This just in from Bill Coleman🇺🇸 on our 19th B-day! Thank you, Billy😊!

Looking Back

By Bill Coleman

Bill and James Vets Homor Roll 4-28-16(2)-1
Bill at a community meeting several years ago.

I remember picking up my first copy of InCity Times 19 years ago – seems like the other day!

It was exciting to have another newspaper in the city of Worcester to compete with the telegram and Worcester magazine and many other newspapers that were coming about, but not challenging the status quo.

I had a feeling the passion of its founder, publisher/editor/chief salesperson/delivery gal Rosalie Tirella, would drive this publication – that this paper was going to be the one that had legs and would stick around. Why? Because of the way she would gather content and the feelings of a community who felt lost and abandoned … from the issues that kept them stifled in their willingness to speak out against neighborhood Injustices.

Oh, the established media types of the day and its writers didn’t give Rose a chance in the beginning! They thought she would fall flat and fail, but they didn’t know that this young woman with a passion in her heart for our Worcester Neighborhoods would fight and challenge the city’s status quo.

Rose went on the attack when they went after her personally, and those who are no more than faded journalistic names in a Dewey Decimal System in a library are not part of the conversation that we’re having in this community – our long history gone – but Rose is still here as a long established journalist who has successfully survived.

I have written many articles for InCity Times and have had welcome feedback from many segments in the Worcester community, some for its humor “What Makes You Happy, Worcester?” or “Mine is Bigger than Yours” and then, “Black Like Me Worcester,” a political history of the political involvement of Worcester and its Communities of color.

Bill’s cover story for ICT

This editorial space would never have been afforded by the mainstream media.

Today in our world we talk about finally ending racism and addressing the issues of police brutality, lack of job opportunities and affordable housing.

As we are grateful to have a voice in InCity Times and CECELIA newspapers and, we are even more grateful to have an editor – Rose – who understands the pulse of people’s heart and the climate in our communities, today 2020.

Through the publication of CECELIA and InCity Times newspaper and their above website, we have a permanent record of the events of our times – Worcester and the world. History will forever remind those in the future looking at what we did to improve the lives of people in our city neighborhoods.

InCity Times will be a part of that archive. Congrats, Rose, and thank you.

Today – CECELIA!