Today is Earth Day! 🌎β™₯️, Rose, Michael + more🎢





Today – April 22 – is Earth Day!

It’s the perfect time to slow down, reflect on how our actions impact the planet, and consider the ways in which we can do more.

Maybe this year, you’ll plant a garden, volunteer to do a coastal cleanup, or attend a local festival.

Whatever you choose, here are five easy actions that you can incorporate into your day that will help animals and the planet:

🌎1. EarthDay2014-Social-WaterMilk-900-V2-768x768
Save water!

Let your friends and family know that while dairy products may not be meat, their production is just as bad for the Earth (not to mention cows).

🌍2. Bring a vegan dish to the office to share with coworkers:

With hundreds of delicious vegan recipes on our site, PETA.ORG, we’re sure that there is something for even the most skeptical palate.

🌍3. Print/MAKE this sign and put it in your car window:

Why not use your time while you’re sitting in traffic to let others know just how detrimental eating meat is?

🌍4. Share the Cowspiracy trailer and host you own moo-vie party:

The more people who see this vitally important film, the faster we can save animals, people, AND the planet.

🌍5. Go vegan:

According to the United Nations, a global shift toward a vegan diet is necessary to combat the worst effects of climate change.

Whatcha waitin’ for?



Life was more “basic” in Worcester way back when my Bapy and Auntie, pictured here, …

… lived in Green Island, in The Block, on Bigelow Street. They cooked all the family’s meals from scratch – often using mushrooms, blueberries and fish that my Polish immigrant grandfather, “Jaju,” picked/caught in the wilds of Worcester! My high school friend’s mom, a Polish immigrant, still made everything from scratch for her family – noodles, rolls, pierogi, gawompki – many Polish meals. And pizza!!!! Very tasty! As a teen, I ate many a meal in that grand three decker on Vernon Hill!!

We kids – real young to teens – walked everywhere. To see friends. To play whiffle ball, tag, Red Rover, double dutch, Chinese jumprope, hopscotch, marbles … When we got older we took a bus downtown to meet our pals and hang out at “Worcester Center” – the big mall, The Galleria, next to Notre Dame church (always full to capacity on Sunday)! A Galaxy of fun in The Galleria: record stores, clothing shops, shoe stores, a five and ten and our fave – Orange Julius!!

We did SIMPLE, BASIC STUFF – like read books and magazines, listen to our albums on record players … We learned how to play a musical instrument … We joined the Providence Street Junior High School Chorus – led by our beloved – THE ICONIC β™₯️ – Miss Avedikian! Everyone’s favorite teacher, she was adorable – only 4′ 10″ high but, boy, could she keep the big tough boys in line! And she got them singing! She hugged everybody! All the time! She knew many of us kids were deprived … city kids in need of music and love! And so much more! She was our ally and booster – this little lady who needed a booster seat for her desk chair. This little lady, dressed impeccably, her little legs dangling from a kid’s desk chair!

THIS EARTH DAY, LET US LEARN FROM THIS PANDEMIC and LOVE THE BASIC and simplify, simplify, simplify!

– Rose T.🌎🌍β™₯️🎢🎢

written by BLAZE FOLEY!: