The soul-less, two-faced Joff Smith!

By Rosalie Tirella

What a joke to watch the state rep debate a few nights ago and see the programed Joff Smith LIE about how accessible he will be. Absolute bull shit. At the city council office he never ever had a personal cell available or even a home phone # – just work (where he never could be found).

This weasel doesn’t even like people – he is in love with himself. Which is why he is the political protege of alleged pedophile and voting fraud creep Paul Giorgio, a long time Worcester County Democrative operative whom the Dems should drop like a piece of shit.

But I digress … .

At the debate Joff Smith just screamed his canned answers – no thought behind them – and definitely no soul. We likes John Mahoney, Margot Barnet and even Don Sharry. Much nicer folks – and most likely anyone of them could do a better job than Smith.

Let us hope this savvy district doesn’t go the Reality TV route and just vote for Smith because he looks like every other buffed hunk on some low-life/low-talent reality TV show. Let’s hope they use their heads – and hearts.

But today I need to write about the CREEPY and MISLEADING mailer Smith sent to people who will be voting in the primary Sept. 14. Misleading and full of shit – just like Joff.

Example #1 – On his latest mailing the stupid Smith has his two strongest challengers – Margot Barnet and John Mahoney – in silouette. Actually, they are probably clip art but the ad copy that goes with each “pic” is sleazy. Joff is not bright enough to have thought of this trash al on his own. I wonder which political mentor thought up this last-minute mini-sleaze campaign?

Any ways, here’s what Joff says about challenger Margot Barnet: “Supported and funded by special interst groups and political insiders looking out for their own interests, while increasing your property taxes. She is also opposed to a bill that would create 15,000 new jobs in MA.”

Total mendacious bull shit and the lying Joff Shitty Smith knows this! First the bill to creat 15,000 jobs in Massachusetts in the Casino bill. Every one of the state rep candiates supports it – except Margot Barnet. Why because she believes – as we do at InCity Times – that casinos will”cannibalize” local economices. The owners of our own hanover Theatre have said they may as well shut down if a casion opens in Palmer. Barnet at the debate also spolke eloquently of the studies she’s read – studies that have studied New Jersey’s casinos and their effects on New Jersey cities and towns. The casinos have not increased biz to local businesses – but undermined them.

Possibly ruined local ecomonies. And let’s not forget the social costs. Go to Mohegan any night and you don’t see high rollers. You see working class and lower-middle class folks in their polyester-blend coats playing the slots just praying to hit it big. What about their rent, utility bills, even mortgages? Let’s not even begin to talk about addiction … .

My great state of Massachusetts is better than this! We have universities! We have hospitals! We have history, history, history and art! Why do we need to go down this low road that will ultimately hurt Worcester’s restaurants, clubs and theaters?

Example #2 : This is what Joff Smith says about John Mahoney. He “Is part of the group behind the movement to shift more of the property tax burden to the home owners,w hich will raise the average tax bill in our district by hundreds of dollars per year.”

What cynical bull shit, Joff! You really are pathetic! I don’t understand why half the political writers/commentators in this town aren’t dragging your skanky ass to the wood shed and giving you a good literary lashing!

Everyone knows that you speak with two tongues. One PRO Business and then you do shit for biz. If JOhn Mahoney is figuring on joining half the politically responsible folks who may want to consider raising property taxes on homes whose values were assessed higher than $250,000, at least he is honest. Everyone on the city council has met with Citziens for Business and they have said they are sick of the dual tax rate in Worceste rna dthings need to even out some so businesses will move to Worcester instead of places like Aubun and Shrewsbuy. No one is talking drastic step -a nd certainly no one wants to hurt the elderly or first time home buyers in the inner city/District 4. But doctors and lawyers, etc, in your nect of the woods could afford to pay a bit more in taxers and still have a shit load of dough.

You care nothing for them. In fact, you are banking on their stupidity and cupidity by screaming: TAXES! THEY WILL TAX YOU!

Let’s hope the folks in District 13 live up to their smarty pants reputations and don’t fall for the cynical lies and bull shit that you are spewing. You, Joff Smith, will say anything to get elected!


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