Thousands from Mass. to attend “One Nation” rally in D.C., Sat., Oct. 2!

More than 60 Massachusetts buses to launch Friday in push for jobs, justice, and education for all!

Heeding a call to “demand the change we voted for” in 2008, thousands of people across Massachusetts are mobilizing for the One Nation Working Together march in Washington D.C. on Saturday, October 2, to call for jobs, justice, and quality public education for all!

More than 60 buses will depart from Massachusetts to the rally, including from Boston, Brockton, Canton, Cambridge, Cape Cod, Chelsea, Fall River, Greenfield, Plymouth, Lawrence, Lynn, Medford, New Bedford, Newburyport, Springfield, Worcester and more.

The Massachusetts buses depart Friday evening at 10 p.m. Demonstrators will travel overnight by bus to arrive at RFK Stadium Saturday morning, and will then travel by subway to the Noon – 4 pm rally at the Lincoln Memorial.

One Nation Working Together is a diverse and fast-growing movement of people from across America who have united behind an array of progressive principles and a central theme of building an American economy that delivers jobs, justice, and quality public education for working families.

“We are facing unprecedented economic and social challenges in this country,” says George Gresham, president of 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East, a One Nation Working Together partner. “Unemployment and recession, struggling public school systems, and recent attempts to take away basic civil and human rights compel us to come together and act,” he adds, “by demanding one million new jobs now. It is time we put aside our differences and focus on moving forward together, refocusing our country’s priorities on what is truly important – renewed and stepped up investments in our people.”

According to NAACP President Benjamin Jealous, also a One Nation Working Together partner, this movement represents the mosaic of ideas, ideals and backgrounds that is America. Jealous explains: “We are coming together – people of all faiths, nationalities, and races to demand that everyone have the opportunity to work at a good job, that every child be able to go to a great school, and that justice for all be a reality not just a promise. Our movement strives to make real the promise of America for everyone. On October 2nd, our voice for progress and hope will be raised in a clarion call. Our vision of unity and progress represents the true majority of Americans. It will ultimately prevail over those seeking to divide us and turn the clock back.”

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