Thursday🍳☕ wrap-up: Gordon H., Chef Joey, Rose, Worcester caring for kids + more! ♥️

First …

Outside my window: SPRING HAPPENED! LOOK AT THESE TREES in our backyard, THEIR “DARLING BUDS” aching to open:
🌷🌷pics: Rose T.

And yet, the clouds float in: Our president – Trump – and the federal government have failed us Americans! President Trump has not led America, has not used his powers to GET MANY 🇺🇸 factories making PPE, ventilators … He has PUT HIS NAME ON RELIEF CHECKS! He has not HELPED AVERAGE AMERICANS in a timely fashion – all aid given piecemeal and grudgingly.

TRUMP LIES TO US! … We Worcesterites must follow the directives of Worcester Mayor Petty and CM Ed Augustus, NYC Mayor de Blasio, governors Cuomo and Baker – and our own Dr. Hirish!

Please! Shelter in place:
Try to eat well!

Stay active around the house – create a schedule, create chores:

Try to smile thru the tears!:

And when you go out for your necessities, wear a facial mask in crowded spaces like supermarkets, buses, the pharmacy …
Rose’s facial mask – handsewn for her by her art director♥️


Rose caught up with FRIENDLY HOUSE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Gordon Hargrove …

Gordon and Tim Garvin, President & CEO of United Way
Gordon, left, and Tim Garvin, director of the UNITED WAY OF CENTRAL MASS.

Gordon is on the frontlines of Worcester’s COVID 19 FIGHT, working to provide meals to our hungry kids and families and providing ANYBODY with emergency food during these challenging COVID 19 days.
Gordon P. Hargrove

He told us ALL WOO’S FOOD INSECURE KIDS ARE BEING FED at city feeding sites. Here are places and times:

Friendly House’s Feeding sites!:

Site, Name, Location, Starting time to End time, in the a.m. and lunch time:

10:30 a
11:00 a
Vernon Hill Park
87 Providence
11:15 a
11:45 a

Greenwood Park
14 Forsberg St
12:00 p
12:30 p

Logan Field
539 Mill St
12:45 p
1:15 p

Bannis Field
Dorcester St

10:30 a
11:00 a

Lake Park
281 Lake Ave
11:15 a
11:45 a

East Park
Shrewsbury St
12:00 p
12:30 p

University Park
965 Main St

12:45 p
1:15 p

Grant Square Park
Corner of Windsor & North Hampton
1:30 p
1:45 p

Castle Park
965 Main St

11:30 a
11:45 a

16 Laurel St
12:30 p
1:00 p

161 West Mountain
11:30 a
12:00 p

Kids Klub
180 Constitution Ave/GBV
11:30 a
12:00 p

45 Freedom Way
12:00 p
12:30 p

Friendly House
36 Wall St
12:00 p
12:30 p

Autumn Woods
16 Upland Gardens
12:00 p
12:30 p

South Worcester Neighborhood
47 Camp Street
1:45 p
2:00 p

Green Island
50 Canton Street

♥️♥️♥️And the Friendly House, Quinsigamond Village, South Worcester Neighborhood Center, Plumley Village and Grern Island FOOD PANTRIES ARE OPEN AND GIVING EMERGENCY FOOD PACKAGES to ANYONE IN NEED!!:

Friendly House, 36 Wall Street, 508-755-4362
Monday – Friday 9am-5pm

Quinsigamond Village Community Center, 16 Greenwood St., 508-755-7481
Monday-Thursday 9:30am – 3pm Fridays emergencies – call first

Plumley Village, 16 Laurel St, 508-755-3989
Tuesdays 9am-4pm and Friday 12pm-4pm

South Worcester Neighborhood Center, 47 Camp St., 508-757-8344
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9:30am-1:30pm, Wednesday 11:30am-1:30pm

Green Island Neighborhood Center, 50 Canton St., 508-890-2737
Wednesday 11am-2pm, Thursday 1pm-4pm

👏👏👏Thank you to supporters: Worcester County Food Bank, Project Bread and Worcester Together!!!👏👏

🌷🌷🌷And … Great news! Gordon told us A NEW REFRIGERATED FOOD-DELIVERY VAN has just been donated to the City of Worcester FEEDING OUR KIDS food program!! A big thank you to City of Worcester Health and Human Services Director Dr. Mattie C. and the Health Foundation of Worcester for making this VAN-GIFT🚐🚐🚐 a REALITY!♥️


Easy Recipe …

☀️YOU CAN USE VEGAN CHICKEN CRUMBLES for this recipe – BUY A BAG AT TRADER JOES ON RT 9, SHREWSBURY. Trader Joes has a lot of MOCK MEATS that are very tasty – and CRUELTY-FRER!
– Rose

🇫🇷From Chef Joey …


Text + pics by Chef Joey

Gigi’s dad!😊

By my before and after pictures – during France’s COVID 19 quarantine – I’ve noticed a slight tightening of my waist. So, as a result, I’m doing Fairview Days, and one of them is my favorite: lettuce wraps:


They are incredibly easy to make, fast and low-calorie.

You need:

one onion

one clove of garlic

same size piece of ginger as the clove, peeled and added to the chicken

1/2 chicken breast

Boston lettuce

and a scallion

For condiments, you’ll need:

a little sunflower oil

soy sauce

some rice vinegar

What you do: chop the onions and garlic and place in a frying pan.

With a tablespoon of sunflower oil and add 3 tbsp rice vinegar.


Sauté over a low to medium heat.

In the meantime, place the ginger and chicken in your food processor and mix well. Add to the onion mix.

Add a touch more heat and stir until cooked.

Sprinkle with some soy sauce, and when the chicken is cooked you are done!

Place in a bowl and garnish with some chopped scallions.




Rake the whole leaves of the Boston lettuce off, rinse them off. Pat them dry, put them in a bowl and serve! Enjoy!