The T & G editorials: let the sliming begin!

By Rosalie Tirella

Well, we all know that the Telegram and Gazette has always been a Republican paper – from its inception, when the tight-assed Booths and Stoddards ruled its pages – to the present, where its true colors show most blatantly on its op-ed pages, specifically its editorials. New editorial writer Chris Sinocola is much more conservative than Robert French (and not as good a writer). So, of course, the Obama-bashing is beginning in earnest.

Take this morning’s T & G editorial, the writer (Sinocola, I presume) starts the fear mongering. Oh my! President Barack Obama MAY begin to tax the middle class! We watched a few Sunday talk shows and a few guys answered a few questions re: taxes rather nebulously. Mon Dieu! Call the guards! Call the exorcist! Here we go! TAX TIME! Beware all you regular folks – Obama is out to screw you!

Not so fast, dink-puss Sinocola! In your op/ed piece there is NOT ONE IOTA of proof that President Obama is going to shift the $ burden on America’s middle class – the folks that make $40,000 – $100,000 a year. Obama himself has said so! Again and again and again. He hasn’t even rolled back the Bush tax cuts for the rich! He should have put the kibosh on the Bush law that gives big tax breaks to people who make over $250,000. Instead, he is going to let that law fade: in 2010 he will not re-sign that STUPID Bush law. InCity Times is asking Obama to reinstate the President Bill Clinton tax brackets. Clinton left office – and left the American piggy bank with trillions of bucks in SURPLUS. He had to be doing something right!

But this is all lost on the stupid Sinocola. I ask you, Chris Sinocola, how do a few TV interviews make President Obama a bane to the middle class? He can’t even rescind/rollback the Bush tax breaks -breaks that clearly benefited the uber rich!

The TV shows Sinocola cites in his T & G editorial GAVE SINOCOLA NOTHING TO WRITE AN EDITORIAL AROUND! A few comments like: we may have to do something by a few Obama administration folks do NOT mean the middle class will be taxed to death. Unfortunately, the Obama foks’ tepid responses to the interviewers’ questions were the foundations that Sinocola built his T & G op ed on.

Why do the editorial writers at the T & G hate the middle class? They always have – and alway will.

If anything, President Obama is a panacea for all the shit former President George W. Bush has dumped on middle-class Americans. Bush took a BIG DUMP on all of us middle-class folks! And – as he reminded fat cats at a fund raiser, telling them they were his people (see the Michael Moore film “Farenheit 911” for this and other Bush “nuggets”), he was on the rich guys’ side all along.

He just did his lying with a smile, and people tended to believe him because they thought he was too stupid to be cunning.

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