Thoughts on the Apollo 11 anniversary♥️🚀🌕 …

By Rosalie Tirella

… It’s got me thinking of “home” and what that little word means. I’ve watched the Apollo 11 adventure all over again – 50 years later! On a tiny computer-phone that the astronauts would have loved! Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the dry, grey lunar landscape (after he tentatively steps off that last lem ladder rung – 3 feet from the moon’s surface – thinking, I bet: CAN I CLIMB THE FUCK BACK IN?!). I loved re-watching the three astronauts – AMERICAN HEROES 🇺🇸♥️ – showing TV viewers back “home” how they prepare their supper, plastic-baggied chicken stew. Kinda freeze dried and clumpy and yellow mushy. Yum yum! they say to us all, so bravely! Fun! No wonder we kids back home, a half century ago, were enthralled and enjoyed drinking our TANG, just like the astronauts – it was their beverage of choice! Just add water to a teaspoon of the orange powder and BOOM! YOU’RE AN ASTRONAUT, TOO!

Last night, just like a little kid,
I snuggled under the covers and watched, on my cell phone, this ol’ ABC news program, below, on the Apollo 11 mission. So well done! The newscaster using words like “trammel” – not your basic stupid slutty-looking tv news guy or gal of today, set up as FB or YouTube click bait – but middle-aged, serious, drab, suit-wearing … JOURNALISTS! Like an early Dianne Sawyer or Barbara Walter – attractive women wearing ugly quasi man “suits” because it was SERIOUS STUFF, what they were doing – reporting the news.

So, as I was saying…Last night all the lights were out in my big ol’ shack, and my bedroom window was wide open with the draperies drawn so the cool night air could come in and bathe my old face, and the moon beams could pour in to caress Lilac’s snout and Cece’s body (she lies on my back or stomach at night time, purring…)…

And I watched the moon landing ABC TV news show thinking of HOME, NEIGHBORS …
pic: Rose T.

… and pondering the mystery of life. BEAUTY! Why would we want to fart around on the cold dead moon?

And yet the adventure WAS GLORIOUS!

Our beloved astronauts trying to be so nonchalant 200,000+ miles away from home in a tiny tinny moon capsule …

They did their tricks in their space home for us at home: earth, Massachusetts, Worcester, Quinsigamond Village…push-ups, somersaults, chin-ups. Easy in zero gravity! Not so easy at home!

What kind of music did they bring with them to the moon?


And how SCARED SHITLESS WERE THEY? Really?!?!? I’d pass out immediately and call it a mission!! Or did the astronauts – young, brilliant, cool, fit and beautiful, at their PEAK, in their late 30s – have THAT MUCH FAITH IN SCIENCE, THEIR ENGINEERS BACK IN HOUSTON … SCIENCE? Goddard and Galileo?

The years flowed home, back to me, as I learned more, then watched the astronauts all over again – take their cosmic chance one more time! “One giant leap for mankind” indeed!

Lovely, that whole week, this whole past week, watching when American genius, guts and poetry flowed effortlessly … together:

… and “HOME” was with our three heroes soaring through gorgeous infinity🌠💫💫⭐🌠🌠!!