The WPD sticks it to Haller; The police union and Joe O’Brien: a match made in hell

By Rosalie Tirella

I got my hands on some police union minutes – juicy stuff, when it comes to pols and which political candidates the police unions are backing.  The minutes of a recent meeting of IBPO Local 504 have the cops deciding to hell with District 4 City Counilor Barabara Haller who has worked with them to make Main South and the rest of the inner-city safer – to hell with her and onwards and upwards for Grace Ross, Haller’s opponent. becaise Ross will fund the Quinn Bill and more. The minutes (which are several pages long) state: “Grace Ross is running in District 4. She is totally pro-labor … .” Barbara Haller, according to the police union minutes, “filed an order requesting that the City Manager provide the [City] Council report explaining the steps necessary for the City Council to revise its 1987 vote [editor’s note, more like 2006!] relative to the Quinn Bill. President Cummings said that this means only one thing – that Barbara Haller has taken a posititon in direct opposition to our best interests. We need to work in the upcoming election to see that she is defeated.”

Who are these losers? And why do they work for Worcester?

Forget about an effective, intelligent city councilor who has sided with the cops when it comes to public safety (Haller). Dump her ASAP because she won’t give the cops millions of dollars when the city hasn’t got millions to give them. Haller wants to re-visit this whole Quinn Bill boondoggle – and the rest of the city does, too. Voters have no patience for police seargeants who make a salary of $150,000+  or cops who take $200 for a half hour paid detail work (their union says they have to get paid for a minimum of 4 hours work – even if they only stand in their spot for a half hour. $50 (their hourly rate) x 4 = $200. The Quinn Bill seems another way to extricate more dough from the taxpayers’ wallets.


Of course, the cops love Joe O’Brien – he is also going to give them the money they want. According to the minutes of the cops’ union meeting: “Joe O’Brien supports the adoption of Section 19. President Cummings said that he recenlty spoke with Joe O’Brien with the express purpose of learning his position on the Quinn Bill. Joe O’Brien expressed a commitment to honor our contract and pay the the Quinn Bill in full.”

Even more pathetic. It just shows you that police officers in Worcester feel their and their families votes can and MUST be bought – by all politicians, no matter how well they’ve worked with the police in the past and no matter how strongly they have supported the cops’ work in high-crime areas like Main South (we mean Barb Haller, guys!).

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