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Liberty or License?

By Edith Morgan

Are there limits to everything in life? Should there be?

When I was growing up, it was made very clear to me and my brother there was a framework or limit to everything in life: We had rights, but they were not unlimited, and each carried responsibilities with it, if we wanted to exercise them.

But there came a time in our country when I heard more and more about rights and less about responsibility. Even now, I still hear, especially among the very young, “I know my rights!!” But rarely do I hear “I will take full responsibility if I do this!”

While we hear our leaders (and their most vocal followers) insist loudly what their rights and privileges are, we hear a lot less about the duties and responsibilities that are attached to these rights.

And as we discuss the need for “civics” education in our schools, this might be a great time to go back and look at the rights we all assume we all have.

The Bill of Rights, the first 10 amendments to our Constitution, enumerates certain rights that we consider basic to individuals, states and certain groups. It would be a good idea if every American at least yearly reviewed these, and then, after careful consideration, see how they apply to our daily lives or our functioning as citizens. We have a lot of freedoms spelled out there – but over time it has become clear to us that none are “license” to do whatever we wish, without limit. Real freedom or liberty always assumes that there are either legal or societal or customary limits that everyone follows.

Just because we have freedom of speech does not give anyone license to say everything he/she wishes, as we have had to create limits (libel and slander laws) on those who would harm others with their words. And most of the time, we watch what we say and write, for it is always good to “keep your words soft and gentle, for some day you may have to eat them.” As teachers often have to remind pupils: “Get your brain in gear before you run your mouth.” And with modern instant media, watch what you send out in words or pictures because it can travel around the world in seconds – and come back at you in unexpected ways at unexpected times.

And the limits of our freedoms are constantly being re-written, as technology expands the reach of each of us. The gun dispute is a great example: The Second Amendment gives us the right to bear arms, but in the absence of “well-regulated militias” – a restriction so often ignored nowadays in America.

In a nation riddled with more than 50 different armed services of all kinds, do we really need to have every citizen armed to the teeth?

Is our government really out to do us in, so that we need to defend ourselves?

And, of course, it is high time for us to seriously explore our economy: Is it fair?

Do those who work the hardest, contribute the most, and are most valuable to the country, get paid the most? Obviously not.

It’s time to once again look at our laws and see if they are really promoting our freedoms and if our society is really giving us reasonable parameters within which to use our freedoms so that everyone can enjoy a fair share.



Play ball!!!! file photos by Ron O’Clair

By Ron O’Clair

South Worcester Sports is a non-profit youth organization that holds summer sports activities for under privileged youth at the corner of Cambridge and Camp streets, at what was known back in my days as Maloney’s Field.

Tom L’Ecuyer is one of the event organizers who doubles as a coach and does many things to help the children year round, raising funds to ensure the children have a great summer. Tom holds Meat Raffles at the Vernon Hill Post with all proceeds going towards the costs associated with youth baseball, uniforms, equipment etc. that otherwise would have to be provided by the participants or their families, many of whom simply can’t afford it.

Tom L’Ecuyer, South Worcester Sports co-founder and president,
outside the teams’ concession stand in Maloney Field.

Tom now has an office located in the South Worcester Neighborhood Center building on Camp Street, located next to the fields thanks to the generosity of center Executive Director Ronald Charette. There Tom can better manage all the South Worcester Sports scheduling, fundraising and even interview interested parents who wish to enroll a child in the program.

There are numerous people who sponsor teams each year, one of whom has sponsored two teams since they began in 2013: Worcester Lawyer Michael Walsh who now lives in Miami, Florida, and went to school with Tom L’Ecuyer.

State Representative Dan Donahue helps out the program, having actually helped build the first St. Patrick’s Day Parade Float right there on Camp Street, as well as being a financial contributor.

There are many other sponsors. Here are the facts from Tom L’Ecuyer himself:

Hi Ron,

I hope this finds you well. Thank you for coming out to the field to witness the great things we do for the children of our neighborhood. Also thank you for the coverage!!

South Worcester Sports started in the fall of 2012 with an idea and a lot of passion to help rebuild Maranville Baseball at Harry Sherry Field. We began with free baseball clinics at Harry Sherry Field corner of Cambridge and Camp Streets, for children ages 7 through 12 to help us evaluate the amount of interest and participation of the children in our community. The results were quite positive. We began with six T-ball teams, ages 4 through 6, to play during the fall season of 2013. We began our inaugural spring T-Ball and Baseball (AA Division ages 7 through 9 and AAA Division ages 10 through 12) season in May 2014 with 10 T-Ball teams, 6 AA Division teams and 4 AAA Division teams little to no cost to the children. Fast forward to May 2018 we have 8 T-Ball teams, 5 AA Division teams and 5 AAA Division teams. Due to the success of our inaugural baseball program we partnered with the Sacred Heart Saint Catherine Parish youth basketball program and we also started a fall soccer program which has proven to be successful as well.

The out pouring of generosity and donations for team sponsorships from local businesses, such as Randell’s Check Cashing, Vernon Hill American Legion, Sacred Geart Church and so many more …


NEW South Worcester Sports logo


We are providing you with the opportunity to not only promote your business but to provide children the ability
to become part of a safe and organized baseball league at no cost to the child. Together with your help we can make children’s dreams of playing baseball in South Worcester a reality!

Your sponsorship will allow us to work together to provide children of South Worcester the opportunity to play organized baseball at no COST to the child in their own neighborhood! In addition to allow the children to play baseball, you have the opportunity to promote your business in a highly visible, high traffic area at a much lower cost than using any advertising

Depending on the level of your sponsorship selection, you could have your business name on a sign on the baseball field fence, your own company named uniformed team, even your company name on the scoreboard!

We offer several levels of sponsorship packages to fit all budgets. The following describes the levels of sponsorship fees and what is included in eachsponsorship package.

⚾The Single $250

Team sponsorship, Your Company’s name on a team uniform OR your Company’s name on a 2×4 foot sign posted on the baseball field
fence. Plaque with team picture given to the sponsor at the end of the season. Recognition at Opening Day Parade/Ceremony

⚾The Double $500

Team sponsorship, Your Company’s name on a team uniform. Your company’s name on a 2×4 foot sign posted on the baseball field
fence. Recognition at Opening Day Parade/Ceremony

⚾The Triple $750 Option for sponsorship of 2 years at discounted rate!

Team sponsorship, Your Company’s name on a team uniform. Your company’s name on a 2×4 foot sign posted on the baseball field
fence. Plaque with team picture given to the sponsor at the end of the season. Recognition at Opening Day Parade/Ceremony

⚾The Home Run $1000 Option for sponsorship of 3 years at discounted rate!

Team sponsorship, Your Company’s name on a team uniform. Your company’s name on a 2×4 foot sign posted on the baseball field
fence. Plaque with team picture given to the sponsor at the end of the season. Recognition at Opening Day Parade/Ceremony

We appreciate any and all donations! Please call for more information!

Thank you for your consideration,

Tom L’Ecuyer
Co-Founder President
South Worcester Sports

Phone 508-754-9554


PLEASE “like” us

Follow us on Twitter @southworcsports


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