To set the record straight …

The odious Worcester Wonderland blogger, Claude Dorman of 38 Sever St., claimed we endorsed political candidates on this website on Wed. – the day after election – and then changed the date on this website. FALSE. We endorsed folks on Tuesday afternoon because our day was very hectic. The same political endorsements were printed in InCity Times, the newspaper, a week or so BEFORE election. So people know where we stood.

Also: I have pushed for Latino/minority representation/candidates in the City of Worcester for years – since I began ICTimes 12 and a half years ago. My readers know this. Also: D 4 City Councilor Sarai Rivera and I had lunch at the end of summer and even though we may never be best buds, we agree on ALL or MOST of the issues that matter to District 4. Again the vile Claude lies.

And finally, this website gets 2,000-plus unique visitors a month. Not the number Claude threw out. Again lies by someone who hates everything Worcester.

We go out of our way to do the right thing and work so hard… Cyberbullies like Claude Dorman and Brendan Melican and Mike Benedetti (these two guys are liberal versions of Claude Dorman) have been dogging us for years – but we always come back at them. And because Melican works for gubernatorial candidate Grossman, I KNOW I CAN NEVER VOTE FOR GROSSMAN. To have a cyberbully, smart-ass creep like Melican working for him makes me think … Grossman’s a creep, too. Martha Coakley, you have this Dem’s support!

We hear the Paulie posse is hard at work to determine where Claude’s wife works – to inform her boss of this couple’s nefarious cyber activities, no doubt! Can’t these creeps be stopped?????

– R. Tirella

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