The proposed slot casino would bring jobs …

By Rosalie Tirella

… to Green Island. GOOD PAYING jobs if we play our cards right (bad pun intended).

But we can’t even begin to have a conversation around this intriguing project because the city has gone all puritanical on us and said NO WAY. City councilors are taking this interesting option off the table by taking/buying the site away from the owners of the site, at the old Wyman Gordans. It’s called eminent domain.

Good fucking luck!

This is insane. When a municipality takes someone’s house or property it is to make way for, usually, a huge public project like a highway, not because the owner’s plans for it gets city fathers’ panties all knotted.

Worcester shouldn’t take acres away from THE OWNER OF A PIECE OF PROPERTY because he wants to do something with it. Even if it feels a bit controversial, even if they pay the owner the fair price for it, in this case around four million bucks.

Worcester’s unskilled folks need good paying jobs, jobs that could pay them around $40 K a year. Good union jobs if we play our cards right.

Why keep our unskilled folks in Mcjobs when we can get them GOOD JOBS? Jobs that will turn their lives around.

This is wrong.

We need to discuss this option and work with the developer to leverage a bunch of good paying jobs FIR GREEN ISLANDERS.

The factories are gone. Not everyone is gonna go to college or even get a certificate to be a vet or lab tech or nurse. Some people haven’t the time, the money, the interest, and maybe even, and we have to face facts, the smarts.

That’s why the factories were so great. They provided good pay checks to just average or below average folks if they just showed up each day ready to work.OR If they had a good work ethic.

I have been to Mohegan Sun at least 20 times over the years.

Lots of fun. Great music. Great White Russians, one of my fave drinks. No I didn’t play the slots, and yes, the folks who did play slots looked a bit desperate. Many of them hooked up to mini oxygen tanks. Lots in wheel chairs. Lourdes for unlucky i guess.

But who is Worcester to judge? Let’s squeeze as many union jobs as we can. Let’s make sure the place provides at least second tier rock bands. Let’s make it classy and fun.

Let’s blow on the dice and give them a tumble.

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