This just in! The Broadway restaurant on Water Street has made batches of homemade ice cream!

Nothing beats the Broadway’s just-made homemade Snickers ice cream. ย Or Smores ice cream. Or Salted Caramel ice cream! Or Pina Colada ice cream. Or Black Raspberry ice cream. Or Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. ย Or …

ย Head down to this Worcester culinary landmark today! It’s located at 100 Water St., Worcester!

You can’t see it here, in this pic I took last week, but I have a little pot belly.


ย Sigh. It will never disappear as long as I live two minutes away from the Broadway. It’s all the Broadway’s fault! It’s their HOMEMADE ice cream with its white chocolate chunks and cherries and brownie hunks … its their cheddar cheese-veggie omelettes bursting at their edges … all sirens to my InCity Times sailor soul!

– Rosalie Tirella