The score: Trump/Putin 1; USA 0

Trump’s soul. pic: R.T.

By Edith Morgan

Helsinki was not about the U.S.A. – it was, as it has been all along, about Donald Trump and his need for further riches, for flattery and tending to his bloated, toxic ego, for “winning” – whatever the cost, for misstatements and shutting out the truth.

I have no problem with trying to have better relations with our competitors, nor with discussing deals that benefit the peoples of other nations, whether their governments are democratic or friendly … keeping the channels open so that we can discuss our mutual interests and really negotiate. These are worthy goals.

But that is not what is going on today. While everyone wants change, just bringing in the Trump wrecking crew and overthrowing everything, with no well thought-out plan to fix anything, is not what most of those who voted for change thought they were getting when they voted for Donald Trump. But that is what they got!

When an unholy alliance of anarchists (who want to see government totally dismantled), the very rich (who just want more and more) and those who have an ax to grind about some service that did not go their way โ€“ when all these people voted their worst impulses, we got what these groups wanted. And they got the power to get their way.

But clearly this bunch does not represent the great majority of Americans.

So they knew they had to find innumerable ways to pull the plug on all that has been accomplished by and for the people.

And since they could not come right out and admit to their greed for power and money and their disregard for the vast majority of Americans, they nibbled away at our democracy โ€“ and found themselves a champion (Trump) who would enjoy doing the dirty work. He’d get to fill his own pockets … and he will ultimately take the blame.

So our President went to meet Putin and did what he had to do. He reassured himself that the meddling on his behalf in our American elections will continue unabated, as he campaigns for re-election, and that Russian banks will lend him the money for yet another one of his money-losing ventures (since our banks will no longer fund these losers).

And of all the things that COULD have been at least discussed on behalf of you and me, none were taken up: no request to reduce our mutual atomic stockpiles, no discussion on how to end the killing in Syria, no plans to bring our peoples together for better understanding, no promotion of peaceful co-existence of the peoples around Russiaโ€™s borders โ€“ or even some sign that they may have legitimate FEARS about us and our friends.

No, all we got was the same toadying to rich dictators, denial of realities and self-serving behavior. And so the rich are richer, we are left holding the bag, paying more and more each year just on the interest on our ever-growing national debt, while those who do the actual work make less progress.

Is this really what we want to leave our children and grandchildren?