Tiger King is toast! … PPE masks in Woo … + more🎶

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A big Thank You♥️ to my art director for sewing me – by hand♥️ – this beautiful facial mask!:

Face Masks are PPE ALL WORCESTER SMALL AND BIG BIZ EMPLOYEES MUST NOW WEAR if they deal with the public – per City of Worcester/City Manager Ed AUGUSTUS. Ed is also recommending all Worcesterites wear facial masks in crowded places where we can’t always social distance – like supermarkets and drugstores.

… Wow. Gov. Charlie Baker refuses to give hazard pay to State of Mass hospital workers! (He’s ok’d the pay raise for nurses and medical paraprofessionals in public/state hospitals through out Massachusetts.) But the other folks – often minorities – are left out! Yet these workers are ESSENTIAL, too. Essential workers at UMass, Memorial, Family Health Center and Hahnemann hospital – they sweep the hospital floors, wash the floors, wash the windows, sanitize the inside of elevators, wash stairwells, empty the trash or sit behind the cash registers at the hospitals’ cafeteria (food handlers/cooks work for a subcontractor) or work at the hospital gift stores. These workers RISK THEIR HEALTH, THEIR LIVES, AS THEY WORK TO create a safe and sterile environment for all patients and medical staff – they INTERACT WITH THE DOCS AND NURSES IN THE CAFETERIA, throughout the hospital, during this global pandemic. Why can’t we pay them $5 more an hour? Or at the very least an additional $3? They are making little more than minimum wage now! And they are essential workers – in the thick of COVID 19!! WHY NOT RESPECT THEM FOR DOING VITAL WORK – KEEPING OUR HOSPITALS CLEAN AND SANITIZED. Keeping people safe. Helping to save lives … Gov. Baker: Pay these workers a hazard pay rate DURING this awful PANDEMIC – pay them this rate for four months … six months … a year. Or two.

– Rose T.


A recap, from PETA.ORG:

Tim Stark of ‘Tiger King’ Just Lost a USDA Appeal — We’re Not Surprised

Published February 7, 2020, by PETA. Last Updated April 13, 2020.

Two months after a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) order revoking notorious animal exhibitor Tim Stark‘s license and requiring him and his shoddy facility, Wildlife in Need, to pay a combined $340,000 in civil penalties, Stark just lost his appeal in the USDA administrative lawsuit against him and his roadside zoo.

Abusers – and murderers

PETA applauds the judgment – Stark has encouraged patrons to hit tiger cubs, swing and toss monkeys by their tails and hips during public encounters, and he bludgeoned a leopard to death with a baseball bat. HE SHOULD NOT HAVE a federal Animal Welfare Act exhibitor’s license.

Stark has 60 days to appeal the USDA’s ruling to a federal court, and in the meantime, PETA is continuing to call for the animals in his custody to be transferred to reputable facilities — and urging everyone to stay away from roadside zoos.

Originally published February 7, 2020:

After years of PETA action, another animal abuser is in serious trouble. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) just issued an order to revoke notorious animal exhibitor Tim Stark‘s license permanently and ordered him and his sham “sanctuary,” Wildlife in Need, to pay a total of $340,000 in civil penalties — $40,000 of which was assessed against Stark individually. The issue will go into effect 35 days after the date of the order if Stark and Wildlife in Need don’t appeal.


Stark is well known to animal advocates and the USDA. The agency filed an administrative lawsuit against Wildlife in Need (based in Charlestown, Indiana), alleging more than 120 willful violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act between 2012 and 2016. These include when Stark instructed patrons to hit big-cat cubs during “Tiger Baby Playtime” events, swung and tossed monkeys by their tails and hips during public encounters, and bludgeoned a leopard to death with a baseball bat.

The court also found that he went months without an attending veterinarian and provided a USDA inspector with an official document bearing the forged signature of a veterinarianwho hadn’t been the facility’s attending vet in years. Numerous animals died at the facility of preventable causes, including a kangaroo and three otters who were denied veterinary care, big-cat cubs who were declawed and later died of their injuries, and 41 animals who died in a fire.

“The USDA has effectively cut Stark off at the knees, preventing him from continuing to torment and exploit vulnerable lemurs, sloths, dogs, and other animals for a quick buck,” says PETA Foundation Director of Captive Animal Law Enforcement Brittany Peet. “PETA looks forward to seeing this terrible place shut down and the animals moved to reputable facilities where they’ll never again be used for photo ops.”

The ruling is a historic victory for animals. PETA is pressing forward with our pending Endangered Species Act (ESA) lawsuit against Stark and Wildlife in Need, aiming to get endangered and threatened animals out of his hands and into reputable facilities.

PETA won a preliminary injunction early in the case that prevents Stark from carrying out abusive activities — including declawing big cats, prematurely separating cubs from their mothers without medical necessity, and holding “Tiger Baby Playtime” events, in which cubs can be subjected to hours of direct contact with the public — while the case is being decided. A second PETA lawsuit against the sham sanctuary’s attending veterinarian resulted in a first-of-its-kind agreed-upon ruling holding that declawing ESA-protected big cats without medical necessity violates the ESA.

We’ll continue working until every animal at Wildlife in Need is in a reputable facility.





This past Saturday: CAMBRIDGE STREET, empty playground (brand new, too!) and park:
pic: Rose T.


Happy Birthday, Loretta Lynn! I saw her with the old beau several years ago in Webster. She was in her 70s – and still sounded INCREDIBLE. She wore this hot red taffetta gown, and when she sat in her chair to sing, it puffed up all around her creating this tomato effect. Beautiful♥️
– Rose T.