use of torture (never exactly mentioning it) was OK
Almost to this very day he still believes a relationship existed between Osama Bin Laden and Saddam. George never understood the tribal mentality. How could he never knowing the differences between Shia and Sunni.
Since he never could grasp the reality of war one comment that didn’t shock me was during a period of time “when the war became bleak there was this feeling of light heartedness and support around the White House”. I know some levity and smiles are good at times of war.

I wonder how those that lost someone, or the ones that came home severely wounded like that comment.
On Katrina- possibly flying over New Orleans and landing. His reasoning was he didn’t want to shift the spotlight and use law enforcement for his safety and not the job they were needed for. The Federal governments response was quick and efficient. After all we pulled 30 thousand people off roofs. Those people never got off the roofs for at least a week after the flooding began. Thirty thousand still have no homes to go to. George you forgot water for the stranded folks in the Superdome, I rather not go back to those “adequate responses”. All you have to do is examine New Orleans today almost five years after.
The economy; we inherited a deficit.

George you got a $200 million surplus and leaving with a trillion dollar deficit and loss of over 5 million jobs..

The excuses and denials just go on and on. Congratulations your portrait should hang next to Hoovers’ in the National Gallery

Can this democratic nation of ours ever survive when its leaders selfishly interpret the laws they are bound to uphold. George Bush, you created most of these problems, because you yourself were a fraud, or just inept. The fraud being this was all way above you, so you deliberately let criminals like Cheney and unqualified incompetent department heads, appointed on a contribution basis, not qualifications run their departments for their party’s contributors. Bush, you put this nation up for sale to the highest bidders- A prescription for disaster.

Bush never knew then and now that failures are not the same as disappointments. Why should he? Bush never understood what a wrong turn was. How could he, or should he when he always had, like in the past, those around him to pick up his crap when ever and wherever in his life before the presidency and during. And in the end maybe Bush can be reflective of all the mistakes-The truth is I doubt it. Let history debate that.

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