Today we caught up with Piedmont’s Chris Bettencourt – owner of The Raven …


… club on Pleasant Street. The side wall of his club will soon be home to a  WONDERFUL mural painted by artist Susan Champeny!!!  An artist who always INCLUDES THE REGULAR FOLKS OF THE COMMUNITY! The mural will depict the musical figures and history of the neighborhood’ s CONGRESS ALLEY!!

If you want to help Susan with her mural and be a part of this mammoth, cool, cool inner-city project stop on down to the RAVEN this WEEKEND – Saturday and Sunday, 3 – 6 p.m. You’ll see Susan work … she first puts her mural onto parachute material …you can help her or watch her paint …  learn a lot! Have FUN!

Chris is the nicest guy you wanna meet! He is totally invested in the hood, waiting for a true Piedmont renaissance!

He is hoping to put on a concert starring some of the Woo folks of the 1960s and 1970s who made Congress Alley rock back in the day! Now Noho singer Roger Salloom and ol’ ICT contributing writer Jack Hoffman are gonna be asked to lend their talents! If you are interested in helping to plan this musical celebration, talk to Chris!

Check it all out this weekend!

(note: Chris is still waiting for the City of Worcester to issue him easement rights, etc.  Hurry up, Woo!)        – Rosalie Tirella


Chris! Sept. 3, 2014