The mismeasure of Worcester

By Rosalie Tirella

Years ago, in college, I had to read an interesting book, THE MISMEASURE OF MAN.

Written by a Harvard guy, it showed how through the centuries science has really not been so scientific. The author (Gould) showed us readers scientists had been using cold hard facts, the latest scientific phenomena of the day, to support their racist or sexist beliefs.

For example, in the 1800s lots of people believed men were genetically superior to women. God just made them smarter, women’s intellectual superiors.

And the science of the day backed them up. The scientists of the day were big on measuring head sizes, in all sorts of very sophisticated ways. The methods involved numbers, careful calibrations, charts, sophisticated mathematics and scientific measurements galore to prove … Guys had bigger heads, therefore they had big brains, therefore they were smarter than gals.

We now know this is the bunk. But Back then it was science.

Fast forward to Worcester 2012. We dismiss the sorry state of our economy, our pitiful state minimum wage, our loss of all our factories that guaranteed immigrants a decent pay check, and decide

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